Helpe me fidn a motorcycle with a sidecar!

It has always been a dream of mine to own a motorcycle with a sidecar, but I have no idea how to get one I doubt any company is still making them, which means I have to get used. While I’m not thinking about getting one right now, I would like to perhaps know of some resources I could utilize in the future to get one. Perhaps websites that show different makes and models, and what to look for, and which ones might be the better ones to buy used.

Thanks in advance, and if you’r lucky, I’ll let you ride in my sidecar when I get it!

(Oh, and a question I’m pretty sure the answer to is no: Would it be possible to buy a new (or relatively new) cycle and add a sidecar to it?)

Ural motorcycles with sidecars.

Ural dealers in NY.

Royal Enfield with sidecar.

Royal Enfield U.S. distributor.

BMW sidecar mounts.

I think that you can get sidecars that fit Hondas and Harleys too.

Fixing link:

Royal Enfield U.S. distributor.

Excellent sidecar site, lot’s of links to manufacturer’s.

More sidecar manufacturers & dealers.
Have you heard of Google?

Here’s the Royal Enfield sidecar.

I totally dig Royal Enfields, but I should point out that they’re very old-tech. They stopped building them in England, but kept on in India. The bike is basically the same as it was in the 1950s. They’re single-cylinder ‘thumpers’ capable of tops speeds of only 125 km/h. (What’s that? About 70 mph?) Not something for a lot of freeway riding. But then, a sidecar-equipped bike is more for pleasant outings than for everyday commuting. :wink: If you want to ride the freeways, you should look at a big Honda or BMW (which cost several times more than the Royal Enfield).

Me? I’d like a Bullet Classic without a sidecar.

I too love “old school” bikes but 70 MPH is just not a reasonable expectation out of an Indian built Enfield (especially with a 'car on it). I took one off the showroom floor and rode it to a motorcycle club meeting a few years ago and the thing was slowing down going over overpasses (no hills in Houston!).
Modern sidecars are available, no problem. There is a guy I know casually who has a new BMW K1200LT with a Champion (I think) sidecar AND a trailer hitch!, talk about a rally wagon!.