Heroes 4-10 11/16.09 “Brothers Keeper”

A weekend that turned into a week. Note that the governor (a local official) was very quickly found out.

A few additions? A few additions? An entire carnival of additions, I tells ya!

They also showed Mohinder last week, so Teh Stupids already began then.

I’ll give props to Hiro, though, for sequestering Mohinder in a looney bin. At least we got some modicum of intelligent writing for the first part of the season.

I so very much wanted Noah to grimace and say, “Let me grab you a biohazard bag.”

So…Peter can’t heal Hero now, right? Dumbass.

If anyone knows anything about getting rid of body parts, it’s Noah Bennet.

Can Hiro time-travel with someone else? I think he can, so why didn’t he just take Mohinder back to the present with him? Then Mo would have jumped right over the 8 weeks Hiro needed him to miss out on.

He doesn’t want Samuel to find out that he didn’t follow his instructions to leave Mohinder dead, lest he get snippy and leave Charlie in the wherever. Mohinder’s also the only doctor Hiro knows who doesn’t think his calling himself the Master of Time and Space is a symptom of his tumor, so he probably wants to keep him handy for consults :smiley:

Has Hiro time traveled with anyone this season? He’s solo’d, he’s freezing time, but he’s still moving people around in wheelbarrows too.

I just wish to extend my apologies to Hiro for getting snotty with him the other week when he left the hospital to go see Charlie, forgetting all about Peter’s quest to find him a healing ability. Now that this week has shown us that Peter’s forgotten all about it too, I see that it was probably just Hiro knew Peter better than me and hence didn’t give his promise another thought. :frowning:

Jeez, Pete. You’d think being in that hospital with Matt might have jogged the old memory a bit.

Peter: Jeeze, how many bullets did they pull out of Matt? I can’t believe how unkillable he is. Shot 143 times on two separate occasions, he’s gotta be three parts Kevlar. Whatever, let’s fish the big man back from the brink. *Lays on the hands and heals Matt up, *

Matt: Whut? What’s going on? Hey, I’m alive? Wooooo! Oh, dammit, no!
Sylar: Hi buddy.
Matt: Nathan! Oh, Shit! Where did you come from? Oh damn, I’m sorry, Nathan,but you’re dead-. you killed you…I mean Sylar killed you.
Evil Sylar: Yeah, that was fun. I so rarely go for the jugular, ironically, it was nice to change it up
Matt: *Shut Up! Go Away! *I mean Sylar killed Nathan; then I scooped Sylar’s personality out of his body and dumped Nathan’s into it. I am *so *sorry…Will you get the hell out of my head???
Evil Sylar: Sure. Call Nathan over
Matt: *No! Screw you! *I am so sorry… Well, sorry for Nathan. Sylar can rot, and Nathan can keep his body. But you’re not really Nathan, you’re Sylar…oh god. Maybe your mother should explain this to you-
Peter: Right; if it’s amoral and leaves a trail of bodies in its wake, mom’s right in the middle of it. Is Noah’s in on it too?
Nathan: I get it now, I have all his powers, I really am Sylar.
Sylar: Come home to papa!
Matt: Get away, Nathan, don’t touch me, Sylar wants your body back!
Sylar: Shut up, Lumpy. We’ve heard enough from you today…jumps back in Matt
Mattghost: Awwww man
Sylar~Come take my hand, Nathan~
Matt: Shit, he has my ability
Nathan: Duh, okay~ reaches for Mattlar-
Sheriff: No groping the prisoner! ; y
anks Nathan away.

Now, somewhere around this point we have hands smacking into hands and poofs of light and people falling down and in the shuffle, Evil Sylar disappears.He’s not haunting or taunting anyone. Hmmmmmmmmm
Peter: Nathan, let’s go!
Nathan: No! *Poof’d-thud’s Peter into a supply cabinet: *Oops. Well, that’s not right. Oh, God, I’m evil, I’m Sylar! Let’s go: grabs squished Peter and flies off
Matt: What the hell is going on? Is he in you??? Is he in you???
*Annie: and the slash just writes itself… *
Matt: ~Okay guard, you found me dead, took me to the morgue, and put your clothes on me.~
Guard: Duh, okay…

Matt: Well, that was easy-and fun!

