Heroes 4-10 11/16.09 “Brothers Keeper”

*Just a thought, but do you think this one might be a Petrelli-fest? Is that a spoiler? *

So last time: Amnesi-Sylar/Nathgablar/ meatbag Sylar/ whatever his name is woke up in his Nathan skin/persona. 'cause, it’s Thursday and Nathan gets the body Thursday-Sundays? Anyway, he left the carnival without leaving a note saying when he’d be back. Gretchen left Claire, because true love can deal with any type of adversity including attempted murder. Too bad it wasn’t love, I guess. Peter’s healing the sick but it gives him the vapours. Matt and Evil Brain Sylar have a cross country game of chicken with Matt’s body, innocent bystanders and the TSA; Matt got Sylar arrested twice in one day and pushed him into a mud puddle; Sylar popped a hissyfit and killed a tow truck driver in retaliation. By the end of the day Matt’s taken a huge one for the team and took control long enough to commit suicide by cop; the last we saw of Matt they were giving him the paddles in the ambulance and trying to not disturb the 17 bullets in his torso. And the Haitian has a name after all, but it’s nowhere as cool as ‘the Haitian’.

Tonight: Do you think it’s possible, just maybe, just once, can we have a Claire-free episode? Not that she ain’t a spunky little thing, but there is another blonde chick on the show-how about letting Tracey out of the house for a bit? I’m not foolish enough to expect that they’ll give Sylar a rest anytime, er, ever.

From the show site:

Samuel learns just how powerful he can become and takes dangerous measures to reach his full potential. Meanwhile, as Tracy begins to lose control of her ability, one of her own comes in harm’s way. Elsewhere, Sylar continues his battle with Matt

Lightly spoily picture, from above link: Monkey see, monkey do, Version 2.0:

And in case you aren’t getting enough Zachary Quinto in your life, which clearly is a concern of the producers’, Star Trek comes out on DVD tomorrow.

So, in the sharing / transfer just before they flew out of the desert, did Peter get:

  • Just flying?
  • All of Sylar’s powers?
  • Head Sylar?

He’s just going to bounce from man to man all season long, isn’t he? Probably into Claire just to get some freak on.

Wow, and I thought Mohinder *had *chunked up a bit when we saw him last. Glad to know I wasn’t crazy.
Crazi-er. Like, Mohinder crazy Bwah!! :smiley:

Samuel sure seems to have grown immensely in confidence from 8 weeks ago, hasn’t he?

Still no real explanation why the Master of Time and Space couldn’t have gone back to stop Samuel from abducting Charlie in the first place; he seems to have a pretty good handle on his time traveling powers again.

Kind of a bad move on Peter’s part to swap healing for flying at this point, isn’t it? Unless he’s more concerned about keeping a watch on Nathlar than saving people’s lives, I guess.

So Tracy and Claire get to have a pajama party. (I’m not complaining.) No big surprise at Claire healing from the freeze, of course. I thought at first that Claire was going to hold her severed foot to the stump on her leg to let it reattach, but I guess not. So what do they do with the soon-to-be-thawed foot? No one thought that “hey, maybe we ought not to just leave this out?”

Watched the preview for next week…yay Gretchen is back! I was afraid that was going to be another dead-end for Claire.

Was that what it was? I thought maybe they had recast him.

What I want to know is – is the four days stubble the goatee to tell apart nice, ‘quiet life’ Mohinder from science-crazy, pimps-himself-out-for-a-blackboard-and-some-chalk Mohinder?

Did Peter ever heal Hiro?

Yes. :wink:

No :frowning:

I am just jumping in to say I called the whole “Samuel gets power from other specials” a few threads ago.

Also, just a whole lot of stupid in this ep. Suddenly Parkman is completely powerless, Sylar can take over his body, and somehow just a touch will put them back togehter? WTF?

Peter drops his healing power which very few people have, and which he needs to heal his friend Hiro, in order to be able to fly after his brother, who is probably going to fly back to his office anyhow?

Samuel tells Hiro “Not yet” and he doesn’t just stop time, take the video back, and say, sorry, chump, no Charlie – no movie?


And my wife said “Why is she getting into the bathtub with clothes on?”

