Heroes 11/09/09 4-09 “Shadowboxing” (spoilers)

So are be back in the present yet? Is it the same present? Can we has new Charlie’s-not-dead present? How about a no-dead-Bob present?

Last time: Hiro saved Charlie from Sylar, Sylar saved Charlie from a congenital brain defect, but no one saved her from Samuel; he sent her to the far side of the S/T continuum in order to blackmail Hiro into being his good little minion. So Hiro’s going to hang with the carnival for a while-maybe he can help Sylar fill in the blanks on what a colossal asshole he’s been for the past few years. He could give Sylar that ‘this is how you died’ speech again. Don’t forget to mention the cockroach this time.

While all that was going on, Noah was in the back booth at the diner contemplating commandment violations with a fellow agent named Lauren.

Oh yeah-*Samuel killed Mohinder, * he believes this to have been a bad thing to do,and that’s why he wants Hiro to send him back in time. (OK, maybe Samuel just found the body. Maybe Mohinder’s just having a nap on the floor with 28 lbs of aggregate stuck in his chest.)

Last time before that:
Claire and Gretchen were slaughterhouse hazed/attempted homicide’d into Alpha Phi Jammiebottoms. If the membership offer’s still good-Claire took a chunk out of Becky, since the Invisible Carniegirl/Rush chair spent the whole damn night trying to impale Gretchen on sharp pointy things (right after Gretch had told Claire she’d been with more guys and their poin- )

(New drinking game: identify the Freudian imagery in the Heroes episode. Double shots for that hand-cutting scene of Claire’s a few eps back.)

Matt and Sylarghost continue their fight for occupancy rights over Matt’s immoral soul, and now, his body. Sylar can now take over for short periods of time and he uses that time well- hot monkey sex with Janice to start; now it’s Matt who’s stuck in the Niki mirror while Sylar gets to go raise whatever kind of hell he can raise while wearing a Matt suit. It is not noted whether Mattlar has a helix tattoo to aid identification.

Peter’s sucked a healing ability from some poor kid who ended up being vehicularly lynched by a pack of local rabble, despite Noah’s best efforts to save him. Noah just can’t seem to be able to ‘bag and tag’, ‘bag and train’, or ‘bag and put into the PWA protection program’ without a ‘one of them’. He’s probably feeling insecure.

From the show site:

Claire is determined to get to the bottom of the sorority rush attacks on her own, until H.R.G. intervenes only to realize he may be the source of her troubles. Meanwhile, Peter’s new ability is a perfect fit for his job and gives him the opportunity to help Emma accept her new life. Elsewhere, Sylar’s battle at gaining full control over Matt’s body escalates – with potentially dangerous implications at stake

……which sounds a whole lot like the episode before last, to be honest. This week’s spoily picture:Monkey see, monkey do. And one from next week which looks like the temporal equivalent of crossing the streams, 'cause I don’t even know how this is possible: Huh? Who? What?

Whew! Well, that’s one way to stop Sylar.

OK, that’s how it’s possible!

You gotta love these guys when they smarten up, don’t you?

OK, just me then. But we still have 10 minutes to go for some stupid to break out.

Oh, well. You just can’t keep a good bad guy down.

…and the stupid breaks out in what they put in the promo. Jeeze, way to keep up the suspense, NBC.
Spoiler doesn’t actually say what was shown in the promo. But that was a good episode.

I was second-guessing all the news on the internet about which character dies for good… but of course the promo had to ruin that :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree there was some good stuff this episode… [spoiler]my ambiguously good/evil detector were going haywire during the Noah/Samuel showdowns! Too bad they had to clear up some of the grey nearer the end.

For once I wasn’t thinking :smack: about how Matt Parkman was acting - though I think he has been better since Syler’s been in control of his body :p. I’m really looking forward to next week’s playing out of the Parkman/Nathan/Syler mental menage-et-trois and Mohinder storylines.[/spoiler]

When is Emma’s power going to be worked into the story in a meaningful way? Right now I am just finding her storyline to be a waste of time.

She does have that cello-as-deadly-weapon capacity, and the cello courtesy of Samuel, so maybe she’ll be sloshing around ye ole carnival. She does hearken back to what I think made the 1st season so compelling-that sense of wonder/horror people had about discovering their abilities. That it’s Peter guiding her through that instead of being the neophyte like he was in S1- full circle.

