Here's a suggestion!

By the way, just so you know, we’re using new cover sheets on our TSB reports now. Did you get the memo?

I think so. Oh, yep, it’s right here; i used it to wipe up a coffee spill.

In all seriousness, I for one am all for Facebook integration. I get the feeling most are opposed however.

Eww, no. I’m so sick of every site everywhere having to interact with FD (Face Dook).

You just joined and this is the first thing you post? Why do I think we may never see you here again?

In any case, there’s nothing stopping you from posting links on FaceDook. You bon’t have to have on of those little FD icons to do so.

Didn’t we actually have something like that 6 or 8 months ago that kept screwing up and everybody begged to have it removed? Like up between new posts and search, or search and quick links?

Some share crap that would auto scroll a block down begging for you to click on one of the damned little icons … and not go away.

They belong to me.


I told you all the OP isn’t coming back. So far it looks like I’m right.

Does this qualify as FaceBook spam?

We sure did. runs away screaming

True. It’s normally in MPSIMS, occasionally in IMHO, and for the “classy/artsy” stuff in CS. ATMB is hardly the place to discuss breakfast and dinner.


The OP is busy losing belly fat using a weird old tip she learned from a mom in [del]Cleveland[/del] [del]Seattle[/del] Ypsilanti.

And Hal Briston is the daddy.

SO, is this now TSB,MD?

The Straight Bope Message Doard?

I actually thought we got that part fixed, but the problem was that it was slowing down page loads way too much. But I may be misremembering.

How to share on Facebook:

Step 1) Highlight the URL of the page you are looking at.
Step 2) Press Ctrl + C.
Step 3) Select “post link” on Facebook.
Step 4) Press Ctrl + V.

I recognize the share button utilizes a little less effort, but it’s not that much of a difference. I often post links to threads on here. People who don’t do that wouldn’t suddenly become people who do because of a share button. It just seems like a waste of bandwidth to me.

We trieb it. The threabs shareb per month were in the single bigits, and the click dacks from those shares were close to nil. It also sloweb bown TSB page loabs, and the traffic generateb from the sharing bibn’t justify loss in performance, so it was biscontinueb.

xash, your keyboard has a speech impediment. :smiley:

Technical Service Bulletin.
Just read post #9 damn it.