Heroes 10/6/2008

Hmmm…this was not a great episode.

So Sylar can overcome his hunger and become normal? Why is Claire so bad? I thought Peter could heal.

This show is looking lost, and not the good kind of lost like LOST. :wink:

We know Sylar can overcome his hunger; Mama Petrelli told him so. We didn’t know he’d want to overcome his hunger. (… or that it instinctively makes him or Peter want to pop people’s heads open. sheesh.)

Claire is bad because of the storyline that DirecTV’s blurb said was supposed to be on this week. Zero for two, DirecTV is, since last week it thought we’d see Mohinder brundling along too.

Peter can heal, but his power was being blocked by the Haitian.

How creepy was it that Sylar – er, Gabriel – was in the future in the Bennet house, with a cute kid named “Noah”, and Mr. Muggles??? For a sec, I thought they were implying he’d hooked up with Claire. eew.

Frankly, Mohinder’s storyline can go away (taking Maya with it, hopefully), as far as I’m concerned. And Parkman’s heading to join it, if his storyline means Molly the Moppet is coming back.

Overall, though, I’d say it’s still doing better than the beginning of last season. Not an Irish lassie in sight.

I was confused about why future Peter was still dead, too. If it was the Haitian did they plan on having him guard future Peter forever? I didn’t get Peter needing Sylar’s power since he basically has a passive version of it already. Why kill Nathan to see how he works when he already has his power?

It was kind of cool seeing Sylar as Mr. Mom but I couldn’t help but wonder whom he bred with.

I think that the mysterious stranger that Mama Petrelli gets all freaked out about is going to be her supposedly dead husband.

Many addicts have learned to control their addictions. (Especially with the help of an understanding mother. :slight_smile: )

Who says she’s bad? Would you kill Osama bin Laden, or Hitler, if you had the chance? Would that make you bad?

He wasn’t trying to kill him, nor get his powers. He was trying to examine him to figure out what had happened over the last 4 years. (And doing this with a craving that he didn’t have any experience dealing with. Sy…I mean… Gabriel did try to warn him.) Also, he probably figured “no harm killing my bro in this future that won’t occur after I figure out how to fix things.”

Sometimes you have to break a few eggs to keep the omlette from hitting the pan.

How long did it take for Maya to become the harpy girlfriend? 48 hours? “What a pigsty. This place stinks. Lets’ screw!”:confused:

But he was reading his mind already, why crack him open?

I feel like they’re forcing “Sylar’s a good guy” onto us in a very unnatural way by explaining that there’s a “hunger” that goes along with his power. I liked his character so much more when he was just an unforgiving asshole serial killer. I mean, all last season he spent time without his power and he didn’t care, he in fact wanted it back. Did finding out Mama Petrelli was his mom really change him that quickly?

In other news, maybe Future-Peter stayed dead because Future Claire put a bullet in his head? I know they didn’t show it but that’s the only plausible explanation I can think of. Also, I like Daphne a lot more as cute rebellious punk chick and less as faithful mommy dearest and Parkman sidekick.

I applaud the efforts that the writers are trying to make Mohinder interesting but they’re failing miserably. And Maya really went psychotic girlfriend quickly yeah, but she is dealing with Mohinder here.

I liked this episode more than last week. What I wish they had done was instead of “world ending apocalypse in the future” they just had “future where everybody has powers and THAT’S BAD” because I think that would have been more intriguing.

They can still have that. They have yet to knock over Tokyo while Ando bug zapps Hiro.

Interesting how they’re turning the two big bads of the season 1 and 2, Sylar and Monroe, into good guys, and Peter is turning into the bad guy. It’s probably the only productive thing they can do with Peter, since I don’t think I can tolerate another season of ultra powerful and ultra stupid Peter.

I can believe Sylar turning over a new leaf, since in season 1 he briefly had a flash of conscience when he went to visit his mother. Then he accidentally killed her and went back to insanity again. Who knows, maybe he’ll be a reverse-Anakin and instantly turn good out of love.

well, she whispering and using short, clipped semicryptic sentences. in Heroes - that = bad. And she had dyed her hair. Long, “deep” rambling, that would be good.

There’s really no plausible reason for Peter to want Sylar’s power. He can absorb powers without being intrusive and he can read minds. Plus, he can read words, too. He could have found out what happened over the past 4 years by asking someone or going on the internet. Heading off to California (and again…how did he get there so fast? teleporting? How did Claire? Magic?) was the least effective way of getting the answers he wanted.

I don’t think the writers understand that “THE WORLD WILL END” is not the only potential storyline/crisis. That’s huge stakes, and they don’t seem to have the ability to handle it. They need to have a smaller scale problem, one that they can wrap their minds around and then bring us along with them.

They need to have some kind of Haitian Cryptonite to keep all the crazies in level 2-5 from breaking out with their powers. They could have used the same stuff where Peter’s body is kept. Did they ever explain what makes powers not work in the company’s secure facility? I just wonder why they don’t use the stuff anywhere else.

Sylar’s power is to figure out how things work, not to absorb powers – that’s a side effect. Peter’s trying to figure out how the timeline works, in order to fix things without screwing up any more and having the world get all blowed up, which by now seems to be not quite as figurative as I originally thought it to (sort of begging the question what they’ll do next season – have the sun go nova?).
I actually think that’s kind of a neat idea, sort of leading up to a ‘becoming the bad guy because of wanting to do the right thing’-character arc.

