Here is a story that might interest you - billionaire driver who may have been drinking looks like h

The son of a billionaire was driving his exotic and he bashed into some poor family and many of them (young children) died but it looks like he will get off scott free.

Would anyone care to make any predictions as to the amount of time he will spend in jail? (I suggest maybe Zero to Sixty?).

I got a laff from the headline of this story because it said words to the effect that he pled guilty and will be sentenced somewhere between 0 and life. That struck me as quite strange. Very, very quite strange.

Would anyone care to make any predictions?

Oh. Doggone it! I tried to change the title of this thread. I never realized that was not possible. Dang it!

More than four months after she lost her three children and father in a fatal car crash, there are six words Jennifer Neville-Lake is no longer afraid to say: “A drunk driver killed my family.”

I posted this because he is being represented by the most famous and most competent and capable criminal lawyer in the country. At least, that is the common perception.

P.S. I should have said that he may get off scott free and not that he will get off .

Also, I said he was driving his exotic because he was pictured with an exotic (a Ferrari). But I could be mistaken about that.

For those guessing, note that this is a Canadian case not one in the U.S.

I apologize because I was indeed mistaken about the kind of car he was driving. Here is another link that says it was an SUV.

Yes indeed. Thank you OldGuy. It happened in Canada. I just woke up and I should have waited a little longer before posting this story because it is so tragic and not something to make mistkes about. Sorry again.

Previous thread on topic from when the accident first happened:

“Here is a story that might interest you - billionaire driver who may have been drinking looks like h”

“h” what? What is “h”?

“Exotic” what? What is an “exotic”?

“Zero to Sixty” what? What is “Zero to Sixty”?
A lot of your post is hard to understand doggone dang it dang doggone.

OK. Sorry. Like I said, I just woke up and I should have waited a while before posting that.

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I have reported it and asked the mods to delete it or merge it.

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I’ve certainly had days like that.

Since he entered a plea of guilty, I am curious to understand why you believe he will (or may) get off “scott free.”

Based on this article, it seems like he will get off relatively easily, but not because he is rich.

Only ~8% of impaired driving causing death convictions result in jail time and the average sentence in those cases is ~2 1/2 years. Factor in 6 months for time already served and credit for pleading guilty and it doesn’t look like he will be spending a lot of time in jail.

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“looks like hell”
“looks like hero”
“looks like his mother”
“looks like Helen Keller”


There is a limited amount of space in which you can enter the title of a thread. I tried to write, “looks like he may get off scott free”, but it got truncated and that is why you only see the “h”.

As for the other questions, …

. An “exotic” means an exotic car. Usually a sports car that costs an insane amount of money. Like a Ferrari or a Lamborghini or Maserati, etc.

. By “Zero to Sixty”, I meant how many years will he likely get in prison. I would guess the answer is much closer to zero than to sixty because his lawyer has a reputation of being able to perform miracles in the court (albeit extremely expensive miracles). But it’s very hard to predict. I would think most people would be extremely outraged if he got off with zero prison time. His lawyer charges a huge amount of money and his reputation would make it seem like he deserves that. It’s just a real shame that we can see how wealthy people can hire expensive lawyers and avoid spending time in prison like most all the rest of the population has to do. It’s almost like wealthy people can get away with murder (just an expression).

I phrased it as “Zero to Sixty” to try and be funny. I’m not very good at humor however as most people who have ever seen me try that before will understand. When it comes to humor, in general, I suck.

<piling on>It’s scot-free</piling on>

Hmm, unless the guy’s name is Scott I guess.