Heroes (03/23/09) "Cold Snap"

When she has an umbrella, she’s in control;when she doesn’t she’s vulnerable. That lunch she had with Millie served to show how ‘debased’ she’d become. Swipe the umbrella- symbol of asserting control again. Then she passes it to the doorman?

Nice to see Micah again (guess I was wrong about Wireless), and cool how he’s doing so much with his ability. We all knew how awesome his tricks could be. I wonder if we’ll ever see his cousin with the programmable reflexes again.

Janice is back on the show. I bet that’s one actress and agent thanking the stars for Fuller’s return. Of course, now that Hiro and Ando have left with the toddler, we may never see her again. I wonder if Nathan’s abandoned family will ever show up again.

I like the idea of a totally helpless character who has a useful power (Matt Jr.). Good writers could do some cool stuff with that. I bet Claire will babysit soon.

There are definitely lots of plot-thread setups here–Noah and Danko, Sylar and Danko, Angela and umbrella.

Matt is actually getting good at the mind tricks. The Feds are right to fear him–it was a big mistake making him into an enemy in the first place. Of course, he keeps hanging aroud with Suresh, which makes him a lot less dangerous. Sort of like being chained to a wall keeps one from being a good long-distance runner.

Hmmmn, mixed feelings. On the one hand, I’m really not a big fan of Ali Larter or Brea Grant but damn, Heroes has the most appalling track record of killing or disappearing its female stars. Let’s give a rollcall and I bet there are others I’ve forgotten:

The dead:

Daphne (shot)
Tracy (shot)
Caitlin (lost in unknown future, probably dead of plague and forgotten)
Niki (killed on explosion)
Simone (shot)
Elle (Sylar’ed)
Eden (Suicide to prevent being Sylar’ed)
Meredith (Burned to death/ collapsed building on her)
Charlie (Sylar’ed)

The vanished/dropped & forgotten:

Agent Audrey Hanson (BRING HER BACK!)
Heidi Petrelli (DITTO)
Kimiko (Hiro’s older sister - strangely absent when he went back in time to see his mother)

How the hell did Peter know that Mama Petrelli would be in that building, in that elevator, at that exact time? Even if she had called him, she didn’t even know she was going in that building until she did. And why didn’t they shoot when they had the chance?

Yes, that’s the only thing I had a problem with. :slight_smile:

I liked the bit where Peter and Angela stayed in the elevator whilst the doors opened just so the goons could take a good look at their cool escape. Rather than just, you know quietly escaping as soon as the roof to the elevator was removed. Drama is important to Peter.

Huh. So it does. On the TV it just looked like a wink. Maybe they realized that and cut the clip with the eye closing for the online bit to avoid that confusion.

Well, she apparently dreams the future, so it isn’t out of the realm that she knew she’d be in that elevator. Though she did look surprised when noises came from the ceiling.

As for not immediately opening fire, when I think I am about to confront the short-term future seeing lady and suddenly it is two people I would probably hold fire for a second while trying to be sure I am not about to shoot at the “I’m rubber, you’re glue” hero.

Micah’s voice changed. He’s a player now. I was hoping he’d be working in conjunction with his cousin. Him handling computers and her doing the wet work after watching James Bond and Jason Bourne movies.

It’s possible the Peter was just following her/the agents from the sky.

I think my two favorite shots were the little smirk on Peter’s face just before he flew away and the icicles still hanging from the sprinklers when Danko and Noah were talking.

It’s those little subtleties that I feel have been missing.

You know, if I were able to fly and knew which building Angela entered, I don’t think I’d be able to get into any of the elevator shafts quickly, let alone the one Angela happened to be in.

uhhh - how do you shed a tear if your frozen solid?

I am torn between this series being interesting and a drinking game… who believes anything they are being shown on the screen anymore?

I was completely lost this ep. It honestly felt like I’d missed an episode. I think this is mostly due to the Danko opening: what the hell happened to Sylar in the closet and the stuffed bunny on the table when Danko came in? Did we jump some time forwards/backwards or something? That put me far enough off balance that the rest of the episode made less sense than it might’ve otherwise–though the return of a character I’d not seen since S1 (Parkman’s wife) didn’t help anything.

