Herod's Disease


if this is the herod i’m thinking of who was eaten by worms in the book of acts, i always heard that it was the worms you get from eating undercooked pork. i wish i knew the reference that talks about it in the bible, but i’m too lazy to try to find out.

According to this Scientific American article, from 2002, it was likely that Herod’s

Written accounts tell of:

Trichinella spiralis is the worm in uncooked pork.

That article in Scientific American is about Herod the Great. The character in I, Claudius was his grandson, commonly called Herod Agrippa I. Both their deaths were strange, and Graves seems to have conflated the two stories in his novel.

Herod Agrippa’s death is described in Acts 12:21-23

His death described in greater detail by Josephus in Antiquities of the Jews, book 19 (scroll down to Chapter 8, paragraph 2 near the bottom of the page.

The Death of Herod the Great is not, as far as I know, described in the Bible. Josephus describes the symptoms in book 17, ch. 6, para. 5

Ack! :smack: Sorry for my confusion over the Herods.