Yay, good episode! Hopefully this is but the first in a run of more good episodes because I was beginning to get that sinking feeling that this season was on the turn after a really strong opening.

Stuff I liked: for once, I enjoyed the stuff with Sylar. If I’m forced to be watching Sylar in at least 50% of every episode of Heroes (and I plainly am), then I prefer the model that makes cutting remarks and sneers at people.

We finally got a name for the Haitian! Woohoo! They still all treat him more like a cool machine that can left on a shelf when not required rather than a person but baby steps.

The brief return of Adrian Pasdar (hooray!), even if he is wearing the world’s ugliest shirt. And on this show, bearing in mind some of the stuff they’ve previously made Zachary Quinto wear this season, that’s saying something.

Stuff I thought was lame. Very little, actually. But maybe Emma & Peter saving the cutesy fairy princess. How convenient this magic little girl was there just in time to resolve all of Emma’s years of pain! Although I thought for one second in the follow up scene that when Peter produced Princess’ tiara, he was going to put it on his own head. Which would have been awesome.

Plus, I don’t watch the previews 'cos I think they give too much away (which, btw makes my friends falling over themselves to all tell me the huge casting spoiler this season REALLY galling) but I presume they aren’t letting the Matt getting shot thing take. Which I kind of hope they do because much as I love Greg Grunberg, that would make one hell of a cool exit.

Okay - the lesson learned. When Matt is forced to think he can actually manage the occasional smart.

I think he knew this was going to be a one way trip, what with deliberately getting on the No-fly list, though I would imagine Danko’s little prank last season would have taken care of that.

I’m fond of cute puppy dog Natgablier too; it’s like watching that good Kirk/bad Kirk/ unicorn dog episode of Star Trek. I’m getting the impression that they’re trying to burn people’s contracts off. Like, people who show up for about a minute and a half in the show, or are in every episode, even if for 60 seconds. I think Pasdar got a credit because Sylar’s face morphed halfway to Nathan’s for a half second once. This, plus squeaky new movie star=whole lotta Sylar. Quinto probably has a spreadsheet tacked up noting which Sylar iteration he’s doing that day.

I think Rene (that’s the best they could come up with?) doesn’t do anything that he doesn’t want to do. Come back to the USA and help us take out this government org. that’s persecuting our kind? “Maybe I will stay in Port au Prince.” Which is clearly Creole for “kiss my impeccably attired ass”. Hey, do you think Bennet knows his real name? I bet Angela told Claire; Claire never uses it in front of Noah. We’ll see. (I like that they just dropped that in, the same way they did with the ‘Noah’ reveal)

I’ll give you that, in the male category (but then I think I’ve blacked out most of Samuel’s sartorial choices); but the hands down winner for this season has to be that nasty top Claire had on tonight, if only for its horrible simplicity. Translucent, bra visible underneath- check. Weird strap across the front that says both ‘look at my boobs’ and ‘police line:do not cross’-check.

Also- Pink looks better without makeup. Your eyes are gorgeous, don’t hide them!

That would be really heroic, but if evil brain Sylar dies, that just leaves us with puppy dog amnesi-Sylar. I think the show needs him evil, or mostly evil, as a counterbalance to the ‘good’ characters, to have a PWA who’s pretty much the personification of how the abilities can be twisted and horrible.

Keep in mind Matt’s a pretty hard dude to kill. This isn’t the first time he’s been loaded into the meat wagon with a chest full of ammo. Matt Parkman:Primary ability-telepathy. Secondary ability-sub-dermal armor plating :smiley:

Yeah. Matt could have raised all kinds of saboteur hell on the Building 26 guys last year, as long as he remembered to wear hearing protection. But he usually thinks with his heart. When he uses his heart and his head? You have black ops guys shooting each other and Mattlar kissing the floor under a cop’s knee. When he uses just his heart? He tries to beat up Hulk Mohinder and their prisoner escapes.

I’d probably like him more if just ONCE during any one of his previous five minute spells wherein he’s suddenly resolved to become a good person that he’d also mentioned at least a *plan *to turn himself into the Police because of all the cold blooded murders he’s done. As it is, the idea that always floats through the show that one day Sylar might become a good guy forever will always seem icky to me. I don’t believe they’d ever make such a plan stick but then if not that’s annoying too because the the good guy bit is just wasting time until inevitably he starts opening skulls again.