I think this season was coming along quite nicely until Mohinder showed up. Now we learn that:
[li]Parkman (and Sylar) really isn’t dead[/li][li]a sitting Senator can simply take an unscheduled “vacation” for a week without it being remarked upon[/li][li]Samuel has accumulated an entire carnival of supers in eight weeks[/li][li]said supers unquestioningly follow his every decision, again in eight weeks[/li][li]that includes his “niece”[/li][li]Peter unhesitatingly gives up his healing ability that he took so much trouble getting to follow Nathan around[/li][/ul]
This is Mohinder’s true ability: to give the show writers a case of Teh Stupids.

[quote=“Terminus_Est, post:10, topic:517776”]

[li]a sitting Senator can simply take an unscheduled “vacation” for a week without it being remarked upon[/li][/quote]

I thought I heard “weekend” when Nathan was talking about how long he had “disappeared” (semi-reference to Gov. Mark Sanford?)

His brother Joseph had already established the carnival as a safe place; I think Samuel only expanded it by a few additions.

So since Nathan’s body is just kinda hanging out chilling, so to speak, I predict we’re going to have a Peter/Hiro go-back-in-time-and-get-healing-power-before-kid-bites-it episode and then Peter will heal dead Nathan.

Just because that kid couldn’t heal his parents doesn’t mean the writers won’t find a reason to make it work for Nathan.

:golf clap: Does he know this about himself yet? Perhaps not, since I don’t think we’ve seen him use his ability in the presence of other PWA’s (except planting flowers with Lydia.) Whenever he drops a building, it’s solo.

When was he powerless? Or, any more powerless than the episode before to be specific. I don’t remember if Matt had to touch Sylar back when he was reformatting him/uploading Nathan, so maybe. Since jumping from body to body is not currently supported by scientific research, the writers are free to pull whatever they want from their collective ass on this front.

Brother? They’d just been told Nathan’s Sylar. Not his brother. (Whether he believed it is a different matter) Additional speculation: You sure that’s Peter who did that?

Too scared to play that game of chicken with Charlie’s life, probably. But clearly, Hiro has deep reservoirs of ‘dude, that’s harsh!’ to draw upon. He buried the immortal guy alive, and just asylum’d Mohinder. He could still pull something out of his hat.

This isn’t HBO? OK fellas, how many of you were troubled by seeing the attractive wet lady in her underthings? Bueller? Hello? :cool:

[li]Matt was being revived in the ambulance, which is TV shorthand for ‘not gonna die’[/li][li]Which is what Nathan said-then his assistant told him Angela’d called in to say he’d gone on a vacation.[/li][li]Joseph said to Mohinder they had a few specials and he kept the numbers low to keep Samuel in check; since Joseph’s death, Samuel’s been recruiting more. Our gang in particular.[/li][li]Willingly? How many are being blackmailed a la Hiro? And Lydia and Knives (right, Edgar) have been shooting knowing glances at each other when Samuel gets a’ preaching. There’s gonna be trouble, mark my words![/li][li]‘Niece’ had external motivation, avenging her dad’s death. You betcha she’d help Samuel out with his Bennet problems![/li][li]Yeah that was dumb. If it was Peter. Did we see any head-Sylar after Nathan and Matt lo-fived in the hospital room? If Evil brain Sylar got into Peter, could he torque up Pete’s ability acquisition to allow for retaining more than one ability?[/li][/ul]

Yeah, what Jeff said!

Nathan says he’s been gone a week, btw - right at the beginning of the episode. (“I lost a week of my life, not my car keys”). I therefore imagine when he speaks later, he’s using the expression ‘lost weekend’ figuratively. It’s all useful to know because it’s never very clear how much time in general is passing as the season unfolds.

I was also amused how the only consideration that Peter gave to Rene the Haitian’s very specific warning about visiting the storage locker alone was to wonder aloud to Nathan about why he’d bother saying such a thing. What DOES Angela have on that guy that makes him so ultra loyal?

Also, what was everyone’s take on Rene’s “keep back” bit to Nathan? Concern that his power nullification thing would kick in, leading him to revert to his Sylar form and freaking everyone out or just creeped out and wanting to keep his distance?

I took it as not wanting Nathan to revert to Sylar-face. That would freak the hell out of Nathan, sort of like seeing his own body in a casket in a storage locker.

Peter - do you have any idea what ALONE means?

That’s the way I took it as well, but now I wonder if it wasn’t also concern about Nathan/Sylar absorbing his power-cancellation power. Then we’d have a super with pretty much unlimited powers and the ability to cancel other supers’ powers.

