Help to identify this movie sound clip

Can anyone identify this movie sound clip? Need to know the name of the movie. It’s for a radio quiz (that’s why it’s so short!). Atleast whose voice is it? Thx 4 help!

I can’t really help you as I have no idea but is the voice saying “what ti…”? At first I was hearing “what type” then “what time”.

thx 4 comment. Some others told me it sounds like “what can i” … not sure though. Anyone who can somehow recognize this bit (movie/voice), pls help me … Thx.

I agree, it’s “What can I…” I don’t recognize the voice or the film, though.

The quiz is over. The answer is De-Lovely (movie). Kevin Kline (voice) “What can i do to help?”

Why did you post this again today in another thread? I wound up reporting it as spam, as it seems quite suspicious.