See, this is part of my point. Now that they’ve quite rightly dropped that Hunger bollocks as a motivator for Sylar killing people, there’s not much to suggest the amnesiac version should stay nice for very long. For instance, he gets a nice powerless reboot in S2 and his very first instinct is to kill Candace. But for some reason Heroes as a show is like a parent who keeps giving a kid Just One More Chance and all the time the kid is just laughing at how gullible it is to keep falling for the same empty promises.

I’ll give you that. All of what you say plus the horrible, unfinished seams which vaguely suggested the whole thing was on inside out even when it plainly wasn’t. What HAVE some of these actors done to make Wardrobe so mad at them?

Also, do you reckon that’s it from Gretchen? Gretch! we hardly knew ye! :frowning:

Bah, they finally found a potential romantic pairing for Claire that I could actually stand, and now they scoot her out of there! Come back, Gretch! Claire NEEDS ya!

:confused: What about him waking up, walking outside and flying away from the Carnival, then reappearing at the end and saying “Help me” to Peter?

How did he know where he was, BTW? Do you think Nathan studies Google Earth so he can fly straight up and then get a read on where it is he needs to fly from 10,000 feet?

That was this ep, I was referring to an earlier ep (Sylar’s first day at the fair, whichever that was called; his face woogled roundabout when those jets flew by. That was it for Pasdar for that episode).

Pocket GPS? (Well, pre-dead Nathan) They did show him and Claire landing to consult a map to find Coyote Sands though. I figure Nathan’s pretty good at navigating the DC-NY corridor by now.

I’m right behind you in the ‘kick that Hunger bollocks in the bollocks’ lineup.I think the rationale behind this puppy Sylar is that the amnesia’s washed off whatever neuroses he had that led him to the slasher side of the force, plus he’s got a gooey caramel coating of Nathan’s personality which is ballsy,easily manipulated but wants to do right by the world. He wouldn’t kill for theft (which is what Sylar did to all his victims-killed them to steal from them). Nathan, left to his own devices *:coff: no angela around :coff: * wouldn’t hurt anyone unless he really thought it was to prevent a greater loss- which is why he could evacuate Peter from Kirby Plaza-they both would die, but saving the city made it acceptable. With the Building 26 stuff his goal was containment, not elimination, and his battles with Danko were over exactly that. Nathan has no problem stepping in front of a bullet (which is how he died-once, plus one massive case of radiation burns, and then that nasty throat business ), but he won’t fire the gun himself. Come to think of it, every time Nathan does something really heroic he’s mortally/horribly wounded doing it. And that doesn’t stop him from doing it again.

Amnesi-Sylar, particularly with his :spit, pthtooy: ‘evil side’ up in Matt’s hide, really is a semi-blank slate. Some Gabriel, some Nathan, some vague memories from both. Good thing there’s no one in his new family who’d want to manipulate him into naughtiness, huh? :wink:

Is Nathan still a senator? I would imagine someone somewhere would raise some questions when an US senator disappears for days. Or is there an “meh, easy come easy go” attitude regarding junior senators in America?

It’s amazing how much more sympathetic a love interest can be when they’re played by people who can actually act. Both Gretchen and whatshisface flyboy where of the stalking kind, but where he came off as an arrogant possessive asshole, she came off as a normal insecure teenager who’s basically a good person. Weird.

West was indeed a possessive arrogant arse ('kay, a teenager who can fly, some ego’s going to develop) and wanted them both to flaunt their abilities. Then when he found out how deadly the stakes were, he left Claire to her own devices and went home to suck his thumb. But he was part of my favorite moment of season 2:

Noah: Did you pack Mr Muggle’s doggie bath?
West (carrying unconscious Elle over his shoulder): Uh, hi Mrs Butler! Errrr… carts Elle off for some light torture
Gretchen is geeky and self deprecating, way more sympathetic a character. I’m also a sucker for unrequited love, and nice hair.

