Here are some new words -- help me define them

If I inadvertently list a word that’s already been defined elsewhere, please forgive me. These are (as far as I know) yet to be used or accepted into daily speech.

But as with most nonce words, we can be as creative or as selective as we need to. Let your need for a new word be satisfied here. Join in the neologism cavalcade.



On the other hand, if you have some free-floating definitions that are minus a word that fits, supply them and maybe somebody else can provide the word.

I am dramastically grelge that you tried to mess with my Hooth! Shame on your vysome!

Grelge - The pink stuff that forms in between your shower curtain and the tub.

Vysome - Flirtatious, but with snark. “She was being way too vysome.”

Narflingly - The state of intense laughter while eating voraciously.

Prunth - Dried fruit made from plumth.

Gyzene - Concentrated benzene.

Charlmstish - That dance you do with somoeone when you meet them in a hallway and neither of you can decide whether to go left or right.

Jugstimous-A scale that determines the likelyhood of a male agreeing with a female based on the size of her jugs.

Pleeth are, of course, plastic teeth.

Hey! Hey! I like the way you folks think.

Anybody remember the product the Monty Python gang plugged for a while? Krelm, wasn’t it? Maybe some of these words are products?

Maybe pleeth is for sharpening fangs to the point of being able to plane wood with them. Just whose fangs are for the sales force to figure out.

Great minds, eh?

Gamdlewise refers to the direction in which a gamdle turns. Which is to the Northwest, except in Finland. A gamdle is what you use to find your bearings while steering a prunth.

Gamdlewise - I don’t know about a definition, but this sounds like some hideous off-spring of Gandalf and Samwise.


Hooth - the last tooth a hillbilly has.

Narfilingly - trifilingly, except with a big heap of snark on the side.

Jugstimous - a euphamism for a woman who is not well endowed (rooted in “jugs” and “abstemious”)

Maybe we need somebody familiar with Jabberwocky to incorporate all these into a poem or the like. Or a sci-fi story. Or a nursery rhyme with overtones of horror.

Somehow clabfurth feels like it ought to do with stale milk as a means of currency. Maybe on the order of coins made of cheese.

Grelge - grudge on a ledge = the overwhelming desire to push your pesky sibling to the ground
Vysome - worth pursuing
Narflingly - to fling like a Narf ball
Prunth - prune stuck in your toof
Gyzene - ethnic cleansing
Charlmstish - being a churl
Clabfurth - VD cream
Zormdish - science experiment in the back of the fridge
Gamdlewise - like street wise for gamdles
Pleeth - tight shoes
Jugstimous - poetic license in legal rulings
Hooth - bathtub lemonade

Clabfurth - A smallish house made out of particle board and duct tape.

Zormdish - A particularly fey undead creature.

Gamdlewise - Knowledgeable about many aspects of gamdles.

Pleeth - Sank you.

Jugstimous - Aligned in any direction other than magnetic north.

Hooth - The foot of a mountain turtle.

Grelge- (verb) To steal one’s lover: “He grelged my girlfriend, that bastard!”
Vysome- (adjective) Pleasingly loud. “My new car stereo is vysome, man!”
Narflingly- (adverb)- to have a snorting sound carried with an activity, such as while laughing, eating, etc.: “My nephew chuckled narfingly at the dirty joke he heard on TV.”
Prunth- (noun) A long, agonizing wait: can conveniently be used in poetry and song lyrics since this will provide a word that rhymes with “month”.
Gyzene- A vaguely recalled dream: “I had a gyzene about this gorgeous woman last night, but I can’t remember if we had sex or not or what her name was or anything.”
Charlmstish- (adjective or noun) Stingy, even when one has the financial means to be more extravagant. “He makes $100,000 a year, yet he takes his dates to McDonald’s? Sheez, what a charlmstish!”
Clabfurth- (noun) a socially awkward person with no redeeming qualities (unlike “nerd” or “geek”, who are admired in some circles): “That clabfurth couldn’t find a date at a Star Trek convention!”
Zormdish- (adjective) Excessively large. “That Hummer that’s been tailgating me is zormdish!”
Gamdlewise- (adjective) Skillful in play, said of card players. “Don’t play poker with Sam unless you want to lose your ass and your shirt; he’s quite gamdlewise.”
Pleeth- (noun) A state of complete disagreement: “The city council members all had conflicting ideas and had reached a pleeth.”
Jugstimous- (adjective) Wisely conservative: “The mayor’s budget plan is jugstimous.”
Hooth- (adjective) Out of style, fashion- “Those jeans are sooooo hooth!”

Hooth: The thound an Owl makthe when he’ths twying to cough up a hairball.

Ooh, a Meaning of Liff/Sniglets-style thread.

Grelge (n.) - A small barge used to transport cocktail wieners.

Vysome (n.) - Vysomes are a step up the chain from ribosomes. Their purpose is to supervise the ribosomes’ construction of polypeptide chains, and write them up if they’re slacking or not checking their work.

Narflingly (adv.) - The zealously enthusiastic consumption of great quantities of food. John gorged on roast Clabfurth (q.v.) * and sweet potatoes narflingly.* See: Narfling (adj.)

Prunth (v.) - 1. To check the air volume in a car tire with a probative kick of one’s foot. 2. To check for the presence of living things in a hollow object whose contents are obscured with a probative kick of one’s foot in the hopes that whatever is inside will scurry out.

Gyzene (adj.) - A very brief, undocumented Neogenic period between the Miocene and Pliocene eras wherein the population of proto-hominids dropped sharply over a period of several hundred years when homosexuality became terribly fashionable.

Charlmstish (v.) - To cluck one’s tongue whilst inhaling sharply.

Clabfurth (n.) - A small species of water fowl related to the duck, the Clabfurth is most noted for its silken fur and its unique call, “Soooo-EEEE!”

Zormdish (n.) - A serving platter made from depleted uranium and strawberry coulis.

Gamdlewise (n.) - A tree of the African plains notable for ability to grow out of other trees.

Pleeth (v.) - To stimulate ovulation in the female by scraping the barbs of one’s penis along the uterine walls during sexual intercourse.

Jugstimous (adj.) - Marked by restraint in the uninvited fondling of breasts. See: Jugstimousness (n.), jugstimously (adv.)

Whoops, forgot one.

Hooth (n.) - Unbridled excitement disproportionate to the circumstance. Peter ran around the house jumping, laughing and squealing with great hooth when he opened his Christmas gift to discover a pair of wool socks.

With apologies to Mr. Dodgson:

The Gyzene

Deep in the grelge
The Gyzene do play
Upon the blue hooth
In a gamdlewise way

Charlmstish and lean
Their bodies are vysome
To run from the Prunth
Whose aim is to slice 'em

One zormdish morn
the Prunth did appear
Narfingly wroth
Invoking great fear

Their clabfurths he smashed
They had no more home
The Prunth was jugstimous
His pleeth flecked with foam

Deep in the grelge
The Gyzene did play
Upon the blue hooth
In a gamdlewise way

August West, I salute you. Not just for accepting the challenge but for delivering a fine example. Huzzah!

Wow. You’re my hero.