Here's what you're up against, Democrats!

Diehard Trump Fans Exposed on Rally Road Trip (12:38 video) finds a producer and a cameraperson embedded with a group of Trump supporters who have hired a bus to take them to a Trump rally in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Research tells me that this rally took place on 14 January 2020, so this was filmed just a month ago.

I’ll make sure this all upfront, too: this was produced and published by Now This News. I can’t find a mission statement from them, but they do seem to run quite a few anti-Trump/anti-right-wing stories.

I suggest that if you are against Trump, you should make the effort to watch this. These are the people and the attitudes you are up against for control of America. Keep in mind that you are currently losing this battle, and to these people.

My conclusion: at minimum, it’s gonna take A LOT to get these people to change their beliefs. It might even be impossible. Seriously. Some of these people, even if they live 50 more years, will prolly never change their beliefs, no matter what they see or hear or experience otherwise. They don’t have ideas; they have beliefs. And beliefs are really, really hard to change.

I don’t think I’ll be the only person who thinks that many if not all of the folks on this video are, to some degree, um, challenged by the world they find themselves in.

Trump’s support tops at at 45%. What the dems have to do is make sure they get the most out of the other 55% and not waste time effort and money trying to convert the lost

Trump’s support tops at at 45%. What the dems have to do is make sure they get the most out of the other 55% and not waste time effort and money trying to convert the lost. Get out the Dem vote in MI, WI and PA this time.

We don’t need to convert them. We need to outvote them. Crazy people have always been around.

And maybe convince some of them to strategically move to other states.

Yeah, Facebook 4 years ago was a lesson for everyone of all political stripes.

I think what I walked away from social media with was if bumpersticker-buzzwords are peppered in then there will be no original thought or conclusions. At that point what’s the purpose of a conversation?

Yep. I watched the video, with sound off, and subtitled. Only saw one bottle of whiskey. They act though, like a bunch of drunk morons.

Drunk is no excuse. They certainly are morons.

One of the late night shows, either Trevor Noah or Seth Meyer mentioned that many of the people at the Trump rallies are ‘groupies’. I don’t know if the people he was referring to are paying their own way and doing it for themselves or if their trips all over the country are funded by someone else and they’re essentially just paid to hype the crowd and look good on TV. IIRC, and I may not be, the implication was that those groupies are the only reason that everyone of his rallies is full of rabid supporters cheering at the same odd stuff instead of half full of normal people that are just going to say they went.

It’s worthwhile to remember that more than a few people voted for Trump because they wanted him to destroy the government. They couldn’t be happier with the job Trump’s doing.

Ceasar Sayoc wannabes.

If it is the latter they’re doing it wrong, and I don’t think for a second all the dolts involved could keep compensation in any form under wraps.

By all indication, even the revelation that many Trump supporters are paid professionals (if that is the case) won’t create a scandal because, well… things that are a lot worse didn’t, so why would it? Actual Trump supporters simply don’t care.

It wasn’t about conversation or original thought or conclusions then, and it won’t be this year, either. Democrats aren’t “up against” these people as individuals, and the idea that the election is somehow about persuading people like this has always been naive and doomed. We’ve all seen Trump’s approval numbers stay about the same no matter what happens, no matter what he does.

Really what Democrats are up against is a huge disinformation machine, backed by the largest sum of money ever to fund a campaign. Trump has always been about putting on an act, which caters to the self-entitled, self-imposed grievance of white males. They’re going to cling that (make themselves believe it) no matter what–it’s a willing and self-gratifying form of make-believe, that has nothing to do with “conversation.”

Now it’s become a vast, sophisticated propaganda machine. At this point, it’s mostly serving to keep people like this stoked, so they continue to send in contributions. Those contributions, in turn, will fund an onslaught of social media manipulation designed to ensure turn-out of his voters and suppress turn-out for whomever the Democrats nominate.

THAT’S what they’re “up against.” The people in the video are just pawns, and anyone who thinks the goal is to “change their beliefs” really hasn’t been paying much attention.