Help with programming a gate's remote control

My apartment changed the gate code to get into the parking lot and sent out a letter saying we’d have to go into the office to get our remotes’ codes changed so they would work again. Being lazy and not wanting to go to the office just to get my controller reprogrammed, I opened up my remote and there’s basically a set of 10 switches, each numbered 1-10. After some searching, I found some information stating that the set of switches in the remotes needs to match the set of switches in the receiver. Now, naturally I don’t know the receiver’s new switch configuration but the gate also has an alternative 4-digit code you can type in at the keypad to open the gate.

My question is, is it possible to get the 10-switch code somehow from knowing the gate’s new 4-digit numeric code (which I know)? Or are the numeric access code and the set of switches completely independent of each other? The remote is a “Linear” brand “Multi-Code” if that helps.

Does the numeric code use the numbers 0-9?

If so, there are 10,000 possible 4-digit codes and your 10-bit remote has only 2^10 states = 1024… so, not likely.

If it isn’t 0-9 or there are some other inherent restrictions… maybe.

I doubt there’s any restrictions on the 4-digit numeric code as they’re 0-9 (or 1-9) and not unique (the code has a repeated number)… I’m starting to think the numeric code and set of switches are independent of one another and I’ll have to go in to get it fixed. Thanks though!

I can absolutely guarantee you that the two codes are unrelated.

He’s right.

I’m a locksmith apprentice and I have dabbled in access control (mainly card readers and the like but I have worked with security gates as well).

The “code” virtually has no correlation to the settings of your remote.

Those “switches” are called dip switches and they’re also used in garage door remotes. Essentially, the combination of those switches dictate whether or not the gate’s reader accepts them or not (but it looks like you already knew this).

Your only options are to take them to your communities office and have them do it for you OR find someone who has already done that and is willing to let you look at their remote. If the latter is possible, simply open theirs the same way you did theirs and match their switch settings with your own remote.