Helping us remember.

I’m ashamed to admit that I was registered and reading SDMB for over a month before ever running across Coldfire’s very moving May 5, 1945 - we shall remember.thread. For those of you who are too new or, like me too oblivious, to have read it before I urge you to do so now. It’s very much worth it.

But, bringing this back to the purpose of the new thread, in that post, Johnny L.A. quoted a refrain from a song by the Pogues

Another thread on powerful lyrics mentioned When the Tigers Broke Free by Pink Floyd. And yet another example would be Goodnight Saigon from Billy Joel.

Given that I’ve found a great deal of interesting music choices on here before, I’d be interested if anyone has more suggestions for songs along these lines, songs that help us remember the sacrifices that others have made. I’m not really interested in any sort of jingoistic or nationalistic songs, God Bless the USA is not what I have in mind. Just songs that recount what was lost, what was sacrificed by ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. Songs that would help us remember what was lost, and what was saved.


Not having any suggestions handy at present, let me just welcome you to the Boards! I’m glad you liked my thread. It means a lot to me as well.

This little bump might give you some more suggestions. Hey, how about “Born in the USA” by Springsteen? Forget the fact that some US Presidents apparently didn’t listen to anything but the chorus: this is about war, and about loss.

And about human relationships spanning the trenches.

“some gave all” by billy ray cyrus?

A couple of Australian ones:

I Was Only Nineteen by Redgum - attempt at describing the nightmares someone returning from Vietnam has.

Khe Sanh by Cold Chisel - almost an alternate national anthem in Australia (to the disgust of many who consider the song and band terminally uncool), this one also follows someone after their time in Vietnam, but unlike the Redgum song, it’s more crazy than maudlin.

Onto the ‘rest of the world’:

Brothers in Arms by Dire Straits is a more generic sad song about war, but can still bring a tear to the eye at the right time.

Drive On by Johnny Cash - another Vietnam song, but particularly the VH1 Storytellers version with Cash’s introduction explaining the title.


Try this one. It’s poetry as much as songs, mostly antiwar from a warrior’s standpoint.

And thanks, again, Aussies, for your help in Nam.

Perfect, thank you. I probably could have found it with a little more searching.

Ankh_Too, like you, I discovered Coldfire’s thread somewhat after the event, but was extremely glad I did get to read it. But, given that the thread to which Dropzone gave a link above is also so good, I’m actually quite taken with this novel method of retrospective reading!

There, we are not latecomer newbies: we are just doing things differently. And just reading your post set me off looking at song lyric sites, so I can tell what tomorrow’s time-consuming activity will be, for me anyway.