Help With Billy Idol Video

Hi teeming millions!

Have a question I need your help on. I’m currently dating a gal that tells me that she was the model in Billy Idol’s “White Wedding” video.

I need help in locating the credits for that video, to see if she’s pulling my leg or not.

Can anyone help?


Which model?

The bride was played by Perri Lister, Billy Idol’s partner of 10 years.

That video was shot in 1982…

I don’t know how old either you or this woman are, but is she old enough for this to be true? I mean, that was 23 years ago…

Yes. Unless she means she was one of the back-up dancers in black vinyl.

If she was one of the dancers in black vinyl she had a fine ass. If She’s kept herself in shape these 23 years, she might still.