Nice to see Hiro get his (suitably nerfed) power back. This means we’ve got no more time-travelling heroes, right? Also nifty to see that Danko shaves with a brush and DE razor, though the 1911A1 would’ve been more effective had it actually been, y’know, cocked.

Last time: Danko failed to notice the 6’3” psychopath bearing tokens of esteem in his dining nook; today, he’s attending to his toilette. His very stealth talky security system reports his door is ajar. He grabs the pistol he keeps on top the stacked Penthouses and does a recon sweep of the parlour ; he sees that Doyle’s been carefully bound, drugged and hung from a harness that I really hope wasn’t from Danko’s ‘personal collection’. (Looks like someone learned to do a live capture as well as kill; Sylar seems to have found a way through his ennui by working on some new skills. That’s nice for him.)

Hiro: “They’ve shrunk Matt Pacman! Like that Next Gen episode where Picard and Ro turned into kids!”
Ando: “I don’t think so…… I don’t think he would get kidnapped by someone who’d have Matt’s wedding picture on the mantle……… hey, Matty has Gator Golf! This is awesome, look, it shoots golf balls out of its butt! “

Matty cunningly turns on the tv to show daddy getting homeland security’d.
Hiro: “No baby, no Max and Ruby for you.pulls TV plug
Matty: gurblablablaglagh! (Bablefish: Up yours, Ernie. My daddie’s on tv, look!)
Hiro “Oh no, Matt Pacman’s a terrorist? No!”
Ando: “Hiro, the baby turned the tv on-he has an ability too!”
Matty: (Yeah Bert, thanks for noticing.)
Hiro: “He’s like the Genesis device- he makes things go! Dead things come to life!”
Matty: (OK, guys, that’s enough with Trek references. Sulu Nakamua was one thing, but now that fourth wall is gone. It’s just getting awkward with the whole SylarSpock thing)
Hiro: “We have to save bad-o baby Matt Pacman. We will fill his diaper bag with only non mechanical toys”
Ando: “Why won’t you hold the baby? For a guy who acts like a kid, you don’t really like kids….
Hiro: “I miss my mommy”
Ando: “Dude, it’s been 18 years since she died. Time to consider sucking it up”
Hiro: “For me, it’s been 2 weeks since she died in my arms. And yeah, I hope you do feel like an asshole for bringing it up”
Ando: “Waaaaa sniff dat’s so saaaad
Matty: “(Excuse me? Bert, Ernie? There’s 22 agents fixing to arrest my not-yet-able-to-crawl-ass. Might we book?”)
*Looks like our heroes have a new little technomancer. Micha who? Oh, am I speaking too soon? *

*Mohinder, wearing yet another ID badge of the damned and corrupt, is brought to the Human Resources meat locker to see all his buddies hosed and sedated. *
“You want me to figure out what’s wrong with them? I don’t have any surgical training, you know, but did you try unplugging them?”
Danko: “You aren’t here as staff ,Doctor”
“Then what….? Zzzzzzttt Aaarrraahhgghh! Shit, fell for that like a hu…” thud


Noah:”How’d you get Doctor HulkSmash! in here? Drugs, or did you promise him a research grant?
Danko: Both, actually. Here’s a little something I picked up for you-the evil puppet freak.
Noah: How sweet! Where ever did you find him?
Danko: Got him from a wascally wabbit. So what did you get for me?
Noah: Rebel- but first we have to let Rebel let Tracey escape, then follow her like she’s a hunted rabbit
Danko: OK, enough of the fucking bunny metaphors! Fine, do it.

Angela: “Why have we stopped, driver?
Driver: “Lady, it’s your hallucination”
Angela: ”I think I’ll walk from here”
Driver: ”Owowow-come see the violence inherent in the system, ouch!”