Poor Nathan - there’s probably no good way to discover you’ ve been murdered but finding your own corpse has got to be the worst.

I wondered incidentally if the little scene was inspired by the similar bit in “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” (1978 version) where Jeff Goldbum finds the pod person version of himself. That film had Veronica Cartwight taking on Peter’s role in the scene of going all “EWW! don’t TOUCH it!” too.

I like to imagine Angela was nice/looked out for young Rene when he was freshly nabbed into the company as a teen. He genuinely seems to care for her

How about not getting Haitian-face into Sylar’s collection of costumes? No, I think that he’s far more worried about Nathgabler being a big ole faker-he’s not just a confused Nathan (like Angela thinks), he’s actively Sylar pulling a fast one on the world.

I was thinking Katharine Ross in The Stepford Wives, but that was reversed. Peter took it pretty well…:confused:

(I’m thinking about developing a Claire/Sylar quotient for a given episode, since the producers are hell bent and committed to having them in every single frigging one. Low CQ= Claire in it, but not about her story, she just shows up for some quick exposition and sock washing; high CQ=girlsex. This SQ- some Sylar, less about him than how he’s affecting Matt and/ or others, all head-Sylar, no meatbag. This ep; Low CQ; Mid-range SQ.)

Woohoo-the right and proper “Previously, on Heroes”! Trying to sneak Parkman in last week? You goobers weren’t fooling anyone. You may be as manipulable as an ergonomic sippy cup, but you give good voice, Mohinder. Welcome back!

Samuel: Here’s what I need from you, Hiro. I need you to go back in time nine weeks and find a man named Mohinder Suresh
Hiro: How about right now? Do you want to use my phone? I have his number
Samuel: Has he picked up his messages recently? No? That’s because I killed him. Such a mistake!
Hiro: Oh no! You want me to save him? Of course, you just had to ask, you didn’t have to kidnap Charlie to have me do this
Samuel: Oh, sod that pretentious twit. He can stay dead-just get there before he burns up my movie
Hiro: What is on it, 70’s porn?
Samuel: No, I got angry and killed Dr Suresh trying to swipe his film that showed how powerful I really am. Just as he completely explained in that conversation I overheard between him and Joseph. Hey, grab those cans and load up the truck. See, we recycle, we’re environmentally conscious freaks, weirdos and manipulators.
Hiro: Your karma is so far in the crapper you could recycle western Brazil and still come back as a turd roach for the next 75 reincarnations. And I’m not saying that just because you killed an Indian.
Samuel: But really, I just want to see me cause an earthquake by kicking my way out of the womb. You go get me that movie, and your girl comes back from the abyss. Deal?
Hiro: I will save Dr Suresh and retrieve your birth video, Evil Butterfly
Samuel: Quit calling me that!
Hiro: You know, most people are embarrassed by the home movies of their birth
Samuel: But dude, earthquake! Remember, don’t worry too much about saving the professor. He’s really a bit of a tightass, and we have you and Lydia for that.

*Wavy lines back two months, to Chennai- in July. Holy crap, I want to turn on an air conditioner just thinking about that. Mo’s tutoring some dark haired 13 year old girl in something scientific. *
Annie: Molly? Is that you?
Not Molly: Dr Suresh, you’re so smart!
He’d better watch out, those little 7th grade chicks crush easily. Semi-luckily, he’s acquired a girlfriend since we saw him last -whats her face, the ex from the 1st season who kept trying to veer him away from his DNA-laced destiny. She looks like she’d slash any poor kid who got googoo eye’d over her man. She looks like she’d just slash any poor kid, just on principle. Hey, I think I know what happened to Molly…
Mira: I’m so glad you finally quit pursuing that ridiculous research of your fathers’. That was turning you into a crazy man
Mo: I got better
Mira: What?
Mira: That ‘special abilities’ insanity- you didn’t actually believe any of that, did you?
Mo: Picks up a rock, throws it six miles into the Atlantic; No, it was all foolishness.
Mira: Hey, what’s with all this old research stuff of your dad’s? Get rid of it, it makes you obsessive and you’re so much harder to domineer when you’re fixated on that super abilities bunk
Mo: Yes dear.
Molly: Someone let me out of the basement!!!