Slightly less than nine weeks ago, Mo’s found his way to the carnival, carrying his home made, 7th grade shop class, mad scientist Supers-Spotter compass.
Joseph: Don’t fuck with my brother, doctor; he has a bit of an explosive temper. He doesn’t know how powerful he is; if he knew he’d go all megalomaniac on us, perhaps commit a bit of fratricide…I’m not in favor of that. He suspects that his power increases the more he’s surrounded by specials, but he hasn’t put all the pieces together yet; that’s why I keep him all likkered up.But if he ever got some real authority and a whole lot of powered people around him, yeah, we’d all be dead. By ‘we’, I mean everyone on this side of the continental divide .He’s also been stuck on this Jello Biafra look for the past 25 years, but it’s not like he’s looking for a job or anything.
Mo: So, you think pursuing this interest in Samuel’s abilities is dangerous and I should never let this filmed demonstration of his capabilities ever see the light of day?
Joseph: Yeah, that’s the general idea.
Mo: I have to see him for myself, find out what he’s capable of-dammit! I’m doing it again-the Suresh dumbfuck gene, it kicked in again… I have to fight this! No, I won’t go after Samuel. Bad Mohinder, bad! Thanks for your time, Mr. Sullivan, I’ll be going now.
Joseph: Hey, has anyone seen Samuel?
Samuel, on the other side of the tissue thin wall, next to the open window: Movies?

Nathlar and Peter touch down on some shittily greenscreen’d Grand Canyon
Nathan: Oh god Pete, I really am Sylar! OMG, OMG! If he gets into me-
Peter: Come here, you big goof… and zaaaps up some of what Nathgabler’s got. Flying? Yup. Anything else from the Sylar arsenal? Well?
Nathan: Don’t do that!
Peter: Bite me! Snerk.
Nathan: I like you a lot more now that you’ve grown a pair.
Peter: Smirk

*Mohinder’s decamped to some hotel, he’s on the phone: *Hi,Mira? Its me. You were right, I’m an obsessive idiot, America’s a horrible place for me and I should never leave India again. I’ll be home as soon as I finish burning my father’s research in a motel room garbage can.
*Annie: they still have ashtrays and matches in hotel rooms? *
Mo: Fire in the hole! Poof!
Hiro: *Blink: *Hi frozen Dr Suresh. Let’s just change that film of Samuel for a reel of 70’s porn-and go! Blink

Samuel, clutching a rock: Don’t burn that film!
Mo:Who are you, and why are you dressed like Shane MacGowan?
Samuel: I’m Samuel, and I need to see that film, I need to know what I’m capable of.
Mo, to self: Do not listen to the evil overlord, do not listen to the evil overlord…meanwhile,the film sputters and pops in the trash can
Mo: Never- I’m not telling you a damn thing! Get out. I 'm finally doing the prudent thing and not helping the crazy evil genius! This is a big step for me, don’t spoil it. Hey, I’m finally getting some smarts! This feels great!
Samuel: crunch… Damn you,look, you made me break my lucky rock! Bah! *And in a fit of pique, Samuel machine guns a handful of gravel into Mohinder, who, not so ironically, drops like a rock, if rocks dropped in slow motion. *
Samuel: Whoops. Well, he looks pretty dead to me. I should go back to the carnival to find that other guy who knows what I’m capable of-what’s his name? Right, Joseph! Adios, doc.
Mo: So doing the smart thing gets me killed too? So what’s the point of doing the smart thing? Bloody he-hey waitaminute! I’m not hurt-where’d this kevlar vest come from?
Hiro: *Bloop. *Herro Doctor Suresh. It’s a long story, but you should be dead now. I’m going to take this movie back to Samuel so he lets Charlie go, can you pretend to be dead for a few months?
Mo: Who’s Charlie and why should we let that crazy man have two months to collect more powered people and become stronger?
Hiro: Girlfriend; and so he doesn’t kill girlfriend
Mo: Well, we’ll have to agree to disagree
Hiro: You have to quit saying that. The last time you said that Noah Bennet tazered you and stuck you on a plane in shackles. It always ends up with you being imprisoned.
Mo: I’m not imprisoned
Hiro: You just walked right into that one, didn’t you?
Mo: But wait! Stop! I’m doing the smart thing this time! It’s not suppose to end like this!!!
Hiro: Bloop.

