Heroes 10/27/08 "Eris Quod Sum" (spoilers)


That’s why he looks so familiar!

Well, Peter had to inherit his brains from someone, after all.

Speaking of, Peter did (briefly) have Sylar’s power. And we know from Future Gabriel that his power allows him to understand what other people’s powers do…

So Peter should have understood what his dad’s power did, before the hug.

Anyone notice that Papa Petrelli’s power = Jordan Collier’s power from 4400?

Hear! Hear! I count three characters of the current generation of heroes who have very good control over their powers. Two of them, Hiro and Myca are avid comic book readers. The other, Elle, has been trained since she was little.

Has Sylar ever known what someone’s power was without either seeing a demonstration or popping their top?

Yes. In the future Gabriel looks at Strong Fear Guy and knows what his power does.

Or he had encountered Fear Guy sometime in the intervening four years.

Ah, yes. The Dark Helmet philosophy.

A clue to how messed up Sylar is - he wants to be in the Petrelli family. :eek:

What a thoroughly uninteresting episode! Peter trusted a guy he shouldn’t have and now he’s incapacitated. Sylar/Gabriel doesn’t know what he wants. Maya is annoying still. Mohinder is ambivalent about the nature of his research. Angela might be evil. The few seconds we got of Hiro said nothing either.

There was absolutely no advancement of plot in this one. Then again, given the lack of direction in this season, I’m not surprised.

Okay, here are my crazy ass predictions based off of this episode:

Speed-girl has Matt in on her pretending to still be working for Pa Pretrelli, in which case she is quadruple crossing by this point.

Ma Petrelli had an Oedipus style vision of Sylar (ew, not like that) killing his own father, which is why she tried to kill him, gave him away, lamented giving him away and is now trying to manipulate him to her side. The whole bit with Hiro and Adam was simply leading up to getting the conditions right for Sylar to strike. Taking his father’s power will also finally give Sylar the ability to control “the hunger,” so that next season Zachary Quinto can be playing a full-time hero.

Maurie Parkman faked his death just like Matt did and will resurface at some point for one last, redemptive act. Unless your brain is taken by Sylar, you’re never really dead on this show.

Sylar and Peter are going to take to hugging one another and talking about brotherhood sappily before the season is out.

Mohinder’s pretty will miraculously be saved, but his stupid will be enhanced.

I just had a thought, it happens on occasion. Didn’t Sylar kill Maya’s brother? Did he take his Maya-nulling powers then or was Sylar’s brain mojo not working at that time? Did we ever see him use the power? Maybe he has it but never used it because then Maya would know he killed her brother? Anyway, if he has the nulling power and now Dad has Maya’s power perhaps he could cancel him out and get the upper hand at some point?

Too many conundrums to answer, but I’ll respond to this one -

Maya’s brother didnt have “maya nulling powers” - what he was was a calming affect - getting her to relax - there have been several indications this season that the onset of powers (and continued use of them) is at times related to adrenaline.

so, he had no powers for Sylar to take.

Wow, lots of hate for the show here! I actually liked this episode (and this season, in general) because it is feeling more and more like a comic book. Crazy plot twists, hidden agendas, “that was my plan all along!” type stuff.

I think it’s pretty clear that Sylar is still on Angela’s side, despite the whole “she tried to drown you” bit from Arthur. Maybe Sylar, having the gift of understanding complex things, reasoned that his mother must have dreamed about how Sylar would end up killing so many people and ultimately go boom and was trying to prevent that future; Sylar, with his current guilt complex, might think, “she tried to do the right thing, I SHOULD have been killed before I did those horrible things. But now I have a chance to redeem myself and be a hero.” I don’t think Sylar is stupid enough to believe either parent totally on their word.

It’s significant that Angela “fed” Sylar the young woman who could know the true history of anything she touched. It enabled him to “feel” the pain that he had caused Claire to feel, and presumably if he touches Angela or Arthur he would know their true intentions as well. I think this ability is going to be a major plot point when he has to figure out who to trust…and I think it will end up that BOTH Petrelli parents are lying and hiding a much darker agenda.

I do think that the formula developed by Mohinder/Pinehurst will give Peter his powers back eventually, but dammit, please not too soon! Let him get his damn scar first. Or else reset him like they did Sylar, and make it more difficult for him to absorb powers so he’s not immediately uber-powerful again.

There has been talk about the writers wanting to reduce the number of powered characters on the show, so permanently depowering or even killing characters (for real!) is a realistic possibility, IMO. So Maury Parkman might really be dead. Maya might really be cured. Interesting, isn’t it, that Arthur chose to kill Maury with a TK neck-snap, instead of first taking his power? I thought that was odd, and I suspect that whole scene may have been a scheme by Maury and Arthur to intimidate/fool the new recruits. Maury seems much more effective behind the scenes anyway.

I refuse to believe that Daphne is evil, simply because she is too cute. (I would easily be defeated by an evil mastermind that happened to be a cute girl.)

Agreed that it’s unfair to criticize Tracy for not going all Icewoman and using her powers all the time in the appropriate situations. She just recently discovered them and is afraid of what could happen if she loses control of them.

