Hepatitis B

Hoping somebody might know a bit about this disease.

My girlfriend informed me today that she was just tested positive for Hepatitis B. Naturally, I’m concerned that I may have contracted it from her, since we don’t know exactly when she became infected.

I got some information here:


We have not yet had sexual relations with each other, and neither of us uses intravenous drugs. However, we have kissed quite a bit. Would kissing count as “contact with … bodily fluids”?

As I’m a professional cook, I’m glad to see that hepatitis B is not spread through food!

I’m going to make an appointment with a doctor tomorrow, but in the meantime I’d like more info, if only to set my mind at ease a bit.

I’ve never heard of a case of HBV being spread through saliva-saliva contact.

How old are you? People younger than around 20 (I’m just guessing) were immunized against HBV as a child.

From memory, the transmission rates through saliva is very low. You increase your chances if you both have bleeding gums and/or mouth ulcers.

Better get your vacination done pronto.

Oh, and it’s not exactly doom and gloom for your gf. There has been a fairly good success rate using Interferon to kick start the body’s immune system.

I’m 37. Never been vaccinated against HBV, as far as I know. My GF just turned 20. She was born in 1983, a year after HBV vaccination became standard, but obviously she must not have gotten her shot. That’s her parents’ fault, of course - and with her stories about the kind of “discipline” she endured as a child, her parents don’t appear to have been especially concerned about her well-being. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that she missed a lot of other shots, too.

I’m 17, and never immunized for Hepatitus B. My parents felt that they wern’t safe. I’ve gotten all my other shots, though. I know other people my age that didn’t get the Hepatitus B shots for the same reasons I didn’t.