Heroes 11/09/09 4-09 “Shadowboxing” (spoilers)

The LAX security screening scene? Not so much. That’s the LA Convention Center. I’ve been there a few times for Siggraph- it’s pretty weird to see Sylar standing exactly where I’ve taken a nap. :slight_smile:

Annie, I had tears in my eyes laughing from reading that recap! Please don’t stop!:smiley:

Anyone find the scene with Emma and the little girl in the storage room UTTERLY implausible?

She walks in, finds the child lying on the floor not breathing… and instantly diagnoses pneumothorax… and correctly treats said pneumothorax by siphoning air through a chest tube.

It’s a bit more complicated to diagnose PT than glancing at an inert body. Use of a stethoscope is generally recommended (how’s Emma going to use one of those, anyway??). And a chest X-ray. When my daughter had a PT (in the NICU) they figured it out by watching her O2 sats drop and doing an X-ray.

You also sorta need to know precisely where the air pocket is - what side ‘n’ all. Stick that chest tube in the wrong side, or the wrong spot on the right side and WHOOPSIE, you’ve just caused a passel of other problems.

I think Emma’s speech is more impaired than someone who grew up speaking, and lost hearing as an adult, would be. Admittedly I could be wrong… but we have a friend who grew up hearing impaired and aside from a slight problem with his Rs he sounds perfect.

Anyone think Emma might get her hearing back? I got the impression that it’s sort of like “hysterical blindness” as a result of her not hearing her nephew drowning. Or do I have that in the wrong order? I’m 99% sure she said she lost her hearing after that.

I cannot comment on the medical stuff, but I did find it odd that there was a little girl, all alone, in a dark room, lying on the ground, when Emma just happens to walk in and that Peter happens to be the only one walking by, this crowded hospital.

Emma clearly attended the Hawkeye Pierce School of Medicine; stick your ear to the patient’s chest, diagnose any and all thoracic ailments…

I could watch that ‘Sylar slammed around by the cops’ scene, followed up by ‘oops/trip/kiss the dirt’ all day- damn, he deserved that.

I wonder if they are going to at some point tackle the ethical quagmire of Peter offering to heal Emma to see if her hearing comes back. It’s a contentious issue as many of the Deaf community get very offended at the notion of their condition being something to be ‘cured’ so I wonder if they are going to just totally sidestep the issue by having it not apparently occurring to him to make the offer.

Or he could take it upon himself to do it without her permission and she gets irate.

It’s just about as odd as a cello turning up in Emma’s apartment…

Just sayin’.

And her finding a sewing kit when she needed one just right there, on the floor, so she could grab it while squeezing the patient’s wound shut. Perhaps all those convenient coincidences are just Hiro messing with the timestream correcting something he has yet to fuck up…

Someone dropped a supply tray

Is the actress deaf?

I believe so, yes - or at least has very substantial hearing loss.

Well, then I’d say it’s pretty unlikely Peter will be healing her!

I’m not really clear what else they can do with her, unless she does get co-opted into the carnival but being a good little carny doesn’t sound too interesting and being an evil minion would be out of character, thus annoying. So, nice knowing you Emma.
Unless Peter gets Carny-fied and she goes in to ‘save’ him. Actually, now that Amnesi-Sylar’s out of the fair, it opens up being able to have other characters show up without immediately taking an axe to his skull, thus leading to many identity-revealing explanations about who he is. “You got Sylar working with you? Did I mention the last time I saw him he held me hostage and gave me the world’s lamest marriage proposal; and the time before that, I jammed a shiv in his skull? If he’s with you, I’m not. Dad, come get me”. Good thing he wasn’t around for the ‘Welcome to bondage, Hiro’ party- that would have led to some interesting discussions

Of course, in her case, sticking her ear against a patient’s chest would yield even less useful information.

Now, she’s got that problem licked; hone her audio infrared skills and just watch for the lightshow. Maybe now that they have a real doctor hero, Mohinder can just stay in the lab and not play weekend neurologist with Hiro anymore :smiley:

This show is so stupid and uncreative, spinning its wheels in crap while applying glue to the tires. I’m genuinely trying to figure out why I keep watching. I think Annie’s recaps are at least half of it!

That’s how I feel about House-it’s the same episode every week, with a Very Special Episode once or twice a season where Maybe Greg Gets a Heart-Naw. The residue of my adolescent adoration for Robert Sean Leonard and ownership of the Compleat Blackadder DVD set can’t even bring me back.

So Greg Grunburg posted this on his Twitter- (not a spoiler but about a spoiler so I’m putting it in a spoilerbox )::

You will just have to watch #Heroes tomorrow night to see who survives and who doesn’t… don’t let the coming attraction fool you.

But this was the guy who said the Petrelli boys make it out of the cast apocalypse all right so, eh?