Help: what VOIP service for home

We are moving and decided to go with a Voice over Internet service for the phone, mainly because rates seem better than the other providers. Unfortunately, the local cable internet provider does not have a solution, so I was wondering whether anybody can share good/bad stories about some providers.

This is for VOIP telephony only, as no provider has a bundled cable access in the area (local monopoly for some reason that I will try to track down once we have actually moved in). The cable has 3M down and 512 up, so bandwidth should be OK (assuming not too many other folks are sitting on the same cable).

My research so far shows Vonage as affordable and helpful, ATT as expensive, Covat as business only, and many small VOIP as big question marks.

Please share positive and negative experiences freely. We typically have a good mix of local, long distance, and international calls.

Oh, and I know about the general issues (power outage, 911 calls etc.).


You might want to check out these reviews from DSLReports members:

Basically, Vonage seems to be the best overall value.

I personally use IConnecthere, which is lacking in features, but the absolute cheapest available in my area.

I was just checking out the vonage site and I’m thinking about doing this.

One question: After the regular rate what other taxes are added? any?

Currently none, but the various states are trying to collect from VOIP providers as more and more tax revenue is being lost.

Thanks, that a helpful site. One more question: What is QoS? It seems to have something to do with the router (I am using a 2 year old linksys router: good/bad/indigfferent?).



QoS = Quality of Service. This is one thing that traditional phone companies can guarantee, but most VOIP companies can’t because they don’t have any control over the wiring that goes into your house, or the uptime of your ISP.