The B26 guys suffer the third Rebel power failure of the week, letting Tracey frost out of her shackles and escape; or on her way to escape, since R will only unlock the doors that lead to the HR meat ward. She unplugs Mohinder and Matt
Matt: ”Where’s Daphne?”
Mo: “Let me pull this IV outta my hand and then…trip, thwap,thudk Owwwww!
Matt: “Yeah, sorry man, should have warned you about the other tube they had in you.”
Mo: We have to Save These People!
Matt: Screw ‘em, I have to save my girl!
Tracey: Screw them, I have to save me!
Mo: we have to work together!!! I need supervision.
Matt: “Mohinder, move it!”
Mo: Yes, of course, I will obey! Damn your mind control abilities!
Matt: “I didn’t mojo thingy you- you’ll just follow anyone who gives you a stern command”
Tracey:”Really?! Oh, my!
Matt: To ninjas: All clear!
Ninjas: “All clear! Ow, hey quit bumping into me!”

  • After Matt, Tracey, Daphne and Mo stop having the ninjas stomp all over their invisible feet, Tracey heads to the mall, and the others go looking for someone with a Cipro drip for Daphne*

Noah: “So, what’s it going to be? Betray the anonymous hero who allowed you to free yourself from a life sentence under the broiler, and probable death, or just the death?”
Tracey: “Betrayal. Oh yeah, where do I sign”
Noah, “Not with my good pen! * craaaaccckk*
As a Matrix-load of agents cram into Janice’s house, Bert and Ernie consider their options:
Ando: “Hide in the closet!”
The Audience: That hasn’t ever worked for you two.
Ando: Aiieeeeee zaaaaaaaaap
Hiro: Hey, you have Hello Kitty electro powers! Oh no, how do I save baby Matt?
Matty: (Here’ lemme just slap you a bit……)
Hiro: Aiiiieee! Hey, I can freeze time again. Baby Genesis Device, thanks!
Matty: (What was I just saying about the Star Trek crap? Now, get us out of here)
Hiro: Now to teleport! Blink! Hey, no teleport? Baby Genesis Device, this is not good! Why did you not fix me all?
Matty: *gerblaglablagahblearg. *
Hiro: OK, I’ll get the Snuggli. You’re a baby fugitive now!

Tracey is accosted by an ATM calling her to come hither. It spits out cash and the location of a train ticket. She gets a cab and goes to the station; Micah, having been visited by the puberty fairy since his mom’s funeral, tries flagging one too but finds that yeah, the blonde chick always wins the ‘lure the cab’ sidewalk contest

Angela: Hello dear old never seen before friend. Can I borrow some cash, gold, guns, jewels….whatever you have on you.
DOF: You just aren’t the same shallow society hag you were since Arthur died.
Angela: Yeah, well, my youngest exploded and disappeared, my eldest exploded and was horribly maimed, then he got better, then he got shot, then he got better and now he has the illuminati chasing my ass. How about you? Is your husband still supporting two mistresses, or can he only manage one now that the stock market’s in the shitter?
DOF: Here’s a hundred. Die in a fire
Angela: Almost did.
Daphne: “So, why did you tell the doctor I was your ex wife?
Matt:I don’t know, it was just a story
Daphne: You want me to be her, don’t you?
Matt: Gee, let’s review: be with beautiful young girl I’m destined to spend the rest of my life with, or until there’s a nuclear explosion in California, whichever comes first; or the wife who cheated on me with my ex partner. Uh, Duh?
Daphne: I’m leaving you. Turn around, I’m getting dressed.
Matt: We’ve been living together for months. Not letting me see you in your underwear isn’t ‘cute & quirky’ anymore. Now that I think of it, I don’t think you’ve ever kissed me either. You know, on second thought, don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out!
Daphne: Never does! Vwoomp!

Tracey comes to the station to get her Rebel-authorized papers and get out of town.
Micah: Hi Auntie Tracey. I’m Rebel. Can I sit with you on the train?
Tracey? You’re Rebel? Wait a minute, of course you are, only a 13 year old would think ‘Rebel’ was a cool *nom du revolucion *.
Micah: Excuse me, ‘rebellion’, not ‘revolution’
Tracey: You need to run, they used me to trap you
Micah: Gawd, you are such a bag. And I’m an honest to god orphan! You set up an orphan who’s your only blood relative not named Barbara. You suck
Tracey: OK, ok, you win, I suck. Watch another of your elders sacrifice themselves for a family member!

