Help with Games

I’m looking for a really good shoot-em-up style arcade game for the PC. It should be something of a 3D side-scrolling game, like those that were popular in the 80’s.

Anyone seen Einhander for the playstation? Something like that, but for the PC.

Any suggestions?

I play tons of games on the PC and I can’t think of even one that matches your requirements. I did a quick search at some game sites and the closest I came are games released back in 1998.

However, check out the shareware sites ( – click on ‘Arcade’ listed under ‘Games’). In there you will find all sorts of stuff along the lines of what you’re asking for. I can’t vouch for how well any of them play or how close they are to exactly what you’re looking for but considering they are free it’s hard to complain. Besides…I think this is your only hope anyway.

Another site to check out is Classic Gaming at . They have hundreds of old arcade, Apple, Atari, DOS, Colecovision, etc. games with emulators, all for free.


Also try for more classic “abandonware”. Legally it’s sound; this site is quite good about removing software fast if the original owner resurfaces.