Here, I made this for you

I hope this isn’t considered rude. It’s mundane, it’s pointless, and I must share it.

The September issue of Lime Tea is out, at It’s my literary magazine of mostly real stuff that happened to mostly real people, and it even has streaming audio in slavish imitation of This American Life.

It’s free, it’s not commercial, and it only wants you to love and be entertained by it. (It also probably wants you to write for it, actually; be wary of getting sucked in. The theme for the next issue is “A Walk on the Wild Side;” if you’ve got any good stories, email it at

I’m hoping this doesn’t count as spam; I’m only mentioning it to online communities I actually belong to, of which there are three, counting this one. If you have anything you want me to read, email me at the above address and I’ll read it-- fair’s fair.



I don’t know if it counts as objectional spam, but it’s usually considered ill-advised to post an email address in clear unless you really want to see how much traffic your own spam filter can handle… most people would enter them as name{at}place.domain, instead. You might want to use the “Report this post” thingy and ask a mod to edit it for you.

:smack: It’s true; I know better than that. I protect the addresses on my site. That said, this address is a made-up name at a domain where I’m the wild card-- [anything not previously specified]@[mydomain].net comes to me. If I start to get spam on it, I’ll just disconnect that particular address and start using “inquiry@” (or some such) instead of “info@.” Probably not worth bothering a mod about. (Plus, I can report back here exactly how much spam an in-clear email address at SDMB can generate-- it’s an experiment!)

Thanks for looking out for me, though.