  • As the ninjas fill the parkade now filling with sprinkler rain, none of them appear to be thinking that sharing a water filled room with a desperate fugitive who can freeze organic matter to minus 500 degrees is something best handled by the next ninja shift. Micah safely gone, Tracey puts her freeze on and a dozen of America’s finest commandos, 38 automobiles, and Tracey herself drop temp to something more typical for the surface of Pluto. Danko, clearly not affected by second hand ice, strolls up to Tracey’s frozen hide, shoots a hole in her heart, and watches her chips fall. Feeling that their karma’s been balanced vis a vis the number of men he’s lost to ice poisoning, he strolls away. Noah, despite decades of practice watching specials violate Newtonian physics in killing themselves and others, actually looks aghast. Tracey’s death ice-mask seems to wink, or blink, at him, and melts a tear down the storm drain that’s destined to be her new home. This bitch is about as dead as Sylar was. See you soon, girl!*

Daphne has flounced her ass back to her Paris lair, and is looking quite fetching and sophisticated. Must be the scarf. Matt joins her on the roof of her apartment, and he’s looking pretty suave himself.

Daphne: How did you get here so fast?
Matt: I flew. See?!
Daphne: Oh shit, I’m dying. I’m dying and you’re in my head making everything all better so I won’t notice.
Matt: I love you
Daphne: I should have kissed you when I was still alive

Mohinder: “Let’s review :you see a girl in a peyote vision, you’re married to her. She dies horribly. So instead of protecting her by staying as far away as you can, you look for her –OK, Arthur sent her to recruit you to be an evil minion, but whatever-and convince her you’re destined to be together. So you can be married and she can die horribly in 4 years, that’s sweet, really. But instead? She died horribly but you got it done in four months! Next time you see the future and think you want to enable destiny, don’t!
Matt: “Excuse me? Trying to have a moment with the woman I love on her deathbed!”
Mohinder: “I didn’t say anything.”
Matt: “I love you too, man”

Angela’s being chased through New York by the Lower Manhattan Brotherhood of G-men and Government Lackeys and she’d evading them quite well until she ducks into a building with a very old elevator. She gets trapped in the elevator car while some dude with a penknife pokes at the wiring. The doors open to find Peter holding Angela and offering up a bitchface that rival Matt’s CCTV FU at Building 26 two weeks back. They fly out the emergency hatch and take the night air.

Angela: How did you know I was here, Peter?
Peter: Aerial surveillance. I saw the socks in your purse, I knew you were losing your grip. BTW, nice evasive suck up to that guy on the street. You pick up strange men in the rain much?
Angela: Brat. If we’re going to be poor and wanted felons, the least we can do is to fly somewhere warm and on poor diplomatic terms with the US government.
Peter: Think The Haitian has a spare room?

*Next week: Sylar and Danko try to out evil genius each other; Hiro and Ando go on a quest to deliver the baby who can bring dead things to life to the guy whose girlfriend just died. *

Yes! Thanks, Annie!

Keep up the good work, Annie!

By the way, was there any reason why they didn’t free more supers? It seems one recovers rather quick from chocolate-sauce induced coma, so just ripping out a few more tubes would’ve been a breeze, and then they could’ve wreaked havoc…

I wondered about that, but then figured it was because the writers didn’t want to have to keep track of more characters.

Why could Peter still fly? How come he didn’t get the whole Angela-vague-see-into-the-future power when he gave her a hug?

It appears that the power-transfer thing is mostly voluntary.

Apparently she dreams 7 seconds into the future.

They don’t know which ones might be the next Sylar, though. Better to save the ones you know for now.

Well, apparently when he focuses on what he’s doing he can actually have control over whether he wants to take the power or not, like his father who could actually touch people sometimes without taking their powers. However, this does not apply if he was recently reawakened from a chocolate milk drip. Chocolate milk drip has similar properties to hugs.

Everyone keeps mentioning characters they want to see back, well I want to see (or not see) the Invisible Man! What’s he been doing? Has he been watching and waiting or just going crazier?