hernia trusses

Ok, I definitely have an inguinal hernia. I had one about 20 years ago and I’m positive. I can’t go for the operation for a month or two. I have some light physical activity that I must accomplish first… I have my whole kitchen torn apart for remodel… I tore the muscle carrying sheet rock. Ok, the heavy stuff is done. Do the trusses work? I only have a light burning and can cowboy up for a while but don’t want to be in any more discomfort than necessary. Are there different kinds that do different things? Thanks so much for your help.

Well, do your intestines travel all the way down into your scrotum? (I’m assuming you’re a guy, since men get most of the inguinal hernias. ) If it does fill your scrotum, can you push it back up into your abdomen manually? If not, trusses won’t do any good.

Or do they just end up in the inguinal canal? And can you reduce it back into the abdomen yourself?

How much pressure causes the intestines to move into the canal or scrotum? Defecating? Urinating? Sneezing?

BTW, there’s no substitute for a visit with your doc, to substantiate your diagnosis, and to assess the degree of the problem.

And watch for strangulation, when the intestines get twisted, their blood supply gets cut off, and pain becomes excruciating and unrelenting. THAT would be an emergency.


Hi Qadgop. As an aside, I have read you on these boards for quite some time. I am a habitual lurker. I believe you are an MD and your posts are always interesting.

Yes I am a male. I got the hernia today. It is located not in the scrotum but high to the right of the penis in the abdomal wall. I forget if it is the exact same place as my last or on the other side. I am aware of strangulation and that is why I want to know if trusses work. If I keep it pushed in (the purspose of the truss) then it shouldn’t strangulate? Correct? I am definitely headed to the doctor and getting the operation, but I HAVE to finish my chores first. The pain (it’s actually only a slight burning) is tolerable. I just don’t want to do further damage.

Thank you again for your prompt response.

A truss, properly worn, should keep the intestines from sliding down into and thru the inguinal canal. If the intestines are stuck in the canal, the truss will just push on them, and cause pain.

I know one old-timer who just shoved a can of peas in his shorts, and this acted to compress the canal and hold up his hernia. Note I do not advocate this specific method.

End result: Little harm to trying a truss, other than expense. Don’t use it if it hurts, and one may want to check out the appropriateness of a truss with a doc first.
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