Nathan is now in an interesting position; so far as we know, he’s the least powerful Petrelli boy, but he’s also the oldest of the siblings and seems primed for a fight. Does he have what it takes to beat Daddy?

Ha! Just had a thought; what if, when the Petrelli brothers come together and hold hands, they form Marauder? (obscure Team America reference, and no, not the puppet movie).

I thought that Matt and Daphne should have waited longer for Knox to leave before coming out of hiding and talking loudly. But maybe Matt sensed that Knox had made a speedy exit or something. I dunno.

Given the Parkman family’s tendency to produce illusions, it makes me wonder if Candice (that was her name, right) might have been Matt’s sister.

I don’t think that Maya’s brother actually had a power; his presence just helped Maya calm down.

HRG is, as far as I am concerned, back to being Ambiguously Evil again. Mostly this comes from the fact that he was trying to get rid of Sylar, who is now being portrayed as someone trying to repent for his sins, but really, when you think about it, you can’t blame Noah for wanting Sylar to just go away. He DID terrorize Noah’s daughter and killed many people, including one right before his eyes at the bank. Clearly Sylar is dangerous, even if he is trying to reform.

I think it’s being strongly hinted at that Hiro is going to take another trip to the past, hence the “before they were heroes” voiceover for the preview of next episode. Here’s my WAG as to how they can have Hiro influence events indirectly; he goes to the past and leaves behind clues that will direct the heroes as to how to combat the villians, and when he returns to the present, we see the seeds that he planted come to fruition as all of the major players unite to confront Arthur and his cronies.

Actually, I don’t know why Hiro doesn’t freeze time and teleport Arthur into outer space or something. I mean, he had no problem teleporting Adam into a coffin. It would be pretty hardcore, but it would probably work.

I want to see Meredith use her powers for something other than lighting cigarettes and teaching object lessons to her daughter. Can she shoot a jet of flame or no?

I predict that Tracy will die heroically this season, so they can bring in the last sister with a new power for next season. This final sister will have an uncontrollable desire to have sex with Nathan Petrelli.

I just got an image of a Voltron super-Patrelli.

When Sylar killed Maya’s brother, Sylar had no powers, either. So even if Alejandro had powers, Sylar couldn’t have taken them, anyway.

Let us not forget that Sylar has both new and prior mommy and daddy issues – he didn’t want to follow into other-father’s life as a watchmaker, and he ended up killing (and feeling guilty over killing) other-mother. Factor that in on how he is reacting to Mama and Papa Petrelli, too.

I don’t think that Maury was killed as a faked death so he could go back to working behind the scenes. Maury was working behind the scenes, up until that scene – he’d posed as Linderman up until then, to everybody except Arthur. The first time he showed up as Maury where other people could see him with Arthur, he was killed by Arthur.

No need to fake his death to hide his involvement. His involvement was already hidden. And they didn’t need to do it to motivate Daphne to go along – Maury could’ve just put the thought into her head to go along. So I think Maury is dead.

And I think we won’t see Maya for a while. She’s had less screen time than many of the props this season, so no loss. She’ll probably be back next season when they want to steal the storyline from that Fly sequel with Eric Stoltz.

My husband mentioned something last night - couldn’t Claire’s blood heal Peter from his falling injuries? Wouldn’t that give him some of his powers back (if we recall correctly, that’s how Sylar got some of his powers back).

Nah, by then the ratings will have slipped.

She’ll have an uncontrollable desire to have sex with Claire.

I don’t necessarily buy this, considering her brother was (so far as we could see) totally immune to her power. In fact, his eyes only went black like her victims’ and her’s when he was trying to wipe out what she’d done.

He got the shaft in regard to powers, sure, but I think he had one nevertheless.

That’s how I remember it, too, I thought he seemed to be immune to her powers as other people were writhing around on the ground dying and he was standing up and talking to her.

As far as Sylar goes, I couldn’t remember the sequence of events but I thought he was back to square one with none of his acquired abilities but still had his initial one. I guess I’ll have to re-watch those episodes on DVD.

I also think Maury is dead dead and I think Arthur didn’t take his power first because essentially he had already acquired it through Peter. Also, he was probably afraid that Maury could protect himself before he could get his power so held off doing anything to him until he had the TK where he could dispatch him without having to touch him first.

No matter how nice or good Sylar is supposed to be, he always sounds like he’s about to rape the hell out of someone.

Also, Sylar was powerless at the time so he couldn’t take anyones powers. Thats why he doesn’t have the illusion power from that hot chick from season 1 either.

This is totally not a problem.

I mock only because I care!

I’ve been watching the S2 DVD from Zip* and when Bob set Mo up in the lab at the Loft of Murder 'n Shit he was telling Mo “yeah, I think close supervision of you is in everyone’s best interests”. I thought Bob was just crushing on our easily confused young scientist and wanted to spend his days transmuting base elements and watching Mohinder on the security cam, but damn, he was right!:smiley: Bob isn’t dead more than half a day and he’s got his protege mutating and his murderer out riding shotgun with the company’s best agent. That’s gotta bite.
*Canadian Netflix