Help with semi-obscure band - woman died in a bike accident?

There was a European band - French maybe? - where a woman who was a principal member died in a bike accident a few years ago. I think they had “stereo” in their name, but could be wrong about that.

Sound familiar to anyone? I don’t have enough to go on for Google…

I think it is Stereolab - French singer but it was Mary Hansen, back up vocals who died in a traffic accident

stereolab wiki

Nico, who sang for a while with the Velkvet Underground, died in a biking accident.

Thanks - I knew I could count on you Dopers! It was Stereolab.

I did know Nico died in a bike accident, but that is not who I was thinking of…

Thanks again!

IIRC, Mary was riding her bicycle in the city and was struck by a car. Very sad. I’ve seen a couple of their shows and she was the most fun to watch.

I believe Mary was struck by a truck, not a car (I could be wrong), while she was riding her bike. Very sad.

It does qualify as an accident, but it’s a bit more complicated. She had a heart attack while riding her bike, then hit her head on the pavement when she fell off the bike. An autopsy showed that she died of severe bleeding in the brain, rather than the heart attack, but if not for the heart attack she wouldn’t have had the accident.

Other singers killed in accidents:

Kirsty MacColl - a boat ran over her while she was swimming with her sons in Mexico

Sandy Denny - fell down the stairs and ultimately died of a cerebral hemorrhage

It was a truck, and it was indeed very sad. Frequently a great band, and when they weren’t they were still interesting.