Hemisync Tones

From a bio of Ozzy Osbourne:

Some of the sites I found through a search don’t seem to be too scientific.

So do hemisync tones really work? If so, can they be used to make learning easier and faster? Or, conversely, why haven’t they been banned for being dangerously inducive?

From what I’ve read, it’s pretty much BS unsupported by any real clinical research. Like any number of such claims, it appears to be largely bolstered by anecdotal evidence which is essentially worthless. I could not find one single creditable study on the subject, and I can only conclude from this that the scientific community as a whole has decided these claims aren’t even worth looking into, effectively dismissing them out of hand for the time being, as I myself am inclined to do.

Search on “Robert Monroe” and you should find plenty on hemisync tones. This guy has a series of tapes using the tones to attempt to create an Out-Of-Body experience.

Oh, I found plenty on the subject. Just nothing I would consider credible.