Last time: 2006 was slightly rewritten, so instead of being dead, Charlie’s just now trapped in the nothingness of time. Probably doesn’t even have a book to read or anything. Now that we’re back in whatever passes for the present around here, we pick up were we left off the episode before last:

Claire, Gretchen, Pink and Screams are debriefing about what happened during their night of kidnapping/hazing/murder attempts by their new sorority:
Screams: OMG, did Becky just disappear?
Pink: And you just healed a huge rod stuck through your chest?
Claire: Well, what about those tigers who were chasing you?
Gretchen: Wait, so Pink and Screams *weren’t *making out on the slaughtering slab?
Everyone looks at Gretchen
Gretchen: What? I just thought they were making out. Are you saying you weren’t?
Pink: No!
Gretchen: Oh well…
Claire: They must have drugged us! Some drug where we wildly hallucinate yet remain conscious and otherwise unaffected. Let’s not tell anyone. Hey, my phone, I had it all along. Haitian, Haitian, c’mon, pick up… Hi, Rene? Claire. Whaddya mean, how did I know? Angela told me. Well, serves you right for trusting her…No, I won’t tell my dad. Anyhow, I have a favor to ask-can you come pick me and some friends up, we’re in an abandoned slaughterhouse in our pj’s? … yeah, they’re cute. OK, 20 minutes then.
Gretchen: Omg! Becky was really trying to kill me! Like she killed Annie! OMG, this is serious!
Claire: Gretchen, do not pull a West on me, don’t you f@$%# dare!

*Synathriel is tossing and turning in bed, and tosses his face right off; it’s Nathan waking up wondering where the hell he is. Knowing Nathan, it’s probably not the first time in his life he’s woken up in a strange woman’s trailer not remembering the last three days. Also probably not for the first time, he grabs his (or someone’s) pants and sneaks/flies away without so much as a “I’ll call you. No, really, I’ll call- VWOOMP." What a gentleman. *

  • Back in LA, Mattlar’s discovered one of the drawbacks to being Matt Parkman. While Sylar can seemingly travel instantaneously from NY state to Costa Verda to DC to wherever he can piss off Noah the most, Matt still has to fly and drive to get to where he can do the most damage. Being as he’s deep undercover impersonating Matt, Sylar’s packed a bag too. Usually he just brings a menacing looking jacket when he travels. Anyhow, Mattlar’s at the airport , and Quinto’s ‘Sylar pretending to be Matt’ schtick bears a striking resemblance to Fox Mulder. Must be the tie.*

Sylar: The last thing I remember is Peter Petrelli stabbing me in the chin with a needle. And it hurt! So let’s find that little creep and see what he knows about where the rest of me is. Hey, what’s all this crap?
Matt: TSA security. Looking for terrorists and weapons and shampoo bottles filled with nitro
Sylar: Weapons. How primitive *throws his bag on the belt *
Beep Beep Beep Beep Red Alert! Red Alert!
Matt: Did we forget to put the shave cream in a baggie, Sylar?
TSA squad: There’s a weapon in your carryon-Get on the floor! *shove, smash, cuff, yank to his feet *
Matt: Did I accidentally make you pack my gun? Gee, I knew we should have put that gun in a baggie.
Sylar: You bastard! *to TSA guy *: ~~~That wasn’t a gun in that bag. You are going to let me go now
TSA: Kiss my ass, freak. Take him to the latex room
Matt: You have my body, but I’m keeping the brain mojo, dickweed. Wow, do I really look like that in my underwear? Oooh, that’s gotta hurt…well, better you than me.

Back in Manhattan, someone crashed a subway, so Peter’s knee deep in trauma victims he can add to his wall of awesome. He heals some guy’s paralysis in the ambulance, then offloads him into the ER
Para-Partner: Wow, I thought that guy was paralyzed.
Peter: He got better
Partner: You look like hell
Peter: It’s like…my life force is draining…hey, Red Bull!* Glurp * OK, better now. Next victim!
Emma’s wandering around the ER triage in case someone needs a file
Doctor: Hey lady, keep pressure on this guy’s lacerated artery until a real doctor shows up.
Emma: I suppose I could suture this myself. I was a resident for 2 years 6 years ago. I’m sure I still remember everything…grabs sterile suture kit, opens it with her teeth…
Patient: Ewwwwwww, gross!
……and Emma makes with the sewing. Peter sees this and suspects Emma may not have fully shared about herself during their piano duets

