Helping a dog with itchiness....

My dog (4 year old terrier mix) has had several bug bites the past few days that seem to itch ‘alot’ -

we’ve given the baths, updated the flea protection (Bio Spot), but the itchiness continues - some of these bites are probably not fleas, (they are a little raised like a mosquito bite would be).

The bathwater has shown very few fleas, and I dont see any flea dirt in the areas she actively scratches.

What I’m asking for here - outside of taking her to the vet - what over the counter things can I use to help calm down the itchiness?

Thanks in advance!

missed the edit window -

I’m also wondering about things that promote healing - as a human (in case you were wondering), I use topical anitbiotics all the time for scratches and bug bites - is there a similar item for pet usage?

For a really miserable dog you can use benadryl. The dosage I’ve seen recommended is 1mg/lb every 8 hours. My dog had terrible food allergies and the benedryl helped a lot. It will also have a sedative effect so don’t be alarmed if your dog seems a little drowsy.

I wouldn’t use a topical treatment unless you start to see raw or visibly infected spots. A topical treatment tends to make the dog want to lick the area and that can lead to hot spots. Most pet stores will have hot spot treatments many with a mild anaesthetic. I’ve had good look with Biogroom Lido-Med. It has lidocaine which soothes and helps deter licking and chewing. You can use it with a little triple antibiotic ointment as an antiseptic.