Help with Lead Paint

I have a snap on toolbox that was given to my grandfather in 1938. Its a decent size box and has dark blue paint that I believe to be original. I want to keep the box in my apt but i have a baby girl and dont want her hurt by what I assume is lead paint.

While it is not peeling, it is rusting in a few areas.

Can anyone advise on the best way to seal lead paint so that it is not harmful to a baby. I prefer not to grind it off as my grandfather has since passed away and I want to keep the box as original as possible.


Could you put it in a locked cabinet or high shelf?

She has to ingest the lead to get lead poisoning. Just keep it away from her.

Any clear coat sealant would put an additional layer of protection. But it would make it not so original finish.

Don’t assume it’s lead paint, it might be a safe assuption, but your hardware store can sell you some cheap lead paint test kits.

I’m not sure how common lead paint was for tools and objects.

I suggest you start off by getting an inexpensive lead paint test kit at most big hardware places like home depot. If it is not lead paint, then you’re done.

Thank You…for responding…i will get a lead paint test kit ASAP…good idea…