Here boy!: Westminster winner gets loose at JFK

An award-winning whippet broke out of his cage yesterday while in the care :dubious: (yeah riiight) of Delta Airlines at Kennedy Airport.

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My guess is that all the drama of the show ring went to his head, and he’s running away to be in the theater.

Poor doggy! I hope it’s found safe.

What if it ran out in front of a landing plane? Could it cause a crash as well as getting squished?

So, could you say that the dog … whipped out of its cage?

I got nothin’.

Well luckily whippets are such sedated and slow dogs.

Oh. Wait.

OK, I’m hip enough to know that a whippet is what kids these days are sniffing instead of glue, but I still don’t have a clue how they get one of these up their nose.

I can’t, for the life of me, say the word “whippet” without immediately adding (mentally or out loud) “whip it good.”

I hope the doggy’s found safe & returned to its owners soon.

Not looking good. Search was []called off last night with no leads.

I see that she(? - with a name like “Vivi,” I presume it’s a female) was almost hit by a car in the chase to try to catch her when she first got away. Now they still haven’t found her - the owners must be worried to death. How awful for them!

When my Shiba Inu gets loose, she won’t come when called (duh) and can hit probably 30-35mph.
Luckily she knows she gets a big treat when she gets back inside.
She has not, thank Odin, gotten loose away from home.

I work at an airport, & if he hasn’t slipped past the perimiter fence, it’s gonna be “Good-Bye L’il Doggie” pretty damn quick!

Airfields are dangerous, even to alert Humans trained to work there. In addition to the obvious (“Doggie goes ZOOM! into jet engine”), there are toxic chemicals, welding gear, cargo X-ray gear, power tools, ground vehicles, cargo radiation sterlizers, and other fun ways to get vaporized (“Doggie goes into Propeller Blade. Doggie is sausage meat.”). Not to mention coyotes, the ever-present wild residents of US airports.

BTW–some dumb-bells take their unwanted cats & dogs & dump them at the airport to “live off the land”. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: This ain’t the BBQ Pit, so I can’t say what I think of such alleged Humans. The few, feral, survivors of this barbaric practice haunt the edges of the airfield, fearing, & quite likely hating, all Human life. I can’t blame them. :frowning:

Watched a snippet on the news last night, filmed from a helicopter. The area they were flying over looked like a toxic waste dump, swampy and brown and dead. Is that what the land looks like around the airport? Does it green up in the summer?

I half-expected them to spot Frodo, Sam and Gollum, on their way to Mordor.

A snippet on a whippet?

Sorry – I had to.

Poor li’l whippets have next to no fur. If they don’t find her soon, what with the snowy conditions back east, she’ll probably freeze. I hope someone has taken her in and she’s found safe.

This may suprise you but its a wildlife refuge. Mostly swampy, but not toxic so far as I know.

Swamp? Any interesting carnivorous plants? There are the Pine Barrens in New Jersey.

LOL, I know whippets run fast but that dog is a hell of a long way from the pine barrens!

Thinking realistically, at this point that dog has either
a) been eaten by wildlife
b) fallen into marsh and drowned
c) died of exposure
d) eaten something poisonous

I feel for the owners, it is a terrible thing, but I would put the chances of the dog still being alive at virtually nil.

It was actually very nice here today, and yesterday wasn’t so bad. If that makes any difference.

Mrs. Plant’s New England relatives called us in Little Rock, AR worried that we were near a turnado in Houston, TX.
Hey, they are adjoining states, gotta be close. :slight_smile:

Climate in NJ and NY is similair, right? And a swamp is a swamp.

Thanks. I picture the NYC area as being built up and over-developed. It’s nice to know that it’s not.


Missing, but sighted.