Help with Macrium backup

I ordered this from Amazon to create my backup using Macrium. Now I’m thinking, OMG is this the right type external disk. I guess I can return it if not.

If you know, please reassure me.


Macrium lets you backup to any drive your computer can see. This will be fine.

Onery Bob is correct; however a bigger drive would not be that much more money and would allow much more storage. How much did this 120 GB drive cost?

Is it FAT 32 only?

Actually the one I bought is sold out so it wouldn’t display, however the same thing with 80GB is the one I bought for 29.99. I have 64GB on my computer.

Thank you both for letting me know it’s okay.:slight_smile:

I don’t know. What does that mean?:confused:

You don’t need to worry about FAT32. If Macrium runs on your system, you’re good to go.