Help with info from my gas string trimmer manual - John Deere T30C

I purchased a gas powered string trimmer at an auction. Unfortunately, it didn’t have the instructions for it so I’ve yet to use it.

I know it requires a gas/oil mixture, but can someone tell me what ratio? Also, can you tell me the grade of oil I’m supposed to use?

Again, model is John Deere T30C trimmer

FYI, I’ve looked all over the web, and it seems the only way to get this info is to buy it. John Deere sells the manuals, ebay has a bunch of them, and a number of sites that sell this type of product have it in stock. I just need to look at it for a few minutes.

Thanks again!

Most small engines use either a 40:1 or 50:1 gas to oil mixture, with 40:1 being by far the most common. You can use any two stroke oil for the mix, and also add a stabilizer for two stroke fuels. You can usually be pretty safe with a 40:1 mix, though it might be a bit smokey.

For what it’s worth, I stopped using a mixture about two years ago, and just buy a product called ‘TruFuel’. It is premixed, and stabilized, and doesn’t separate or clog up carbs if it sits too long.

Googling “John Deere T30C gas mix” produces this PDF which says:

XEma, thank you! I looked for a PDF just like that and couldn’t find one.

I just learned this past weekend that Deere doesn’t make trimmers anymore, which might explain a few things. But I thought it strange that Deere didn’t just put user manuals out on the web in PDF format.

Thanks again!

for an update, my frustration reached a boiling point this weekend when I went to a local JD dealership, and learned that they didn’t make trimmers any more. After a quick talk with one of the service guys, he said that most use the 50:1 ratio, but they cover their butt by giving the 32:1 ratio for those that don’t use their special JD oil. He said that they never sold JD oil and instead ran this high quality echo brand oil. I bought the bottle for 2 gallons, mixed it up, and will use it tomorrow. I guess we’ll see if this works okn