*That other blonde hero chick- not Clarie, the other one…Tracey, right. She’s hanging out at the coffee shop, being a high powered Washington power person and all. Or, not so much anymore. Someone tacked up some posters in the shop-Circe de Sullivan is coming to town! *
Tracey: Imagine running off to live with the circus. That could be so cool
Waitress: God, can you imagine living with those freaks?
Tracey: God, can you imagine sucking up to truckers all day to get an extra quarter for a tip?
Waitress: God, can you imagine what I’m going to hork into your next refill?
Tracey: Watch it, sister, I think I’m losing my cool…actually-freeezies; *cracks coffee mug *-I’m not losing my cool! Dammit! *Exeunt *

Peter: I told you, this isn’t the first time you’ve woken up somewhere bizarre after a week long bender. Stop worrying!
Nathan: So, a senator disappears for a week, no one notices?
Peter: As long as you aren’t found with a dead girl or a live boy, no one cares! Besides, you aren’t exactly the chair of the armed services committee… Hi ,Haitian.
Haitian-Back off Syl-sailor, I’m here to talk to Peter
Peter: Jeeze, chill out Rene, what’s up?
Haitian: Oh, God, Angela told you, too? Why do I trust her? Mrs. Petrelli sent me to erase your and -his- memories of the last week, but in good conscious I can’t do that to you. I won’t tell you why not, of course. You need to decide this for yourself. But check out this Nathan shaped box at this address-that should be far less traumatic a way to find out that your brother is… Don’t tell-him.
Peter: Sure thing, dude. Psst, Nathan, get your flying coat on, we’re going to the storage lockers.

*Mo’s snuck out of bed and fished his dad’s crap out of the trash. He fires up the movie projector-hey, that clattering won’t wake the girlfriend up- and starts the Chandra Suresh Coyote Sands film retrospective. Reel one: ‘Samuel’. *
Chandra, 40-odd years ago: I know most people use paper and pen to keep a journal, but we really have amazing funding. God bless the US military industrial complex! In our research we have found that people with abilities emit a sort of ‘force’…
Mo: A ‘Force’? What, it’s all midichlorians? You have to be kidding me. Well, go on, Obi-Wan…
Chandra: ……one in particular seems to be affected by them-a pregnant woman.We think her baby’s ability is strengthened by being around other people with abilities, causing seismic disturbances
Mo…So, you sent her far away from that camp full of people with abilities, right?
Chandra: So we’re keeping her here in the camp full of people with abilities so we can watch the birth. This should totally rock! ……What do you mean, the baby’s coming now? Hey, what’s shaking the cabin? Whoa-aaaaaaaaaaarrrrggggggaaaaaaaa!!! and the film cuts out
Mo: I understand. It’s all falling into place now. It’s in our DNA. In every decision in life, there are two paths we can take: the prudent, sensible path; or,we can behave like a Suresh. Given the choice, we pick the path that’s most likely to result in someone getting shot, tazed or turned into a roach. I’m going to end up murdered by some crazed person with an ability and anger management problems, just like my father was. I’m doomed. Flips through a notebook What’s this? Schematics for a compass? Fascinating-let’s see what’s in the tool drawer…

Claire’s- in this episode too? Of course, doesn’t she have to be in all of them?-is sneaking into dad’s place to use the washer again; instead of quarters, she finds the doorknob in a melted slurpee puddle on the floor. From the bathroom-Thud, thud, thump. *
: Freeze!
Tracey: Jeeze, rub it in, why don’t you! That’s my problem I’m here to see your dad, I need his help
Claire: Are you sure about that? The last person he helped ended up being killed by the cops.
Tracey: Frosts up Aiiiiii! I’m freezing and I can’t stop!
Claire: Settle down, we can fix this. Take your clothes off, and get in this hot bath
2 million former Heroes viewers: Dammit, why didn’t you get these two in the bathtub together in Season 3? We’d still be watching!
Claire: I’ll make some tea
Tracey: I’ll sit in here and- freeze all the water in this tub? Craaaaaack. Splash. Wow, the guy downstairs is going to be pissed.
Claire: Oh, just chill out…she grabs Tracey’ arm…
Claire: Ruh roh,
…and freezes solid.* (Hey, have we found a way to kill the unkillable girl? Stick that in your footnotes, people)
Tracey:Ooooh shit- I killed Noah’s kid! He’'ll never help me now. Maybe if I put her in a hot bath…draaaaag,*crack, smash.(Holding a broken off frozen Claire foot) *Shit, now I broke her too! Waaaaahhhh!

