Heroes (03/23/09) "Cold Snap"

Sooo, last time: Sylar and Claire got to have some quality time with their dads. One was a bit more nurturing than the other, sure, but can Nathan hypnotize bunnies? I think not!

I guess we can presume from the episode title that Tracey gets to work it tonight. Also, this episode is suppose to be the Second Coming of Bryan Fuller. Yeah, no pressure, dude. Last week-bunny, this week: socks. Oh yeah, I’m calling it!

From the show site:

HRG (Jack Coleman) convinces Emile Danko (guest star Zeljko Ivanek), a.k.a. The Hunter, to release Tracy (Ali Larter) from Building 26, in hopes that she will lead them to Rebel. As Angela (Cristine Rose) evades capture, she turns to an old friend (guest star Swoosie Kurtz) for help. In Los Angeles, Hiro (Masi Oka) and Ando (James Kyson Lee) continue on their latest mission from Rebel to protect the newest hero.

Synopsis from Not-NBC:
(biggish spoiler)

And a pic from Spoiler TV that’s really just so typical for the character that it’s not a spoiler:

ID tag. Knew it, he goes working for the baddies, again. Looks like it’s working out well for him, like it *never bloody does, Mohinder! *

So, everyone enjoy the high mortality rate tonight? (And this is the night my DVR pitches a fit and doesn’t record; where’s baby Matt when I need him?)

Well, I can tell Bryan Fuller is now in charge and is trying to trim the cast.

I hope he can find a good narrative line to pursue. Despite all its problems, I still believe it can work as a show.

Before we all get excited, lets not forget that Ali character number 3 is still out there somewhere.

I knew they were going to tone down Hiros power somehow, i thought it would be using Andos power but this worked too. My brother said a chunk of Tracys face winked after she was in pieces, i missed it.

I saw it too.

Yeah and verily, but after watching the Galactica finale, my sense of dead/alive characters is shot straight to hell,so I’m not even going to think about it

*she rematerializes out a storm drain into the river three weeks from now, right? :wink:

Y’know, while I was sitting in traffic today, confident in the knowledge that I had the ^#^# dvr set up correctly, I was thinking that something I enjoy about the show is that it’s avoided making ‘who’s in love /screwing with who’ (coff Friends *coff) *be major plot elements. Now I remember how that works-the high girlfriend death rate!

So, did Sylar gift Doyle to Danko? He was hiding out in Danko’s apartment at the end of last episode, right? Why’d he do that?

And this series kills a lot of blond girls (one of them keeps coming back, though).

There is no way Ali Larter stays dead dead. She’s part of the main cast and probably has a sweetheart contract, just like Sylar, Claire, HRG and even Ando (all of whom have “died”). Daphne, on the other hand, got the non-supernatural death so she really is dead dead.

I’m not sure what Sylar’s motive is, but for some reason, I’m reminded of a cat who keeps bringing dead birds to it’s owner’s front door.

It didn’t look like a wink to me; it looked like her remaining unbroken eye shed a tear.

well Micah is Rebel to the shock of just about no one.

I did find it interesting that the called Matt Parkman’s baby, Baby Touch and Go. It’s as if they’re readily admitting that everyone on this show gets a nickname and saying “Here. We made the name up first. Call him this.”

I saw Tracy wink too.

Is Michael Dorn ever coming back? He deserves more than one scene half out of frame.

I really have nothing for this section. I just needed to complete the pattern

Does this really need spoilers?

To be fair - she only had one eye at this point.

well yeah. I put a spoiler at the begining and end, so I couldn’t break the pattern

Wonder when Nathan will find and bed her?

Also how they’ll have her sacrifice herself to save a kid.

In the ep where Tracy met the guy who created her, he called her by the third woman’s name. Was that Beverly? Barbara? I seem to recall it began with B.

No, definitely a wink. I’m torn; on the one hand, it’s cool (HA!) that she’s apparently like the X-Men’s Iceman in that she can turn herself to ice, get broken apart, and still somehow manage to survive, as long as she can get the pieces together again. On the other hand, a wink? Really? Was she winking at Noah? And did Noah already know that Tracey could freeze herself, get shattered, and still survive? I suppose if anyone should know, it would be Noah.

The eye movement is in the two-minute replay on the Hero’s site, almost to the end. You can see the eye close and the tear fall.

I both thought this episode was great and yet deeply pissed that another blonde girlfriend with an interesting personality got killed. Well, Eden was brunette but under the circumstances, honorary blonde. But still, any chance they can develop a new interesting character and not kill them? Shit, Maya just got a fake passport and sent to Jersey, all she ever did was cause localized plagues and slept around a bit. Eden and Daphne die saving others (preventively, in Eden’s case) and* thud.*

The Tracey garage scene- terrific; HiroNanny- sweet and ass kicking; an appropriate level of menace surrounding Angela’s pursuit; thought the Daphne/Matt relationship nattering(she’d dump him for that?) /makeup in Paris scene was nonsensical- until. Sniff

Think maybe Matt’s doing a mojo thingy on the hospital staff so if they get tracked there the feds’ll be told she died?


I didn’t realize it was after her head fell to the ground and I kept stopping before re-watching that.

Can’t believe nobody has commented on the umbrellas yet. The bit with Angela giving Noah her umbrella may be nothing, but I very clearly saw her swipe a smaller one from Swoosie Kurtz as she left her in the restaurant, and shove it into the hands of a doorman as she went into that office building after that. I wonder what that was all about.

No, unfortunately, I think she’s really dead. Dammit!

Guess they had to bump her off to make room for Matt to get back together with Janice (the two-timing bitch!).