Her lips look like pink worms!

I just saw, again, a Lancome product commercial for what they call a “Lip Revitalizing Treatment”. Ugh! The model’s lips look weirdly smooth and unlined. And kinda puffy.
Do you women want to look like that?
While I do, generally, abide the troubles women go through to enhance their appearance, I think some efforts push the envelope a little much. High heels and this.
Thank you.
I feel better now.

I dunno. Obviously, some dudes like it, otherwise it wouldn’t be worth having.

That is…unless they’ve convinced the gals that they need big, poofy lips. I don’t get the trout pout. If you’re naturally got DSLs, then hooray for you. If you don’t, then keep on rockin’ with what you’ve got.

I thought this was going to be about Paris Hilton. She has worm-lips.

Awfulplasticsurgery.com can trap you for days looking at women with induced labia-mouth/trout lips. I had lips like that once, but then I took an antihistamine and the swelling went down. Never caught the spider who bit me :stuck_out_tongue:

funny thing is, many women have told me they do that stuff for other women, for fashion, not for us guys.
I believe them.

I am a woman, but I too don’t understand the ones who make themselves look very strange on purpose (or wear painful clothes and shoes - life is way too short to be uncomfortable. Plus, high-heeled shoes wreck your body. I’m planning to use mine for years yet. Decades, even.) I look at women who are aging naturally, and I think they look fine. I look at myself, and I think I look fine. I look at actresses who are hacking away at their faces, and I don’t think they look fine; I think they look sad.

Nice observation. I also completely agree with it.

The worst that time can throw at a woman’s appearance is a helluva lot more benign than the havoc that botched cosmetic surgery can wreak. Ever see Helen Gurley Brown? Scary!

Or, for balance, Michael Jackson.

Also see: Melanie Griffith, Mary Tyler Moore, Michael Douglas, Mickey Rourke, Tom Jones, Teri Hatcher, and Cher. I think most of these people are featured in Awfulplasticsurgery. You know what? You’re old. Everyone knows it. When you have tight, shiny plastic skin at 65, most people suspect you haven’t just been living right. I have a real problem with people thinking that they are not allowed to age. Sure, they’re trying to work in an industry that’s all about youth and beauty; once your youth is gone (and I’m not willing to say old people aren’t beautiful), maybe you need to focus on something that doesn’t require the appearance of youth now.

Meg Ryan. She used to be cute, now when I see her I think of the Rodney Dangerfield line in “Caddyshack”…

“Last time I saw a mouth like that, it had a hook in it”

Reminds me of Don Knotts in “Mr. Limpet” when he’s the animated fish. Lips just like that.

Update: I watched a show yesterday that tested the claims of two “lip plumpers” (aka irritant lip glosses) - Lip Venom was one, and I forget the other one. One of them was over $50, though. The results - no visible difference. So not only can women attempt to look kinda funny, but they can pay a LOT for no results.

Doing a little research, here’s an interesting article on irritant lip glosses. It sounds like other people find that it does work, but it makes your lips burn and turn numb while swelling them. This is an effect that I try to avoid. When it gets really dry here, my lips get dry and irritated. I don’t think I’ll be paying money for that effect.

Interesting article, featherlou.
I really do not understand what drives (mostly) women to do this to themselves. It’s not, as someone above suggested, to get men. I don’t think it’s really competition, either. Maybe it’s a “sister” thing that I just don’t get.
At the lever we’re talking about, men simply don’t do it. With, of course, some exceptions.

Lip Venom is just nice lip gloss- it is really shiny and stays on for a long time. The burny part isn’t very burny. In fact, after a few initial applications, you really don’t feel it anymore (when you use it in the future).

Lip Venom also does make your lips swell up, which some of my friends and I like to do for pictures when we’re screwing around but that’s about it. Not to get boys, not to feel sexy, just because it’s fun- just like wild eye shadow.

Some anecdotal evidence:

My roommate and I normally.

This is a picture we took in the car the first time we used Lip Venom (my roomie and I). My finger actually slipped and took the picture when we didn’t intend it to, hence the shocked looks. :slight_smile:

There’s not a huge difference, but you can definitely feel the difference (your lips tighten up and swell just a little). I think the biggest thing in favor of Lip Venom is that it is such a good gloss that it being so super shiny really does reflect light well and make your lips look a little bigger.

It’s not a necessity, but either are most beauty products. In the end, it’s just a fun little product to play with (and it costs like $15, so you aren’t out much).

As far as this "At first dab, the lip gloss tingles.

Then the prickles kick in, and they soon intensify into a burning sting. Lips start to throb, reddening from the pain like they’ve kissed a hot stove. " from the above linked article, I’ve never in my life heard anyone in person describe Lip Venom this way, except for someone with an allergy to one of its main ingredients (capsium). The first few times you use it, it’s a burny feeling but not incredibly painful (unless you get it on your tongue, which isn’t pleasant), but as you get used to it, the burning almost completely stops. Honestly, sometimes I like that feeling because it rushes the blood to your lips, but maybe I’m just a sadist. :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad to hear from a dedicated advocate, DiosaBellissima!
Tell me, honestly, what you and your buds think of women (girls, eh) who don’t use all that make-up and such.
How’s the weather there? Still hot? ; )

I get that burny effect from anything even slightly medicated, to the point where I have to wipe it off; I have a feeling something like Lip Venom would be really painful for my sensitive lips. But if anyone else wants to make their lips feel unpleasant, I guess that is entirely their business. I think the whole cosmetic industry needs an enema, but that’s just my opinion. :smiley:

You know, my roommate in those pictures doesn’t wear makeup (she’s just naturally very pretty, I think all she’s got on in either is maybe a teeny bit of eyeliner and the lip gloss— she normally doesn’t even wear eyeliner, but had it on because we were going out) and I am presently sitting at work with no makeup on. Just because we like to tart ourselves up sometimes does not mean we’re slaves to conformity and social expectations or anything :D.

If someone else doesn’t wear make up, rock on. I mean, I’m too lazy to do it half the time anyway heh. Every so often though, I like to break out my over priced MAC eyeshadows and go a little wild with bright colors, false eyelashes, and the works. It’s just a fun thing to do sometimes.

And incredibly hot. It’s like the inner ring of hell outside. Hooray, Bakersfield.

Why not just carry around a bottle of habanero sauce? It’d be cheaper, plus you can put it on your lunch.

Because it isn’t glossy and shiny. If it were. . . yeah, someone somewhere would probably do it.

I do know girls that rub cinnamon and ginger directly on their lips to make them swell up. That I don’t get at all.

Ah, Bakerspatch. Born and raised, got my cute little butt outta there about thirty years ago. Still have family there, though. Grown kids and grandkids.
You might see me pass through once in a while. I’l be the one going about 95mph on old HWY 99. :stuck_out_tongue:
Nah. I come visit sometimes. Get lost cause the place has grown so much.
What were we talking about? Oh, yeah. Pink worms.
“R” rated query;

I wonder what happens if that stuff gets on one’s (male or female) nasty bits?

Can I do that? :o