Actually, powers do work in the company’s holding facilities (unless the Haitian is actually present) – Peter ported in for a visit with his bro Sylar, blue flame guy kept firing up the walls, and when they wanted to subdue Sylar, they had to keep him sedated, which is presumably what they do with supers whose powers are too strong to keep contained.
I’d go with the ‘bullet in the head preventing him from coming back’ thing for the time being (though that opens up another question of whether he’d eventually decay, and if that could finalize his death).

I think that Maya is supposed to be under the effects of Mohinder’s new powerz. Hence, her more-than-usual stupidity and the sudden girlfriendness.

I also suspect that Claire turned bad because she ran out of blond hairdye.

Maya: Here’s a (supposedly) conservative Catholic girl who just got wild with Mohinder. She needs to validate that it wasn’t just a one time fling to fit it in with her view of morality. No problem with her motivation.

Peter (future): It has been shown, back in season 1, that if the killing object remains in place, he remains “dead”. Just stick an icepick back there and break it off. Easy enough to explain, though on TV they need to be more obvious.

Peter (current): He needs Sylar’s power to see how the pieces fit. Peter (future) has been mucking with time and continues to make things just as bad, because he can’t fit all the pieces together. Sylar’s power will allow Peter (current) to fit all the pieces together, like a complicated watch, so that it runs smoothly. At least, that’s the general idea.

Storyline: I am in the minority, but I like the time travelling, future apocalypse storylines. I think it is building a very good arc. First you start with the destruction of NYC. They save NYC, but introduce the virus. So they stop the virus, and suddenly they’ve introduced this season’s problems. Hiro and Peter, despite their incredible power, keep mucking with the future and the past, intending to fix it, but only making things worse (or just as bad in a different way) every time. All I know about Chaos Theory and Butterfly Effect I learned from Jurassik Park, but this seems to fit in the TV serial sense.


I agree, Sylar was more interesting when he was just a scary serial killer so this bugged me. Linking his killing hunger to his powers just seemed to be a plot device to make Peter go evil faster.

As far as Stupid Peter Syndrome goes, we had two Peter’s together and it seems to multiply the effects. Both Peters have the power of invisibility and you can see the other invisible person when you’re invisible so if you’re in so much danger of being seen then go invisible. For that matter with all his powers you’d think Future Peter would have better defenses, like always walking around with a TK field around him or keeping his mind open to hear the thoughts of people who want to kill him. Although it was nice to see Present Peter have the wherewithal to smack the Haitian upside the head with a trash can lid when he couldn’t use his powers to get away. At least he can think on his feet sometimes.

You appear to be in the minority on the Straight Dope. Past experience has shown that means jack-all as to whether you are in the minority for the rest of the viewership. I suspect you’re not so much in the minority overall, as in the majority overall.

We haven’t seen anyone able to walk around with a TK field around them, or keep their mind open to hear the thoughts of other people. You’re extrapolating what powerz can do based on your own wishes, and then condemning the show based on that.

For that matter, Peter1 & Peter2 may well have been invisible while walking around in Future City of the Flying People. But from what we’ve seen, Peter hasn’t been able to be invisible and use another power, so they may have had reason not to have had their invisibility on.

And do we know if the Haitian needs to know someone is there to nullify their powers? Since his power is sort-of a plot hammer, I suspect it functions by whatever rules the writers need, and so no matter what munchkined scheme you come up with for Peter, he’ll always be trumped by the Haitian if necessary for the plot.

I’m getting a bit annoyed with the writers dicking around with the rules of their own universe whenever it suits the plot… while the episode was all-round buffet of “meh”, the whole incident between Present Peter and Future Sylar really takes the cake.

The way I understood it, Sylar only regained his original ability when he used Claire’s blood to restore his powers at the end of Season 2. The rest of his acquired powers were still gone - the whole point of going after Claire at the beginning of this season was to start rebuilding his arsenal.

So why is it that Future Sylar is gifted with a future-painting ability, exactly? I mean, we’ve established that characters with Precog Painting Power seem to be a dime a dozen this season, so it’s possible he went and did brain surgery on another one before turning into Mr Mom… but then again, that wouldn’t explain how his Radioactive Man ability regenerated as well.

Like I’ve said before - I’m willing to suspend disbelief, but it’s getting hard to do when the show itself can’t maintain some kind of consistency.

I don’t think that future-Clair is bad; just bad-ass. For reasons that haven’t been fully explained, 2012 Peter is like 2002 bin Laden. Everybody wants him dead for the destruction that he caused. (If you ran across bin Laden today, and he said “Hey, I didn’t mean for that to happen. Give me a chance to make things right”, would you trust him, or just put a bullet in his head?)

I think that Sylar as a recovering addict housefather was just one possible future, and one that we’re not likely to see again. He found himself as a father at a crucial time in his recovery, and since then has used his son as the motivation to stay clean.

I’ve gotta say, playing Devil’s Advocate and defending this show sure is tiring.

Munchkined? I was not condemning the show, I still like the show, I just find it annoying that they give characters tons of powers that could be used to protect themselves but they never explore it. The character is always conveniently stupid at the worst possible time and I am getting tired of having to accept that as a plot point. At least have them attempt to use a power for some purpose like defense or concealment when they don’t want to be seen. How did they keep finding Peter so easily if they didn’t use Molly until the last time when they tracked him to Costa Verde?

And I never said anything about the Haitian needing to know super people are around to nullify their powers so I don’t know where you got that from. All I said was that it was nice that Peter was able to think on his feet and use normal human power to take out the guy.

But since you brought it up we have seen instances of the Haitian having to have his power “on” and a super getting away. In one instance Nathan flew away from him and Mr. Bennett when they were quite close. In another his ability turned off when he was knocked unconscious. Sure the writers could contradict themselves again for plot convenience but they have established on at least a couple occasions that his ability is not passive.