Help with song on tonight's ER?

Tonight’s ER with the 22 week premature baby and Mark proposing to Elizabeth…the song was sung by a woman with a beautiful voice, saying something like, “I was alone when I came into this world, I’ll be alone whan I die…”

I must have this song…any ideas?

Deacon’s… “Sand and Water” by Beth Nielsen Chapman. Get the cd, not a loser on it. I don’t think this woman has ever written filler on a record.

AAAAARGH!!! WHY does everyone put an apostrophe in my name!!! It’s DOESNT mean “the Trucked that is owned by Deacon”…it means “a group of church officials drove cross country in their tractor trailers”!!! As in “The deacons who trucked.”
Oh wait…it doesnt mean anything! My bad…

THANKS loads strangecurrencies, I will definitely check it out.

Actually, I think Deacons or somebody else commented on his name in a different thread — the Welcome Wagon, perhaps. IIRC, Deacons Trucked is akin to Sue Duhnym. :slight_smile:

Sorry if I gave anything way…