Heroes 9/29

Well, good episode, except for Claire’s pathetic storyline.

Claire gets the worst story lines. She’s like the Kim Bauer of this show. At least, Kim *could *die.

Nah, I’d have to say that Niki – and now, Not!Niki – have had the worst storylines. Snooze-a-palooza.

However: why did DirecTV’s blurb say we were getting more of the Suresh storyline? Did I miss something?

I’m gonna have to go with Parkman for lamest storyline. Do only minorities get the freaky eye future painting power or something?

Consider this show to be officially on life support for me. It is starting to approach “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” status, whereby I gradually realize that I don’t give a shit about anyone on the show any more.

I’m done here. There’s no new ideas and the old problems of the show continue to grate. Maybe this show only had one good season in it.

Oh, come on, Sylar as America’s freakiest G-man? Ando v. Hatian? Where the hell’s the love? :smiley:

I wanted to see a lot more of the killed villains. Three of the four are done, so its back to sylar and the super powered fear guy left, lame.

“What kind of overconfident nemesis are you??”
A rather shapely one! And Clair’s wearing her Buffy makeup; the Ponytail of Righteous Vengeance coming soon!

Could someone explain the point of the scene with Claire’s bio mom and Claire in the storage crate? She made it hot, Claire had a hard time breathing - and…?

Yeah, this episode was kind of lame. Dr. Zimmerman created Tracy? Did I hear that right? I was thinking maybe Future Peter had soaked up Nikki/Jessica’s power to have two people in one body (and used it to put Current Peter in dude’s body).

All of a sudden I realized that NotNiki has a storyline taken from O Clone, where she’s trying to find her bio parents, but finds the doctor, and still doesn’t meet her bio sisters…

And, what’s with letting Sylar cull the herd?

i’m calling it now. there is onle one “real” power. Claires & Adams healing. then the original group got together a bounch of years ago and came up with the “formula” that gave everyone super powers. this is going to be the BIG secret for this session. kind of a let down.

I’m still enjoying this show. It just needs the same suspension of disbelief that every other genre show requires to be enjoyed. Heck, it’s way smarter than barmy old Star Trek, and loads better than most of the unfun stuff that’s been on SciFi (possibly excepting BSG & Farscape).

And it’s got better eye candy, for sure.

I do kinda wish that the Peter-Mohinder stupid disease wasn’t spreading so quickly, though. This episode: the villains started catching it. Strong Fear is shocked to learn that the guy who was shouting “I’m Peter Petrelli” from the cell next to him for days is somebody else. Oh, my.

Also, someone needs to tell Noah that shouting loudly is not a superpower too horrible to tell your daughter about. In fact, it’s pretty lame.

Fire Mom was making a couple of points:

  1. Claire wasn’t as invulnerable as she thought she was (i.e., she can suffocate).
  2. Claire wasn’t being honest about why she wanted to be a heroine (i.e., not altruism, but revenge).

The trouble breathing came from Fire Mom’s fire using up all the oxygen in the sealed shipping container. Interesting that Fire Mom could apparently breathe just fine, though. And that her fire was a different color than Fire Villain’s.

And, I suppose they got a bargain deal on that dock set with the shipping containers, 'cause they seem bound and determined to use it in as many episodes as possible. Showed up last season with Peter-in-the-Box, and now it’s been used twice so far this season. sheesh.

I have to agree on awarding Claire the Kim Bauer Award for Most Overacted and Annoying Character. Ick. I’d like to smack her whiny ass into next week, except we’ve already established that it wouldn’t hurt her one bit.

Also, what’s with leaving out the Suresh storyline for an entire episode, especially after the cliffhanger OMG-What’s-Happening-To-Me Mad Scientist ending last week?

Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

I’m glad the Haitian is back, though. I like him.

I spent most of the episode uploading photos to Flickr and playing Peggle, if that says anything.

Subject: Dr. Mohinder Suresh.
Relevant Family: Chandra Suresh (Father - deceased) Shanti (Sister - Deceased)
Profession: Epiphany-based Professor of Genetics.
Nationality: Indian. (Ex-P.)
Superpower: High-yield stupidity. Recently acquired bad skin and superhuman strength. Appears to have coincided with the belated arrival of puberty. May have [finally - Ed.] injected himself with testosterone to compensate for apparent complete lack of balls.
Known Weaknesses: Trust issues. [I.e. complete lack thereof.] Complete lack of survival instinct and healthy level of cynicism.

Well, my Nikki theory was proven wrong. I assumed she had multiple personality disorder and each personality had her own power (which is kinda cool, imo). But, I guess she’s a clone… lame :rolleyes:

Has anybody seen the ‘webisodes’? What’s the connection between loud shouter guy there and the one in this lovely little team of underachieving villains?

And who’ll have to overcome his fear to be able to defeat Angst Arnold?

By now, what are the chances of two random superpowered people making out engaging, in fact, in incest?

Well at least Niki managed to leave a good looking corpse despite being blown up in a big ball of fire. Either that or the funeral home has someone with a superpower to make crispy fried dead people look good as new.

I can accept keeping Sylar around, the actor is great, but I really wish they had come up with some way to keep him from getting so many more powers, like Peter he’s too powerful but Peter manages to not be overpowered due to sheer stupidity.

So if Sylar is actually Mama P’s boy, that means he’s Claire’s uncle. Talk about having a creepy uncle! I can just see Claire at a sleepover with friends;

Random friend: “My uncle is so creepy, he always asks me to sit on his lap!”
Everyone: Ewww!
Claire: “My uncle cut off the top of my head and poked around in my brain. He seemed to get off on it, too.”
Everyone: :eek:

I, too, was hoping that Nikki/Jessica had more personalities that manifested different powers. How cool would that have been? How many personalities would she have had? Ehh, and now come to find out she’s just a twin sister, mixed in a lab. Agreed = Lame.

That does raise the question, is Dr. Zimmerman the father of all the supers?

The only thing that’s holding it together for me is Hiro and Ando, and Dr. Suresh, because I love watching people be stupid (Not Hiro and Ando, they’re just awesome). I’m interested in seeing what horror he’s unleashed on himself. But I think he’s going to love it, instead of loathe it. I just hope they don’t rip off The Fly any further. I love that movie, so don’t tromp all over it. And, I want to see a bunch of normals get some powers. Obviously, Ando gets red lightning.

I think the super villain who creates blue flame is burning natural gas, so he has the added power of carbon monoxide!!! (t’was a joke)

There’s a lot of things being offered storyline wise, that are just left sitting there. Sylar’s mom give him the “History Touch” woman, and… what now? Maybe so that he can confirm that Mrs. Patrelli is, in fact, his real mom – but they didn’t show that to us, so what do we really know about it? I was rather hoping she was lying about that, so she could manipulate him.

I am a little curious as to why only Nathan can see Clockwork Orange guy. What’s up with that?

Claire is getting a little boring and her going villain seems forced and out of character. Also, I hope Parkman’s story goes somewhere good. They kinda lost me on how easy Spirit-Walker man was able to give Parkman his power. wtf?

Ah, got it. Thank you. It is interesting that Fire Mom could still breathe - her own fire doesn’t hurt her? In any way?

The guy with blue fire - Methane Man? AGW Boy? :smiley:

It isn’t the Claire from the present it’s the Claire from Future Peter’s Future.