Heroes 11/23/09 (4-11) 'Thanksgiving' (spoilers)

Last time:Oh, all sorts of crap, but the highlights: Hiro’s found somewhere for Mohinder where he can’t get into trouble (and how much Thorazine will it take to keep Professor Cab Door Smash out of trouble?); Matt’s been de-bulleted and de-Sylar’d; Nath-lar’s worked out that he’s really Sylar with a better wardrobe and job but he’s really quite bummed about it; Peter’s surprisingly untroubled by it all. Tracey broke Claire’s foot off and insulted a diner waitress and this convinced her she should go join the carnival. (What the hell is she going to do with herself there? Cool down the waffle iron?)

Samuel, it turns out, is gestalt-powered- the more supers around him, his powers increase exponentially. Evil Brain Sylar is officially unaccounted for, (but probably will make an appearance tonight if someone brings pie. Evil trembles in the face of pie)

We met Joseph; he sounds like Liam Neeson.

This time: Based on the title, I’m guessing a bunch of people sitting around eating and arguing; with the high probability of someone at the Petrelli’s getting TK’d through a wall.

From the show’s site

H.R.G. hosts an untraditional Thanksgiving dinner. Elsewhere, the Petrelli family gets a surprise guest at their table. Meanwhile, Samuel continues to hold Hiro hostage, as Lydia goes in search for the truth.

A cartoon, for Peter: http://xkcd.com/660/

Evil trembles in the face of pie. Oh yeah. Then evil eats all the pie and starts a sugar fueled killing spreelet.

This episode finally gave the fans what they’ve been waiting for all these years.

Mrs. Muggles!!!

So what the heck happened to Hiro at the end? Is he gonna become a little kid again?

I am so sick of Sylar and the sight of his stupid, smug, goddamn face in every single fucking episode. And how maddening to know that my dearest wish, that of Peter to one day go all Dark Phoenix on the little shit and stick his head on a spike so that all the other characters can joyfully hurl coconuts at it forever is just never going to happen :frowning:

Sigh. How crushingly unfair life can be sometimes.

I think he’s off to save copier guy… again.

Yeah, I like my evil a little less mwah-ha-ha bugshit crazy, and upon recollection, he doesn’t even eat the pie crust? What kinda commie heathen doesn’t eat the crust?

Can you translate for us comic book impaired people out here?

Did you see X-Men 3? The character of Jean Grey turns into the Dark Phoenix in that one, after supposedly being killed off in the second one.

That just showed how evil Sylar is, though.

He ate the whole pie. He didn’t even save any for Peter. Hell, even Satan leaves a piece, in case some one else wants some.

Never saw it. So Dark Phoenix is a vengeance fueled killing machine or such?

Hey, even Samuel only ate one piece.

Bingo. Specifically, in Jean Grey’s case (the lady in question) her final rampage was triggered by seeing her loved one (apparently) shot down in front of her.
Fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer can also conjure up Willow Rosenberg’s response to Tara’s fate and you’ll get the general gist.

OK, can I just say that it is INCREDIBLY, RIDICULOUDSLY IDIOTIC that Peter wants to go get/save “Nathan”.

Seriously, Nathan is D-E-D.

I liked Sylar to Angela – “Thanks for giving me something to aspire to.” Ouch. :stuck_out_tongue:

Other than that, a bit of meh about the ep – liked Gretchen’s return, growing increasingly more tired of Hiro and when it is and isn’t OK to change the past; and damn, just strand Butterfry in the Mesozoic, he’ll talk eventually! Then again, the Villain controlling the Hero by abducting and threatening a loved one is kind of a classic trope, so it’s fitting that this should happen to Hiro…

  • sylar kissing angela was… hotly incestuous and awkward. i think she enjoyed it.
  • gretchen is so plain that amongst the hotties of Heroes she’s effectively ugly.
  • i hope this season doesn’t culminate in claire transfusing a corpse with her blood.
  • does the chick that used to work at the company have a power?
  • is the deaf chick going to be relevant?
  • i still don’t fully understand the tattoo chick’s power and i don’t think the writers do either.

I assume so. “One of them, one of us.”

He said he’s got to save “Walter”, right?

Could this be the long-awaited Heroes/Fringe crossover?

I assumed she was one of us, in the sense of normal people.

They seemed to work in normal/special pairs. Since they worked together, I assumed she’s a special since HRG isn’t.

Or, if we’re very unlucky, a Heroes/LOST crossover. . . (all together now) “WAAAAALLTer!!!”
However, after reviewing the episode, what Hiro actually said was “Must rescue Watson. . . Beam me up, Scotty!” (phooop!) Presumably, the Watson he refers to is he of Sherlock Holmes fame.

I’m betting that either a) Hiro has regressed either to a childlike state, a la last season, or b) something has happened to his brain, and he can only communicate in nerd-pop-culture fragments, which would be awesome. My money’s on the storyline retread, because that’s just how Heroes writers roll.

Can someone catch me up on what Samuel’s deal is? Is he officially the Black-Hatted Villain now?

What, apart from the brain attacking homicidal maniac? Looks like. He’s going to have to crush a lot of real estate to yank the Biggest Big Bad title off Sylar, though. Tokyo-size real estate?