Help with Athlete's Foot

So first of all, I have not seen my Dr. about this. I read that Athlete’s foot can normally be taken care of with over the counter products.

I am a Boy Scout leader and early July was my troops week at summer camp. I have never worn any type of shoe or “flip flop” in the camp shower, and have never had a problem. But this year, the day after I came home from camp I noticed a red rash on the bottoms of my feet. I googled pictures of athlete’s foot, and it looked like that was it. The next day I started using Lotrimin AF cream on my feet two to three times a day, using Great Value brand lysol spray on my shoes and on the tub after showers, and washing my feet in the tub with soap and water after work (I usually shower before bed) and drying my feet with a blow dryer. The rash quickly went away, but was replaced by flaky skin. (as a side note, for years I have had dry skin on my feet, but this was much, much worse) I looked at more pictures of athlete’s foot, and that too looked like it. And through all this, my feet never itched or burned at all. The only indications of AF were visual.

When the first tube of Lotrimin AF cream ran out I replaced it with store brand that had the same ingredients.

After three weeks the flaky skin was still present. I then also began using Lotrimin AF powder morning, night and when I put on fresh socks through the day. And continuing to wash my feet after work, and using AF cream, and everything else.

So, almost three weeks ago, all signs of AF were gone. I set a date of this past Friday to be the last day of treatment. So, sunday night, no visual signs of AF, but I felt a very mild itching and very mild burning on my feet. And I do mean very mild. I almost think it might just be in my head. But, this morning I started treating my feet for AF again.

I am at a loss. If it keeps up, I guess i’ll need to call my Dr.

If this is in the wrong forum, please move it. And I know that medical problems are best left to Doctors, but I figure Athlete’s foot is so minor and so common that advice and be sought here.

Thank you for any ideas.

It can take a long time to find out what works. It took me years before I finally got rid of it. Try all the various formulations. I didn’t really keep track of the different active ingredients very well, I just kept trying different ones when the redness came back. I think it was the generic Lamasil that finally worked for me.


I tried a bunch of OTC creams as well as various alternative remedies (borax, bleach, listerine, etc).

What finally fixed it was putting vics vaporub on my feet at night before bed (then putting a sock on), and spraying my feet and toes with anti perspirant in the morning. That seemed to take care of it.

Vinegar soaks worked for me.

If you have athlete’s foot remember to put on your socks before you put on your underwear. Athlete’s foot and jock itch are the same thing.

I’d think vice versa?

Tinea pedis vs tinea cruris, and ringworm is also the same thing. It’s all fungus and it all sucks.

My Son uses diaper rash cream between his toes and only wears white socks. It’s been a battle since he was deployed to Afghanistan.

ETA brand of cream is ButtPaste.

There’s a great foot soak for athletes food, it cured mine.

But I still powder my feet before putting on socks.

Urinating on and between my toes before a shower has always been the most successful method for me. If that doesn’t work, I resort to some prescription strength triamcinolone that I got for a contact rash years ago.

But one thing which has never clearly worked for me are the store-bought topical creams.


Medical advice goes in IMHO. Moving.

Okay. No one else will say it. I will, eeeewwww!

Tried the vinegar soak, the Listerine soak, the Vicks Vapo-rub remedy, plus the various OTC treatments. Nada. Bupkis.

Finally, I got some prescription from a podiatrist, which for fun was accompanied by chronic diarrhea and liver issues. For six fucking months, one pill a day. Did I mention the chronic diarrhea?

Eventually, it slowly, finally worked.

You think peeing on your foot can kill off something that can stand up to all that?

I thought the same as you at first, but then I realized it’s not about what you do with your hands. The point is to cover your disgusting, contagious feet with socks before you slide your underwear over them on the way to your crotch. For extra credit, you might consider washing your hands between putting your socks on and putting your underwear on.

You don’t see this anymore, but it says you can buy online. This works!

Or, alternately, put your underwear on over your head.

I had a bout with it in high school, Desenex powder eventually took care of it. Fungal infections are a pain in the dupa; IIRC antibiotics don’t work since fungal cell structure is too similar to ours.

The ingredient you are looking for is Tolnaftate. You can buy it at a lot of the usual places the sell a large variety of OTC drugs. Tinactin is a standard brand, but generics are cheaper.

I had an ex that used to bleach soak and wire brush it…I do not recommend this as a treatment, but he said it worked.

Not on your feet!