*Somehow having got sprung from TSA custody (maybe Matt relented and fired up the mojo in exchange for a burrito), but barred from domestic air travel for the foreseeable future, Sylar and Matt the Great Gazoo are motoring across New Mexico when the tires go splat. Damn rental cars. Always pay attention during the pre-rental inspection, people. *
Matt: Did I make you drive over that busted whiskey bottle? Oops
Sylar: You little creep. yanks spares and tire irons from the trunk
Helpful local guy: Hey buddy, need a hand with that?
Sylar: Sure! and smashes the dude’s brains out with the tire iron
Matt: You killed him! You bastard!
Sylar: Hmmm…let’s check these prints on the murder weapon… nope, wasn’t me. Should I wipe those off, you think? How about this- you quit sabotaging me, I quit the ‘Badlands’ killing spree. Deal?
Matt: grumblegrumble, kicks the dirt Okay…I’ll be good…
Sylar: Don’t worry- I never have any problems with the police pestering me about my kills. But then, I don’t usually drag the bodies around in the trunk . Hey Hank, comfy back there?

*By the way, Evil Sylar has the emo bangs, too-just like amnesi-Sylar. I can see Nathler not getting a haircut since he’s shapeshifted into a guy with fairly funky hair at the best of times, but evil brain Sylar? Wouldn’t he still have that crappy 70’s hair from last season?

No, let’s just be glad the Fat Elvis hair is gone for good*

At the Sorority house:
Claire: About what happened at the slaughterhouse…
Pink: Wut?
Claire: You know, the scavenger hunt??? The big impale-y stake??? You seeing Becky evaporate???
Screams: I don’t want to be in a sorority with girls who do acid. My mama warned me about people putting stuff in my drink
Noah: Here, have a kool-aid
Screams: Sure!
Claire: Thanks for the mind wipes. Gretchen I can trust, these two fluffbunnies? Shit, did someone check their Twitter pages?
Noah: Of course. Now, you go with the Haitian back to your room
Claire: Dad,no, don’t erase Gretchen’s memory! Remember what I said at the Indian place? You wipe my girlfriend and I’m never speaking to you again!
Noah: Your who?
Claire: Nothing.
Noah: Don’t worry, he’s not going to erase her, he’s going to neutralize Becky if she shows up to hurt either of you. I trust you and Gretchen can fight off a fully visible sorority chick yourselves?
Claire: Wow, that’s really sensible.
Wow, its like someone’s been reading message boards filled with bitchy Heroes fans who deconstruct every episode with cries and lamentations of “Holy Shit Was That Ever Stupid, Hey, Why Didn’t They Do_______?” -but still keep watching the show anyhow
Clarie: C’mon Rene. Let’s go find Gretchen
Haitian: Yes, I will do the bidding of the little white girl. Why the hell do I ever come to the US anyhow?

Gretchen:I’m leaving, you’re cute and all, but not quite worth getting killed over. Can I take your sweater?
Claire: No, don’t leave me, you’re my only friend! OK, we can have sex. Now will you stay?
Haitian: Only friend? What about me? OK, I know I didn’t send a card on your birthday, I’m sorry! Waitaminute- sex? You two? Now I remember why I came back…
Gretchen: I’m flying back home. Moving down the hall, that wouldn’t be nearly dramatic enough an exit. Bye!
Claire: sniff
Samuel: Hi. Have you seen Becky?
Claire: Funny you should phrase it like that. No, haven’t seen her
Samuel: I’m her uncle
Claire: Really? You know that really doesn’t inspire trust, right? She killed my roommate
Samuel: We are all family, and I made a home for us, with a ferris wheel and waffles. We can protect you from people like Bennet. Your dad-he doesn’t understand people like us, he just hunts and kills us because we’re different. He’s really an asshole, I guess is what I’m saying. Wanna come live with us?
Claire: Gee, I do feel all lost and alone and abandoned…
Samuel: Good-oops.
Claire: Go on…
Samuel: Becky’s just a little girl with abilities like you who saw her parents killed protecting her from the people that hunt our kind. Like…your dad. He killed her father. She saw him do it. She may still have issues about that. So, any idea where Becky or your dad are?

