Her face grosses me out, how do I block her? (Computer Help)

Emily Yoffe of Slate.COM ---- great daily paper/magazine but I can’t stand her face.
Thanksgiving turkey: The mortal struggle between dark meat and white meat.

Is there a way to block only a single image?

If you use Firefox, you can install the Ad-Block Plus add-on. Then you can right click on any image and select “Block Image…” and you will never see it again - unless they change the filename.

However, I think the ad-blocking features of that add-on might offend folks trying to run web sites that are ad-supported, so you may want to disable that part of it depending on your opinion.

In Opera, right click on an empty area of the web page, click on the image you want to block, then “Done” on the Block Content bar.

If your browser doesn’t support blocking stuff this easily, get a better browser.

Or, get over your fear of women with face-shaped faces. :smiley:

Seriously, what is it about her picture that bothers you? It seems no better nor worse than a million others.

Could you do this with a router? Most routers can block specific sites (e.g. www.straightdope.com), I’m hoping good ones might be able to block specific parts of a site (e.g. boards.straightdope.com/sdmb). Come to think of it, those parental supervision / Internet security software might be able to do this, too.

Just keep a pad of small Post-Its next to your monitor, and slap one up on the screen when she dares to show her face next to content she wrote.

White out.

Emily, who is Jewish, does have a Semitic look - her mouth is very wide, her eyes amygdaloid. I happen to find that look striking myself. If you don’t like striking-looking women, that’s a whole nuther deal.

Here she is formally made up, which softens her look some.

The first link only shows me a photo of a turkey being sliced. If that’s her face, she’s got problems.

When the link was first provided, her face showed up on the “More Slate Stories” tease to the right, and the picture was the same image he linked to in the second link.

That makes me think that the OP’s problem isn’t with her face, per se, but that he just doesn’t like her articles. It’s an easy transference to make - commentator X is a bozo, vapid celebrity Y is appearing in way too many stories, politician Z has a repugnant ideology. Therefore, one is sick of looking at their face, even though their actual mug, separated from those other factors, is unremarkable.

She has beautiful bone structure!

And she’s quite pretty in person.

Then why doesn’t he just not read her stuff?

I was presuming he didn’t - he just didn’t like her face showing up in the “other articles” sidebar while he was reading one by somebody else.