Help with finding cheap business class airfare

So, I’m flying to Toronto in September, from Portland Oregon. I keep hearing over and over again on travel sites that business class is only slightly more expensive than coach. Since it’s a long flight and I’d feel more comfortable in business class, I figured I could buy them. But for the life of me, I don’t have a clue where these sites are finding these deals. Everywhere look, business class is more than double the cost of coach. Does anyone have any tips on finding these supposedly cheap business class deals? I’ve looked all over and seeing a pretty consistent price of about $1000. I’ve even tried calling travel agents but they all say they’ll call me back but never do. I assume since I’m not looking to book an entire vacation. I mean, I’ll fly coach if I have to but I’d really prefer not to.

I have NEVER heard that business is only slightly more expensive than coach. Cite?

Isn’t that the whole point of business class – they don’t go on sale, because business travelers buy tickets regardless of price?

I wasn’t aware that airlines even offered business class any more. Any plane I’ve flown on in the US in the past 15 years or more has only had first and coach. Business class was common in Europe in the 80s and maybe still is.

I have also never heard that business class is only slightly more expensive than coach. It’s is significantly cheaper than first class, but it’s still loads more than coach.

Of course now I can’t remember where I saw it. But I do remember hearing it before, more than once actually. Well I guess that answers my then :frowning: I guess the question is whether the extra comfort is worth an extra $600 to me…

If Westjet flies out of Portland, you can get Plus seating for relatively cheap (usually less than $100). You buy a regular ticket, then 24 hours before, the plus seating opens up and you pay the extra fee to book in those seats. They aren’t business class, they’re just the front few rows of coach, but they’re wider, you have more leg room, and all entertainment, food and drinks (even alcoholic) are free.

We’ve taken advantage of Plus seating on multiple flights to and from Hawaii and one our last trip to Mexico. Totally worth it.

And I just checked, Westjet doesn’t use their own planes, they codeshare with Delta.

You can usually get what Delta calls “Economy Comfort” for a few extra bucks more than coach. You get a few inches of extra legroom, priority boarding, and (sometimes) free booze. Most of the other carriers have a similar option.

I’ve found Economy Comfort on Delta to be a good value. Depending on how far you’re traveling, the upgrade to EC can be anywhere from $6 to $50. As a frequent flyer I get those seats for free, though. :slight_smile:

Business might be only slightly more if you catch the airline at the right time. Like within twenty-four hours of the flight. At that point, if the airline still has empty seats to fill, they might offer a discount. But the downside is you’re hoping the airline will have an available seat.

Yeah, isn’t “cheap business class” an oxymoron? Business class is how airlines rake in an extra $20K or so per flight from people whose expense account tolerates it and self-importance demands it

Yeah, business class is always quite a bit more expensive and flights are so full these days that it is hard to find deals.