About five minutes earlier
Noah: I am not letting Claire live in a place like this-they just let strange men like me wander in and out of girls’ rooms. Big rooms though, I can see why she wants to live here. *checks Becky’s closet * what’s with all the bridal pictures?
Becky: You killed my father, prepare to-
Noah: Oh shut up, you weren’t even born when that movie came out Taaaaaze

About five minutes later:
Samuel: So Claire, want to join my heroes separatist carny? Your dad’s an asshole, did I mention that?
Noah: Right here, Samuel. Still have some charge on this taser too.
Claire: Jeeze, Samuel, you think I’m that easy to manipulate? I know my dads a semi -moral killing machine, but that’s why I love him. He does it all to protect me!
Noah:* All that “I’m doing all this to protect you’ bullshit I’ve been giving her over the years is finally paying off, excellent!*

Peter: So, are you just a very observant clerk, or do you have medical training?
Emma: I was a resident here, until my little nephew died while I was babysitting him. So I quit.
Peter: Uh, huh? He died in an accident so you drop out of med school? It’s not like you were training to be a nanny or something, why drop out of medicine?.
Emma: That little girl, she’s choking, we have to save her!
Peter: Here, use my stethoscope
Emma: Glares
Peter: Duh, right. I’ll CPR
Emma: And I’ll stick this big honk’n needle into her lung…
Annie: * and I’ll just be over here throwing up*
Emma:…and she’s saved.
Peter: So, you should become a doctor again.
Emma: Sure, why not. As long as I never have to use a stethoscope, I’ll be great!

Back at the Burnt Toast, required stop on all Heroes cross country car trips
Sylar: You’ve been very good for the past thousand miles, so you can have some pie. Enjoy it? Good-now where’s my body?
Matt:You’re in my head-why the hell can’t you see for yourself?
Sylar: Surprisingly, you build a mean mental hard drive partition. Tell me, or I kill the lifer waitress. Or maybe the cute little one from last time I didn’t kill- I could sure use that 874billion TB hard drive of a memory of hers-where is she, anyhow? doodle doodle doodle
Matt: Screw you
Sylar: Can you smell anything coming from the trunk? Think we have room for one more?
Matt: Oh you scamp, fine. * and Matt cracks like a freaking egg.* You killed Petrelli, so I flushed your personality out of your unconscious body and made a replica Nathan with your weirdo abilities. There’s a senator running around who doesn’t remember people until he shakes their hand, and he accidentally electrocuted Chris Matthews during an interview, but otherwise, it’s working so far.
Sylar: I’m in the Senate? Oooh, this gets better and better. Hey lady! Get over here! Check please!
Matt: Yeah, come clean up his plate
Lynette: Keep your tie on, butthead… reading napkin doodles Son, don’t joke about shooting up a place in Texas. We’re a little sensitive about that this week. * Dials* Yeah, 9-1-1? We got a copycat here in the parking lot…
Matt: Don’t ever get shitty with the waitress Sylar, they have ways of making you pay. Did you happen to notice you doodled a threat to shoot the restaurant up and gave it to the waitress instead of 15%? Never tip less than 15, bud. Oh, look, she called the cops, ya cheapskate. Looks like every one in town came for this
Cops: Hands up!
Sylar: You bastard! You’ll die too if they shoot- are you crazy?
Matt:Hey, we’re gonna commit suicide by cop, wanna watch? Now reach for your non-existent gun…
Sylar: Hey, guns? Not a problem-it’s me!
Matt: No, it’s me. * This body don’t heal, buster. If I have to die so I can take you with me, that’s -well, not ideal, but for the greater good, I guess. See you in hell!
Sylar, * to cops
: No! Don’t shoot! I’m unarmed!
Cops: This is Texas- you’re armed. Or from California
Matt: Let’s just reach into our jacket in a threatening manner…
Sylar: Ow! * Thud. Puddle. Quiet*
Matt: Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and fades away
Cops: looks at plates: Hey, he is from California…
Ambulance crew: Well, I suppose we should try to keep him alive so he can die at the hospital-CLEAR!

Peter: Nathan, whats wrong?
Nathan: Hugs Peter
Peter: Don’t touch me!
Nathan: Right, the taser thing…Pete, I’m in trouble… I blacked out for three days, then I woke up in some chick’s beds in in a trailer in some freaky carnival, I don’t know how I got there -again! Help me!
Peter: C’mon… The only other time that happened was with Claire’s mom…hey, d’you think you got this one pregnant too?

Next time:Big honk’n spoilers: Mohinder finds a projector for his Coyote Sands home movies and tiffs with Samuel over film criticism; Peter finds Matt, Sylar, Nathan and/or whoever’s in the Nathan suit and figures a group hug/healing is in order; confused Nathan finds a Nathan shaped box.

why the hell did noah handcuff samuel?
a) he’s not a cop
b) samuel isn’t a wanted criminal
c) that was stupid

d)force of habit

They just figure he’s gone to Argentina