Help with Warcraft II? Anyone with an old players guide out there?

It’s an old game of TeenSthrnAccents, and now and then when I want a little escapism I play a bit of it. I realize it’s supposed to be super easy but I am not one that does this a lot. I am playing the Orc side and am on level XII The Siege of Dalaran. And have been for quite awhile.

I must be building up and upgrading in the wrong order as I run out of money only about a third of the way back up the map and that’s using two gold mines.

Any suggestions?

Are there places like on some of the lower levels where if you get the right defense set up you kind of go from there?

I can tell I keep getting hit by the griffyn riders in the same places. I’ve tried defending with dragons (too expensive) defending with fully upgraded axe throwers or whatever they’re called (I lose too many) and I’ve tried the arrow towers (the get destroyed too easy).

Also at a certain places in the map I get overwhelmed by the wizards. TeenSthrnAccent says I do ok building (which is really what I like anyway) but I reek at strategy, attacking with the right thing, and I’m too slow with the spells and bloodlust and stuff. I still haven’t figured out the benefit of runes. He says he never used it.

I know the game is old as dirt and there are better versions out there. But we just can’t spend any money on stuff like this for quite awhile yet. And frankly it’s not the sort of thing I’d get for myself anyway. I get him what he wants and then check it out and see if I like it when he’s done.

Oh another problem is that I am playing without sound, so I don’t hear them when they say, “They are destroying our city”, when I am off somewhere away from my little orc city making an attack.

Anyone have tips for this level? I’m not really interested in cheats to get gold or invincibility. I already know them. I want to play the game without the cheats I just need suggestions on strategy. has a few walkthroughs you may be interested in checking out. It’s been way too long since I’ve played Warcraft to give any real advice.

But now I kinda want to dig out Starcraft.

I was about to tease you for calling it an orc mission when it’s clearly an Undead mission, until I noticed that it was in WII, not WIII. D’oh!

It’s been a loooong time since I played WII, but this page looks like it has some excellent advice. (note that they misspell the actual mission as “Seize of Dalaran”: search for that phrase instead of the correct mission title). They suggest building a fleet of juggernauts to destroy coastal towers and other defenses, and clearing as much as you can with nautical resources before bringing your land troops in.


Thanks guys. I did a bit better that time before I was crushed by the humans. Blast the wizards. I placed my the second great hall badly though.

There’s always next time!

Place your guard towers in groups of three and devote a peon to repair them. Three towers will easily take out the flying creatures and a peon nearby (but out of range) to quickly repair between attacks will shortly bankrupt the attacker.

While this is going on, your only cost is the building and repair of the towers, and the immediate upgrade of your archers using the lumber mill. Behind the air defences, you can sanely build armies to protect the towers from ground troops and prepare for your turn on offence.

For wizards against the game AI, place a sacrificial watch tower well ahead of your other towers. Let the wizard destroy that before retreating to recover for the next attack or falling to your ground troops.

Re: playing without sound.

Teen Evil Captor says that you should keep an eye on your mini-map, and when you a red, flashing spot, go there and defend yourself.

Trolls in largish groups are good defense against gryphons, assuming you have regen so they heal after encounters. Mix some in amongst guard tower clusters as described above and you should be good. I don’t like going with only towers, since invariably some stupid gryphon finds its way around behind somewhere and ends up destroying farms or whatever, and then I’m scrambling to find something that can attack them. Never get dragons. They’re not worth all that gold.

I can’t remember that particular map off the top of my head, but by and large if you’re running out of cash you need to play more aggressively. Attack, attack, attack.

Thanks for the tips.

Today I made pancakes, cleaned the kitchen, put a load of wash in the machine, cleaned the kitchen and played Warcraft II.

Then I did some more laundry, vacuumed, made sandwiches, and played Warcraft II.

Later I folded laundry, made dinner, cleaned up after, played Warcraft II and posted.

After dinner I beat that level called Siege of Dalaran.

What an amazingly wasted day.

It was fun! :smiley:

Yep, you wasted a LOT of time on housework, when you could have been playing Warcraft! :smiley: I’ve never played Warcraft, any version, myself, but I do play games. Allllll sorts of games. And I replay the good ones.

Which are the good ones you replay?

Oh, Fallout and Fallout 2 have a LOT of replay potential, because it’s possible to really customize the character. Want to play a sneak thief? Go to it. Want to play a tank? That’s possible too. I’ve never played a diplomat, but apparently other people have.

I have a LOT of PlayStation games, too, which I replay. Square ported a lot of its SNES games to PS format, and so I can spend many happy hours with CRPG gaming goodness. I say CRPG meaning Computer RPG, not to be confused with Pen and Paper RPG, which is another pleasure. I liked all of the Final Fantasies up til 9…loved 8, which puts me in a minority, but I don’t care. I never finished FF9 or FF10, and have not bought 11 or 10-2. I MIGHT buy 10-2 someday, but right now I’m trying to replay, and FINISH this time, FF Tactics.

Speaking of FF Tactics, does anyone know if the brain discoloration from Mindflares (sic) has a permanent effect? Or is that just some random message? And if my Chemist casts a Black Magic spell, does she get JP in Chemist or Wizardry? And how about the rest of the party, what sort of JP are they getting? It SEEMS to be in Chemist class, but I don’t keep track of these things closely enough to tell.

I’m not going to be buying games anytime soon, but thanks for the tips** Lynn**.

EC Tell TEC thanks for the tip. Whenever I ask TSA’s help, he puts his hand on the mouse and before you know it, he’s finishing the screen, instead of giving me a tip. I have to threaten him. “Don’t you dare save that on my name when you beat it. I want to beat it myself.”

Whoever mentioned the funnier ending is right. The quivering human king, cracked me up.

I definitely need to play Fallout and Fallout 2 sometime: I love postapocalyptic stuff, and i love good CRPGs, and this would be a natural fit surpassed only (if that) by Full Throttle. Yet somehow I missed out on it.

Maybe there’s a copy on eBay.

Congrats on finishing the game, Abby! If you can scrape up the ten bucks or so to buy Starcraft, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


Fallout and Fallout 2 are literally the examples by which all other computer RPGs should be judged.

Here’s to hoping Fallout 3 is just as good.

**TeenSthrnAccent ** has Starcraft. He plays it all the time. I tried it when he first bought it and didn’t get the knack of it. It was a struggle to get to play without Teen Commentary. Perhaps now that he’s had it for such a long time I could play it without having to put itching powder on the mouse and a gag on the commentator. :smiley:

I’m kidding of course in case anyone isn’t sure. **TSA ** is one of the worldest most terrific young people and the finest son of anyone I’ve ever met. He’s just very opinionated when it comes to how to play certain computer and video games.

Heh, me too. I wonder if it will run okay on my computer?