Here comes Rodan...

Fukushima has been leaking radioactive waste water into the Pacific Ocean, 300 tons/71,000 gallons per day, for quite some time—maybe even all two years since the nuclear plant earhquake disaster. OK, the Pacific Ocean is really big, but do the math, that’s a metric shitload of increasingly cumulative radioactive waste on the loose. When Tokyo starts getting its buildings stomped and kicked over by pissed-off mutant marine life, you’ll know why.

WHOA! That would be AWESOME!!! :cool:

If it’s so bad that the already-enormously-monstrous life mutates, we’re in real trouble. (When did Rodan become aquatic?)

I blame those popular float-up bars.

He wasn’t just a sculptor, you know.


In this clip. “She lived in the ocean…”