Help with PC 5.1 surround speaker system

I have a Logitech 5.1 surround speaker system. It was inexpensive when I bought it about a year and a half ago. The model is Z-640.

I managed to break 3 of the satellite speakers, though the subwoofer and control unit still work fine. However, I’ve done some looking, and I can’t seem to find any replacement speakers – though the whole system right now is selling under $40 so I could replace the whole thing.

However, it seems to be an outmoded system. I’m looking for a nice little system, hopefully more durable than this one! However I don’t really want to spend too much money, let’s say hopefully under $200 or so, and this is just for playing games on my PC and maybe occasional music - my computer is maybe five feet from my widescreen TV, so I don’t need to get a fantastic speaker set-up for DVDs or anything like that.

Any recommendations? Products you like and use?

I hope I picked the right forum, if not, feel free to move me.

Cheap…sounds good for the price.

As Reeder pointed out, you can get some good setups for REALLY cheap. Since you’ve already purchased the 5.1 sound card, the speakers are what you need and are cheap compared to the hardware needed to run them. You can get a nice surround setup for a great price, or, if you are worried about bugging the neighbors, a sick pair of headphones will simulate the gaming experience quite nicely.

Huh, that’s funny, I don’t remember buying a sound card. Do all 5.1 systems require one?

Thanks for the suggestion, Reeder. Should I go with an off brand like that one, or go back to a name brand for the sake of durability?

I bought the mid-range Logitec 5.1 speakers about a month ago and a Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS card to take best advantage of its capabilities.

I think most motherboards these days have integrated 5.1 sound. It’s basic 5.1 and usable for low-end speakers but you should invest in a card if you want to go up the scale.