Henry Ford Tried to Get Into The Electric Car Business? (in 1910)

As I understand it, Henry Ford and Thomas Edison were great friends. Edison sold Ford on the idea of an electric car-for which Edison would develop the battery and motor-Ford would build the car.
This effort started around 1910…and ultimately was a failure (the nickel-iron battery that Edison developed could not store enough energy to enable a range of over 30-40 miles).
My question: given that Ford was very successful with his gasoline powered cars (for many years his Model T was the dominant car in the market), and gasoline was cheap in those days-why did Ford decide on sch a radical change in vehicle design?
Is there any information about how much cash Ford lost on the venture?
Was a seperate comapny set up to make the cars?
I saw Jay leno’s 1910 electric baker car-this car did use the Edison batteries-and ran perfectly well-of corse, with a very short range.
Did the failure of the venture affect Edison and Ford’s relationship?

You’re thinking of the Detroit Electric but getting some major details wrong. Ford’s only involvement was to buy his wife one. Their major selling point was that they didn’t need to be crank-started.