ok I couldn’t remember my ancient non existent these days aol account I signed on and my password was lost to history also but apparently I had forgotten my old sn also

I was nightshadea back then … now I got a warning after my first post back about having 2 sns and I sent something to the mod who I discussed it with but having read an old post of mine and realizing that was me I made this so we can merge things together (well ok a few posters advised me to )

mind helping a twit with no memory out here ?

We are aware of your situation. Your information has been forwarded to an admin. The admins have been a bit busy lately with board problems, but hopefully they’ll get your old account fixed up soon so that you can use it again.

Please do not continue to post from this new account. Hopefully this won’t take more than a couple of days. If you don’t hear from anyone by then, please contact us again and we’ll check to see what’s going on with your old account.

aww I gotta wait ? <pouts>

If they have to merge all your posts from both accounts, the fewer the better. Also probably best if you posting doesn’t coincide with them merging.