Help with Apple Music

I have a Mac WorkBook, and an iPhone. Up until yesterday, I had a music library on both, with lots of songs, lots of playlists.

I decided to give AppleMusic a try. And now, I still have all the songs and playlists on the Mac, but the only music on my phone are under “Purchased”. All the playlists are gone.

What’s really odd: when I plug the phone into the Mac, under Devices I see my phone and all the missing playlists. But if try to copy a Mac playlist to the phone Device, I get a message saying that I can’t because (reasons).

I realize that the idea of AppleMusic is that the music lives in the cloud and not necessarily on the phone, which is nice…but I really don’t want to manually re-create dozens of playlists containing thousands of songs. What do I do?

Sounds like some sort of error.

I would try:

Sign out of iCloud, sign back in, then turn on iCloud Music Library in the Settings for “Music”; it’s my understanding this option only appears if you have Apple Music.

I assume that I do this sign out/sign in on the Mac WorkBook, right? (and unfortunately I’m now at work, and the Mac is home)

I also want to make sure that none of the physical copies of music on the WorkBook disappears without a trace. I’m not fully committed to AppleMusic forever, and wouldn’t want to lose anything should I change my mind down the road.

No, on the phone. The playlists still exist on the Mac, correct?

Nothing on your Mac will get deleted unless you delete it.

Has your library uploaded to iCloud?

I don’t think so. How can I tell?

I think I may have found the problem … “Use AppleMusic” was checked on the iPhone but not on the Workbook. Updates in progress… will report back.

Is this step necessary ?

Probably not strictly necessary. AIUI, AppleMusic merges your personal library with theirs. You can optionally keep a copy of all your songs on your device, or just stream theirs to free up storage on yours.

I seem to be OK now, once I set the check boxes on both the Mac and the phone. It took a while for everything to appear on the phone, but it’s all there now.