Here's a suggestion!

I’d like to see TSB set up so I could share some of the great wisdom with all my pal on Facebook! God knows anyone actually using Facebook can use all the help they can get.

Any idea when we might get one of those little “share” icons on TSB?

What does TSB stand for?

The Straight Bope.

Tryptic Soy Broth.

Moved from GQ to ATMB.

The Soylent Breen.

Tommy Smothers’ Brother

Soylent Breen is sheeple!

Technical Service Bulletin

I agree, car makers really should try harder to get the word out when they know about common problems with their cars.

But WTF does that have to do with the SDMB?

:smack: B’oh!

Who put the Bope in the bope-she-bope-she-bope?

There is a natural synergy between the TSB (Transportation Safety Board) and Facebook.

Cecil Badams?

While TSB was unfortunate, adding a Facebook share button would be a very smart move by TPTD.

Cecil, Cecil, bo-becil
Banana-fana fo-fecil

That’s Cecil Bad-assams to you.

The Powers That Dance? The Powers That Dip? The Powers That Drool? The Powers That Disappear?

The Powers That Dun-Made-A-Joke-Son! The OP switched a D with a B, so I switched a B with a D.


I really don’t think the mods want us discussing B&D here in ATMB.