Help with E2C light bulbs

My wife and I have a floor lamp in my bedroom that I’ve had for ages whose light bulb burned out. It’s a weird kind, seems to be a “Lucel E2C 65w”. Here’s a link to one (from a different company) for sale on British Ebay.

As you can see, it’s two concentric florescent rings. Anyone have any idea where I can get one in the US? I’ve searched everywhere I can think of with no success…

Good fucking luck.

Twice in the last 10 years I’ve lived in apartments with circular fluorescent lights. When one burned out, the maintenance guy just replaced the entire fixture with a conventional incandescent bulb fixture. He told me that it wasn’t possible to get replacement for the circular tube.

In the other, when it burned out, I took the tube myself all over town looking for a replacement. I went to a store that specialized in selling lighting fixtures. (You might try this.) They had a huge catalog of fixtures and lamps, and he couldn’t find a replacement. There too, the landlord ended up replacing the entire fixture.

Standards my ass.

A few years ago, Quebec was giving people significant rebates for buying CF floor lamps and I bought a couple. One of them stopped working (the switch, which is inside the column broke and there is no practical way of replacing it so I threw it out–saving the bulb) and I tried to replace the lamp. Hopeless. Once the subsidy ended they stopped making them. I still have one, along with a good bulb. So unless the switch breaks, I am in business.

Again, good luck. It looks like neither the standard 18, 22, or 32 watt circline lamps used in ceiling fixtures, nor the 55 watt “B” shaped lamps normally used in flourescent torchiere lamps. If you can’t find it at Home Depot it’s probably best just to replace the lamp with something that uses lamps you can easily obtain.

AFAICT, the EC2 is meant to run on 220, so it will be tough to find in the US. I’m surprised it has worked well for you on normal American power.

Assuming your location is correct, you might try taking it to a Lamps Plus store. They usually have a lot of bulbs in-store that aren’t on their website, but you will pay a premium. I can almost guarantee that they won’t have a bulb from the UK, but they may have an American bulb that fits the socket.

Plan B is to disassemble the lamp and put a normal socket on it.

Is this it?

How about this one (Westinghouse 40w 2c Fluorescent Circular Lamp)? I looked on and found similar looking bulbs listed as 2C bulbs.

That one is definitely not it, the e2c has pins in a plastic housing in the center of the rings. The one beowulff found on nextag might be right, but I don’t know how to tell without ordering it and seeing.