Heroes 10/27/08 "Eris Quod Sum" (spoilers)

DirecTV informs me that Parkman’s Magical Negro Friend is named “Usutu”. Hopefully, he will actually do something tonite, so I can stop mocking him for being such a stereotypical Magical Negro Friend.

As soon as my wife and I saw Kristen Bell and Claire on that plane, we sighed. “Oh, stupid, stupid, Heroes. If you can’t control your electricity, why get on a plane?”


I have spent this whole episode going WTF? Why didn’t Tracy freeze the cocoon thing? Why did they get on the plane? There were a lot of huh? Entertaining episode though, I think that Sylar’s is just going to go fuck ya’ll and go out on his own. Was the push out the window a set up? Did he just make it look like he was trying to kill Peter??? (Although I wouldn’t miss peter).

I wish Maya stayed put in the cocoon… she got annoying as soon as she fucked the Fly.

Yes it looks like throwing Peter out the window was the only way Sylar could think to help him get away while pretending to still be working for dad.

Hey, I was thrilled to see someone actually using a vehicle to get from California to NY. But really, shoulda taken the Rogue.

And Mohinder, bloody hell:
Evil Petrelli : “Hey, help us work on this formula and maybe we can cure that bacne you gave yourself”

Mo: “Hey, you’re probably just trying to manipulate me, like, oh, everyone else I’ve ever met in America”

EP: “'kay, suit yourself”

Mo: " Oh, all right, I trust you"

EP: “Swell! Hey, I’ll let you experiment on my son!”

Peter:“Oh #%#^!!!”

And that didn’t even get him the ‘most gullible guy in hero-ville’ award of the night, unless Gablyer is being double reverse secret agent guy.

Gawd, Mohinder found a clue there for about 10 seconds

I don’t think Mohinder was fooled by Mr Petrelli in the least, at this point he simply does not care if hes a good guy or not. He asked for human test subjects for gods sakes, you think he would have any moral qualms left about working for the bad guys?

The scale things on Mohinder’s arm look like one of those Lotus seed pods. Ick

I was curious about the title. I know Eris is the name of the goddess of discord but when I looked up the episode on Wiki is said the title translates to “I am what you will be”. Is that right and what does it mean?

Yeah, but sometime soon he’ll feel guilty and stuff, and do something penance-y, so it’ll all be ok.

Mohinder’s day in 1 minute, Part 2:

Mohinder: “Long time no see, Peter, let me shoot you full of something weird from a needle. Hey, you saw me in the future? Did I look funny?”

Peter: “FREAK!!!”

Mo:“Shit! Well, too late to do anything about it now, give me a vein”

Gayblar busts through the door, TK’s Mo into a wall

Mo: “Yup, time for my semi-annual Sylar asswhuppiTHUDD!”

Gabriel: “Pete, my bro, c’mon”

Mo bug zapps Gabriel, commences Thor-like beatdown. Peter, catching that 10 seconds of common sense Mohinder was using that morning, busts ass out the door


Gabriel:“Daaaaaad, he’s hitting me!”

EP: “Hey, quit beating my boy”

Mo: “Huh?”

Gabriel: “You’re evil, pa”

EP: “You know, your mom tried to drown you like a kitten when you were born”

Gabriel: “I luv you pa!”

In 2 weeks: Jack Coleman relives his Dynasty years.

I like plot twists. I like occasional plot twists on top of plot twists. I’m not very happy with triple plot twists. The whole bit with speed-girl and Parkman and then the double twist and then the triple twist, eh, too much.

I think it was obvious that Gabriel saved Peter. Even their father suspected him. It was so clear, that even Peter figured it out.

They could have dragged that out a bit longer, indeed

So, who would have figured 1 short year ago that potentially the most likeable character would be Sylar?

I’d say he was the most likeable character back then too.

So Papa and Daphne’s grand plan is for her to keep a big secret from the mindreader. Clever.

Annie, can you do all my “Heroes” synopses? Yours makes so much more sense than what I’m seeing on tv. :smiley:

And tonight we learn that gullibility is not only contagious, it’s also hereditary as Sylar, just like Peter will believe absolutely anything that anyone tells him.

Peter should have taken the injection. Sure, it’s untested, and is in the hands of a guy who evolves into a freak in the future he has seen thanks to a similar injection, but hey, it might just restore his powers. Not the best solution, but that’s what you get for hugging your dad like that. That was just stupid.

I thought that Sylar saved Peter by slowing his fall, right up until this moment:
Peter: “Sylar saved me by slowing my fall.”
There you go. Sylar saving Peter means that Peter figured out the obvious on his own. Can’t have that.

Also, never shout “Relax, otherwise the plane will crash!”. It nevers works.

I think that Heroes actually is just displaying its sinister message, which is ‘good = stupid’. (Really, even Mohinder is starting to get a clue now he’s on the dark side.)

But I still hope that Sylar just goes: “You know how my ability is figuring out elaborate machinations? And you know how you used elaborate machinations to try to sway me to your side? Yeah, so do I.” at some point and then pops a few skulls for emphasis.

Heroes is going for the record of the most false deaths in one season. So far this season, we have Ando, Matt, and Peter. There might even be the case for Papa Petrelli and, to a lesser extent, Linderman. I don’t count Claire, because no one believes she is going to die.

I can believe Claire and 'lectricity gal (Ellen?) are teenagers. I could see my daughter and her friends (all around the same age) making the same bonehead decision. Momma Bennet should have known better and cautioned against it.

A request - will people stop faulting Tracy for not behaving like Iceman from the X-Men. She doesn’t think or act like a comic book character. She’s afraid of her power, doesn’t know how it works, and has little control over her power.