Help with car needed

I’m not sure if this is the right forum or not. I’m having a car problem and I’m not sure if there’s anything I can do, or if I have to take it in.

I have a 92 Honda Civic, as I pulled into my apartment complex this evening, the key wouldn’t pull out of the ignition switch. The car is in park and everything. I can turn the car on, and power it back down, but the key won’t come out.

I poked around for a key unlock or something and couldn’t find anything. I googled around a bit as well and can’t seem tof ind anything. Anybody know of anything, or am I pretty much SOL?

That used to happen to me in my 1987 Honda CRX but I’ll be danged if I remember what fixed it. I do remember it was something simple. If I can remember I’ll get back to you.

sounds like one or more of the tumbler pins is stuck. Try some lock de-icer (even though it isn’t cold out) as a lubricant. Do lots of wiggling and jiggling. Then move the key around. :eek: If that doesn’t work, and since you can start the car, drive it to a lock smith/auto shop. Sit and wait; eat a stale donut and drink luke warm coffee in their smelly waiting area. Pay the man and then drive home. (or something like that.)

We’ve had that problem rarely in our Saturn: the steering wheel lock is not engaged, so the key won’t come out.

Solution: after turning the car off, turn your steering wheel back-and-forth; it should engage the lock. Remove key.

You’re welcome.

My VW had a similar problem. Even after the steering wheel locked, if it had pressure on it to one side or the other the key would not come out. Needed to move the wheel just a little bit and it came right out.

Well, some ignition locks require you to press a little button next to it to get the key out, but I don’t think Honda ever used that. Plus, you’d probably know if that was the case. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys.

I’m thinking Mooney may have been correct. I drove to work this morning and when I got here, it pulled out like there had never been a problem. :confused:

The funny thing is I tried jiggling the steering wheel last night and it didn’t seem to do anything. Maybe I didn’t do it enough. I’ll keep that in mind if it happens again.

Coldfire: I used to have a Ford that had a little release button. Biggest pain in the rear, ever!

Thanks for the responses…

My uncle had this exact problem with a 94 Cherokee… He had resorted to leaving one key in there and carrying a second one to unlock the doors. On many cars (with AT) you can only remove the key when the shifter is in park or neutral. For some reason, the cable that engaged this “feature” wasn’t working properly. I found that a solid wack to the side of the shifter (on the button) would make it engage. I encouraged him to get a mechanic to check the tension on that cable.

Screeme, a key has two sides & can usually can be used with either side, maybe you should remember which side works best & use that one…

I have also heard that heavy keychains are not good on the ignition switch. If you have a heavy one lighten the load a little. Or get one where you can pull apart from the key that is actually in the ignition. I used to have all kinds of crap on my keychain, but since I heard that I quit.

I had the nearly the same problem with my 98 Civic. After inserting the key I couldn’t turn it until I cranked the wheel all the way to the right or left.

We are currently having that problem with our Saturn as well.

Sometimes if you move the base of the steering column while turning the key it will remove itself.

happened on my chevy once, when I got the key out the lock innards came out too. I needed a new cylinder.

Yeah, one car I looked at had a tiny hole right near the key where you put in a paperclip & it comes out.