Helpless to stop it.

I don’t need to add much more to this except to say that things like this sadden me and make me extremely angry.

If there was ever a crime that would make me reconsider my position on the death penalty this would be it.

Helpless to stop it.

To the mods: I placed this here as I feel the outrage people may feel after reading this might lend itself to some extremely strong words and feelings.

That pathetic drunk left the scene, that about says it all to me. He should be strung up and the remaining family members should have first run at him. He made the choice to drink and drive. Those people, including the two children had no choice but to be run down by him.

Am I missing something here? I must be reading a different story than the one you guys are reading.

I think they’ve changed the front page story. It’s now about a cop in trouble for passing classifed documents to an author.

What was the original story?



I tried to find the story in the archives but wasn’t successful so here it is in my own words.

Monday, February 19th was Family Day here in Alberta, a holiday unique to our province. On this day two women and their three children were driving home to Lac La Biche, a small northern town. They were being followed by their husbands who were driving another car. I would have to say that this was a happy day as one of the children was a 22 day old baby girl who was on her way home from the hospital.

Another vehicle driven by a single male ran through a stop sign and slammed broadside into the first car and this was witnessed by both the husbands. One of the men described it as like seeing a paper bag being blown away. The Taurus station wagon was unrecognizable in the photos I saw.

The father of the baby saw his daughter flung from the car to land many metres away from the accident, he described her as just a little body steaming in the snow. He ran to the baby and held her in his arms to no avail. She died at the scene. The mother of the baby died while pinned in the vehicle and the other two children died instantly. The man begged his wife not to leave him but realized that she was already gone.

The second man also ran to the wreckage to find his wife of many years still alive, her last words to him were that she promised to live. He put her into his car and sped towards a hospital a mere 20 minutes away. She died 10 minutes into the trip.
The driver of the pickup truck was unhurt and fled the accident scene, he was later found by the police. He has beeen accused of a number of crimes related to the accident and it was determined that he was drunk when he ran the stop sign.

These men and their families will never recover from this and this story will remian in the minds of many people for a long time. I am a father and shudder to think that this could happen to any of us. The thought of losing my wife and children is un-imaginable. To see them killed in front of my own eyes would be hell on earth. My heart goes out to these men, husbands and fathers like many of us.

I hope the driver of the truck burns in hell. He deserves no mercy from anyone.

This is just disgusting. I don’t know anything about Canadian law, but I’d like to know what’s the most this waste of air will be charged with.

Stories like this are the reason I have no patience with people who like to tell “funny” stories about the times they’ve driven home or elsewhere after drinking too much. Idiots.