Peter: So, you think your Sylar? So what? Matt says he cleaned Sylar right out of you, and you sure seem like Nathan to me.
Nathan: Oh, like being a neurotic watchmaker for 28 years, and a serial killer for three doesn’t leave a stubborn stain behind on the psyche. And you 're looking at me like I’m going to eat your brain you the minute you turn your back! I’m existentially fucked, aren’t I?
Peter: Hey, Sylar wasn’t so bad when he wasn’t killing people.
Nathan: Your standards are really low, you know that?
Peter: Maybe you are whoever you believe yourself to be; if you feel like Nathan, you are Nathan.
Nathan: So my evil side jumped from Matt back into me? I don’t feel any different…
Peter: Heh
Peter: Nothing

Mohinder comes to in a very soft room, wearing Niki’s old straightjacket from season 1, and his customary confused look.
Asylum guy: Hey man, bottoms up. Time for your tranqs.
Mo: Hiro? Oh shiiiiiii

Next time: Tense time at the dinner table at Noah’s, tense time at the picnic table at the carnival, tense time at the card table at Peters’-and Angela’s got some ‘splainin’ to do to her boy(s)

Now, I see a few  possibilities for where Evil Brain Sylar ended up:

[li]He's in Nathgablar, but NGL doesn't seem so sure- he's saying stuff like '*what if *Sylar's in me?' You think he'd know when he got all his parts back;[/li][li]He's in Peter- who either got tagged in the hospital room, or when he power-tagged Nath at the Grand Canyon;[/li][li]The sheriff- hey, it got confusing in there!;[/li][li]He was a figment of Matt's imagination/guilt complex; and when he apologized to Nathgablar, that was sufficient catharsis for him to shake off that monkey on his back. Which would mean that Matt crowbar'd an old man to death all by himself :( ;[/li][li]Or, he's just still in Matt lying low[/li][/ul]

Awesome. Annie, you should really collect those somewhere, put them on a blog or something – or, if you have access to trained monkeys, stage re-enactments and put them on YouTube. :wink:

Firstly, excellent job as ever, Annie. Before making a stab at answering the quiz question, I will pointlessly vent my frustrations with the dear old show. I so WISH they’d learn that having a world in which super powers exist doesn’t mean they have total freedom to make up rules on the spot to get them out of plot holes. If anything, it means they have to make their rules more consistent so the audience has any chance of following along at home. Seriously, why the hell would a telepath need to make physical contact to take mental possession of someone? That makes no sense whatsoever but they bunged that in there just because otherwise there’s no reason Sylar couldn’t instantly retake possession as soon as Nathan strolled in the door.

Usually shit like this just makes me roll my eyes a bit and then I press on but it’s just one more confusing plot turn in their whole Sylar & Nathan storyline where there’s been so many already that it’s really harmed the drama. This is not just nitpicking. There’s no tension in this storyline because none of us is exactly sure what we’re looking at, or rather who at any given time. We’re all kind of having to hang back and wait for the show to just flat out tell us what we’ve been watching so we’ll then understand retrospectively.

There, I said it. I always feel oddly guilty when I stop teasing Heroes about it’s dumb flaws because I do also love the show dearly. Telling it off feels like pointing out how shitty some kid’s drawing on the refrigerator door really is.

Right, rant over. Quiz question guess: I reckon Sylar’s lurking about in Nathan’s subconscious waiting to strike at some suitably dramatic and horrible occasion. Although I like your suggestion that he’s jumped over to Peter. If only because I’d feel better by how lightly he’s coping with the whole thing which falls considerably short of the Dark Phoenix level rage I was hoping for.

I operate under the premise that since these abilities are actually fucking impossible, they can make up their own rules (just either frigging stick with them or explain the change! Or have a character say “how’d I do that? Beats the hell out of me!”)

Why does Sylar need to touch Nathan and not just bounce back in when they’re in the same room? Who knows. There’s no reason Sylar couldn’t instantly take repossession of his body from the next time zone, for that matter. Their world, they make the rules.Just stick with them or explain the evolution (and if they take their time with the explanation, that’s fine too. They usually do get around to it) The character inconsistencies annoy me more, since my interest in the show is character based.

Head Sylar didn’t make himself apparent to Matt for a while, so he sure could be laying low in Nath-ler. Or Peter, or Matt, or as de-particalized ions in the thermosphere. I like that they didn’t spell it all out. But I think if he’s in one of them now, he’ll move to the other at some dramatically opportune time. You know what would rock fantabulously? Sylar crawling up in Angela’s head. Boy howdy, there’s some mischief to be had with that.

Pete’s been pretty sanguine about the whole ‘my brother’s been murdered and his killer’s taken over his body’ thing ever since Nathan showed up to cry on his shoulder about it-hell, he’s been about one White Russian away from a Full Lebowski since ‘Fugitives’. Losing his powers was the best thing that ever happened to him.
But he and Sylar have this weird respect for each other. Sure, when Sylar told him (erroneously) they were brothers Peter snapped his neck and Sylar smashed him through some glass but later Sylar saved Peter from being Mohinder’s lab rat and ISTR Peter came back to Pinehurst to spring Sylar from Arthur. What’d Peter say? “Just kick his ass so we can get out of here”? When Sylar was trying to be a good little Petrelli, Peter took that at face value (well, once they’d finished that little neck snapping squabble, but what brothers don’t fight? ) :wink: If Sylar’s not making trouble, Peter won’t hassle him. If Sylar’s being a good little Nathan, Peter seems ok with accepting that. Thus far.