*Peter and Nathgabler land at the U-Store locker. *
Peter: You go see what’s in there; I’ll just go outside and have a smoke. I’m sure Rene won’t mind you seeing what’s in here, contrary to his explicit instructions
Nathler finds a big ole refrigerated(?) coffin, and really doesn’t seem too surprised that he has. He opens up to find-hey, he’s pretty well preserved for being dead two months. Someone even sewed him up. Think Noah got stuck with that?
Nathler: Peter??!! Get in here, oh my god, I’m dead!
Peter: Really? *Peeks in coffin. Hey, that is weird
Nathler: Weird? Weird?! I spend two months telling you I feel like literally I’m not myself, I black out for a week, and now I find my violently murdered corpse-which seems like it’s been on ice for about two months-and all you got for me is 'wow, that’s weird?” No offense, Pete, but just when did you start smoking enormous amounts of pot?
Grabs Nathler’s shoulders for the patented Petrelli brother deep gaze-into-Nathan’s-eyes-nay-unto-his-very-soul:
: *Nathan, you may be dead, but you’re still sarcastic. So don’t worry, you’re as you as usual. Settle down, this has to be a fake-hey, don’t touch it! Ick!
*Nathler grabs his/its hand, and replays the very messy last few moments of Nathan Petrelli’s /Gabriel Gray’s lives-the Franken-slash to the throat, the syringe to the throat, and having Parkman screaming into his face that he no longer exists. *
Nathler: Aiiggah!! I need to see Parkman, I think he knows what happened
Peter: We need Matt to get you out of this mess? Oh, god, this *will *end badly

As the dawn falls (rises? Yeah, dawns rise) over Chennai, Mohinder’s passed out over his lab table again and the wife is pissed-that grumpy little harridan:
Mohinder: I’ve made a remarkable discovery, Mira!
Mira: Again? Oh god, you didn’t drink it, did you? Idiot!
Mo: No, I built it- a compass, like my father described. Now I can find this earthquake causing man.
Mira: facepalm:You’re cute, Mohinder, but yeah, you’re doomed. Get out of my house.
C’mon buddy grow a pair, don’t let that dame push you around or talk you out of doing something stupid!
And his little compass starts spinning-slowly. Not zippy-fast like when Peter or Tracey had it.( Not so special anymore, are we, doc? Hmmmm.) And Mohinder gets his ‘I’m going to do something stupid’ face on, because you just can’t fight that force of nature that is the Suresh “You did WHAT?? You Idiot!!!” gene.

Claire: Thanks for breaking my foot off-that kickstarted my healing. Oh, didn’t my dad ever tell you? I heal.
Tracey: How come everyone else got a real cool ability?
Claire: You could have ended up with a metal arm.
Tracey: I don’t think people like us can live in the real world
Claire: Well, *you *can’t, not until you can order a Starbucks without turning it into a frappacino.
Tracey:I was thinking about joining up with a circus full of special people; I met their leader, his name’s Samuel
Claire: I met him too, he seemed nice. Not like they’re a bunch of normie murderers or anything. Just don’t tell his niece you know dad.
Noah: Hi ladies…all wet and wearing my clothes. Claire, don’t you have somewhere else to be about now? So, Tracey, what brings you here…

Nathan, back at the office: So do we ever really know ourselves, Pete?
Peter: Don’t be so introspective, it’s freaking me out! Shallow, sarcastic, that’s the Nathan we know and love. I’m suppose to be the sensitive one.
Assistant: I found your friend, Senator; he was shot by the cops and they found a dead guy in his trunk. Sir, when you were appointed to the Senate, do you remember anyone doing a background check on you?
Peter: So, wanna hit the air so I can go heal Matt and we can find out what’s going on?

Next up in Volume 2: Mohinder returns to the USA to get his ass kicked; and we try to figure out just what the hell happened in that hospital room, and who was wearing what body when they left.

When I said Parkman was powerless, I meant somehow he was both powerless to stop Sylar from taking over his body while fully conscious (instead of drunk and passed out) and also he seemed to have no control over his ability…before he could make Sylar do things with it, I would think he could have at least overpowered his outstretched hand, making him slap himself or something…

Also, I think Samuel knows something about his ability to gain power from others. He was the one who mentioned being able to feel a power growing when more of their “family” is together.