help with links

I’ve seen people use links that when clicked on opens up to a specific location in a thread (say half way down the page). How do you do this?

From the FAQ:



Let’s try this again.

I’ve been searching and searching all afternoon and evening, with every NNN* query I can dream up. I can’t find any posts numbered “NNN.” Can someone help? Also, the Boards seem really slow.

NNN is a variable. You need to substitute the post id number for the NNN’s.
To find the post id number, place your cursor over the “quote” button at the bottom of the post you are interested in, and read the post id off the link you see at the bottom of your browser window. For example, putting the mouse cursor over the quote button on your post, immediately above this one, displays “Link: http//” at the bottom of your browser window.
To link to that post, substitute 4166394 for each of the two NNN’s
Like this:

Thanks, Squink. :smiley: I was joking about the effect of searching on the Board’s speed.