Don’t get me wrong - I don’t care about the mechanics of the show per se - just when it obscures how I’m supposed to be reading the characters and buy into what might be happening to them.

You’re entirely right but that bit of character development in which Sylar & Peter were all but plaiting each other’s hair was one of the most maddening bits of the whole “Villains” arc for me. For about a* million* reasons but chiefly because to restate the obvious, Sylar’s killed a whole bunch of people, many of whom trusted him totally. Having one of the show’s most moral characters making friends with him seemed to say that this didn’t have to be a barrier to kinship. Now, I do think that Peter’s curiously underplayed reaction is down to denial. At one point, even at the end of the ep he says “…even if I accept any of this…” which implies he actually doesn’t really. He better be in denial, anyway. Nathan’s murder was, even by the standards of this show, pretty unpleasant. And one of the saddest aspects of it was that for a character so utterly defined by how much he loved his family, none of them was there when he died. To therefore then watch yet another family member say, in essence, well that’s a total bummer but maybe we can just hypnotise his murderer into pretending to be him would be too much.

Ya, I think you’re likely right about him just not believing it. Nathan all of a sudden getting powers that match Sylar’s (which Pete could identify by virtue of that fight we never got to see :mad: )- well in Peter’s mind, he’s probably thinking “Nathan all of a sudden getting a swack of new abilities? This isn’t the weirdest thing I’ve ever happen over the last three years” It not being true and/or taking a cautious approach isn’t nuts.

Mohinder got killed by a few pebbles? wtf?

Doesn’t he have his spidey powers anymore? No way he should’ve been killed that easy.

Also, nice dick move on Hiro’s part, sticking him in the looney bin instead of just skipping him ahead with him. And couldn’t he bust out of there with his spidey strength?

Guess no one needs to worry about starving if Claire’s around. Trapped in a the andes after a plane crash? No problemo, just hack off a limb and enjoy, she’ll make more!

Not sure if this is a whoosh or not, but those pebbles were the quivalent of a shotgun blast where each grain is a full blown bullet. The only thing that makes bullets dangerous is the speed at which they travel. Anything moving with sufficient velocity will tear the human body to ribbons.

So why didn’t he jump out of the way with his spidey reflexes? And shouldn’t it take more to kill him than a normal human anyway? With great strength has to come great durability, or you’ll rip your own body to shreds trying to perform deeds of spidey strength.

Anyway, regardless of how shotgunny the pebbles were (and I’d like a cite for how you know the power and velocity T-Bag threw them with matches a shotgun :wink: ) it just looked really weak. If it looks cool, anything can be forgiven. That didn’t.

But still, they do seem to have kind of forgotten about Mo’s strength thing (or maybe, it’s just that Mohinder has forgotten about it…); I should think he ought to find a way to rip off that straight jacket. Though maybe he’s just being kept too doped up to try… (How did Hiro manage to arrange that, anyway? Did he just swap him for a similar looking patient? Because otherwise, I think it should require some paperwork to get somebody locked up in the looney bin, it’s not like you can just walk in with some random dude saying ‘there, he’s crazy as a mother, you should just lock him away and keep him under meds; don’t bother any therapy, either, he’s too far out’…)

I was sure that Mohinder lost his super strength. You guys seem pretty convinced he still has it, though. I don’t care enough to go through and look for the episode where he lost it, and it’s not like you guys can look up the episode where he didn’t, so I guess we’ll not know unless/until he demonstrates super strength in the future.

FWIW, according to heroeswiki, he’s still got super strength sufficient to ‘easily rip a taxi door off its hinges’; however, it might well be that he’s lost it/‘cured’ himself from it at some point in the intervening weeks between when we last saw him and his stint as home teacher in India (not sure how much time that’s actually supposed to be, though), but if so, it apparently hasn’t been shown yet.

In the opening episode of this season, Peter says his Spiderman-esque powers are borrowed from Mo so he’s had them as recently as the end of last season.

That chocolate milk drip they used last season (whatever was in it) sure managed to keep all the specials too buzzed to do anything but walk to their cells. I think the pharmaceutical industry has enough vats of weapons-grade tranq to keep our Mo down.