Heroes 10/13/08 "Angels and Monsters"

Trying to avoid last week’s delay before someone started a discussion thread, this time.

So, discuss.

OK, explain it to me.

Mohinder can make Shelob-like cocoons? When was this revealed?

How is Sylar resisting “the hunger”?

Hmm, this episode?

Hes not, last time they went on a mission he killed one of the bad guys they were supposed to catch.

Hey, who of us here HASN’T done something bad to get into some kind of group? Huh?

The new villain is pretty creepy. Hiro stabbing Ando was ridiculous. I think the season is getting better but its not quite there yet.

I also found Hiro’s stabbing of Ando completely unbelievable.

You don’t believe he did it?

Eh. Hiro can essentially stop time. No way he stabbed Ando without setting something up beforehand.

Guess Sylar doesn’t have Dale’s super-hearing power anymore. Or he was just playing Noah out.

And it is confirmed: Peter’s stupidity is genetic. Also carriers: Nathan and Claire.

Nathan accuses his mom of horrible things, including doping up his brother. And then… leaves his brother in the care of dear ol’ mom.

Claire… well, her whole story arc this season is full of Mohinder-esque levels of stupid. And her birth mom isn’t coming off as too bright, either.

Happily, Mohinder webbed-up Maya! w00t!

Exactly, Hiro would never have done that to Ando. That’s not what a Hero does.

I’m pretty sure he heard the whole thing.

I guessed last week that the new mysterious guy behind the scenes would be Papa Petrelli but I was still quite annoyed that only a day or so after airing last week’s episode they start announcing in teasers for this week’s show that the new mysterious guy is Papa Petrelli. Sheesh, save something for the actual show.

I don’t believe that Hiro killed Ando either. I think he stopped time and set something up to make it look like he killed him. But it was nice to see one of the two acknowledging how bad they were at being Heroes. Oh, and I thought I brought this up last week, but why the hell dig up the coffin when all Hiro needs to go is blink Adam in and out of the coffin? Isn’t that how he put him in there in the first place?

Maybe they’ll keep Peter in a coma for a while to keep him out of trouble. I wonder if they could put Mo in a coma for a while, too? With his shirt off, of course.

I missed it. Does anyone know when it’ll be on NBC.com?


I would say that Mohinder is crossing the line of no return into Villiansville, but seeing how they keep trying to rehabilitate Sylar–I guess no one is beyond redemption.

That really bugs me more than any of the other awfully stupid aspects of this show. Sylar was INCREDIBLY dangerous and evil in season 1 and season 2. He is one of the most powerful of the supers and is practically impossible to control. And his personality and nature was pretty much evil through-and-through. He murdered people without conscience or remorse. He was NOT “misunderstood,” or crying out for help, or having some kind of breakdown. He was murderously evil and he LIKED it.

And now The Company is ignoring all that and they’re trusting him to work for them? The shows writers have pretty much turned him into a boy scout with a dark past? I am having real trouble getting over how sloppy the writing is so far this season.

What I liked:

Vortex-guy was cool and it made sense (!) for HRG to try to use him to get rid of Sylar. I wish they hadn’t “killed” him off so quickly.

I had guessed a while back that the elder Parkman was responsible for the visions of Linderman.

I like Daphne, so I’m glad she’s still involved in things.
I’m sure Hiro faked the Ando-skewering somehow, but Daphne was there and she wouldn’t have been fooled by it–she can still move around and interact with Hiro even when he has “stopped” time. I wonder if that will be addressed?

I think they are very awkwardly trying to make Sylar all better now that he’s got a lovin’ mummy!

Who was the actor playing Papa Petrelli?

Presumably so they could talk to him while the coffin lid was closed… which they did, at one point.

Of course, this doesn’t explain why he didn’t simply blink the coffin itself up out of the ground.

Robert Forster

I have been enjoying Maya’s Americanization. Lots of boobage, donchaknow.

Previously, when Hiro slowed time down, he still had to move things around, make them happen, etc. It only appeared instantaneous to people in “normal” time. So he would still have to actually dig up the coffin. He can’t just teleport people or things at will.

I know there are still a lot of naysayers, on this board and at large, but I have to say I’m enjoying this season more and more. I love the shifts in allegiances and the manipulation that’s going on. For those who think it’s unrealistic for Sylar to suddenly be a good guy that wants to prove he can be reformed…just note the look on his face after HRG gets out of the car to talk to Claire after Sylar tells him that she doesn’t believe him, and that he’ll never understand people like them…you don’t think Sylar has a bigger end-game in mind? Awesome.

Of course now we know why Ando killed Hiro in the future. Just returning the favor.